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Equal and Opposite is the second episode of the second season and the 11th overall episode of Private Practice.

Short Summary[]

Addison and Sam form a hostile takeover in order to bring the practice out of bankruptcy, as all of the doctors look for additional clients and new income streams, while Violet's friendship with Cooper is on the brink of extinction and a married couple fight for an unethical fertility treatment at Oceanside Wellness.

Full Summary[]

Episode in detail.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Brian and Lisa Jacobs[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Brian and Lisa, 23, came into the practice wanting to have a baby together. They'd been married for five years and had not been able to conceive. Addison and Naomi started running tests and found out that Brian and Lisa are brother and sister as their parents had used the same anonymous sperm donor to conceive them. They consulted with Violet before going to tell Brian and Lisa the news. After getting the news, Brian and Lisa said they still wanted to proceed with having a baby. Addison and Naomi said they wouldn't and no other option was valid for them. Lisa then requested that Addison tie her tubes. Addison declined and Lisa appealed to her to change her mind. When Lisa found out that Brian had known for a while, she rescinded her request and they set her up to talk to Violet.

Kirk Jensen[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Bronchiolitis obliterans
  • Treatment:
    • Oral medication
    • Intubation
    • Mechanical ventilation

Kirk, 17, had bronchiolitis obliterans. Sam had been treating him for years. He came into the practice with his father for an appointment. They entered the room to find him not breathing, so Sam intubated him and they moved him to the hospital. At the hospital, he removed the tube from his throat and said he wanted to die. Under pressure from Kirk's father, Sam reinserted the tube and sedated Kirk. Later, Sam talked to Charlie and convinced him that he needed to let Kirk die. Sam extubated him and his father sat with him as he took his final breaths and died.

Cooper Freedman[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Lice
  • Treatment:
    • De-lousing

Cooper got lice from one of his patients and Violet treated him with a lice-killing formula.


Song Performer Scene
"Shake it Up" The Cars
  • Addison tries to call Naomi. Naomi hangs up on her.
  • Addison calls Sam and tells him.
  • Sam calls Naomi and she also hangs up on him.
  • He calls Addison back and says he had the same result.
  • Charlotte and Cooper are having sex. He's upset because he has a meeting to get to.
  • Charlotte reminds him he can't tell anyone and they make a date for later.
  • Pete and Violet look at a board in horror.
"Flicker" Kathryn Williams
  • Addison and Naomi realize Brian knew they were brother and sister all along.
  • She's disgusted and leaves.
  • Cooper tells Violet he needs her.
  • Violet rubs shampoo into Cooper's hair to remove the lice.
  • Violet says she used to like to come to work, but she doesn't anymore.
  • Cooper confesses that he's sleeping with Charlotte. He says he likes her.
  • Violet thanks him for telling her.
"Here's Where the Story Ends" The Sundays
  • Naomi and Addison talk about Brian and Lisa.
  • Addison calls Kevin and leaves him a tear-filled message.
  • She hangs up thinking Kevin will be turned off by her message.
"Home" Foo Fighters
  • Addison holds the elevator for Naomi, who doesn't get on.
  • Addison says Naomi will forgive her eventually.
  • Sam removes Kirk's breathing tube and restraints.
  • Charlie holds his hand as he takes his final breaths and dies.
  • Charlotte tries to shut the door on Cooper. He pushes it back and admits that he told Violet.
  • They say they hate each other, but Cooper says she matters. He wouldn't have told her if she didn't.
  • Pete and the temp receptionist have sex. She says she didn't know older guys could be good.
  • Addison and Sam talk to each other from their respective balconies. Addison says she has faith in Sam.
  • They see Naomi come up the front steps and Sam goes to let her in.
  • She tells him she's mad and she'll be mad for a long time. They start kissing and get undressed.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 7.40 million viewers.


Episode Stills[]


Cooper: I'm sleeping with Charlotte King. And I didn't tell you because she said I couldn't, but also because- more because- I was scared of what you'd think. I'm scared of what I think because I like her. I really like her. I might almost kind of love her. And she's mean and she won't let me tell you about her, and she's bossy and rude and all southern twangy. And now I got lice, which I got because I don't have any patients, which sam never fails to point out. And do you think Charlotte would pick lice out of my head? Charlotte would burn me alive if I came near her with lice. And I want to dump her so hard. I want to dump her on her ass and walk away, but the idea of dumping her gives me this pain in my stomach that makes me feel like I want to vomit, so I can't dump her because of the maybe loving her. And it is killing me not telling you, so I'm telling you. I'm sleeping with Charlotte King.

Cooper: Yeah, I hate you, too, but you do matter. I wouldn't have told Violet if you didn't matter.

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