Eric Block is the bioengineer Meredith hired to help her with her portal vein research.


Joining Meredith’s TeamEdit

He was enthusiastic to start working with the 3D printer on the portal vein research. He even came in with designs. However, he was disappointed to hear that Meredith wanted him to read every line of the research she had done before allowing him to touch the 3D printer. She assigned Stephanie Edwards to monitor him as he read. When she checked on him, she discovered him doodling and told him to get back to reading, but noticed one of his doodles and asked him how it would theoretically work.

When Meredith came back to find that Stephanie had allowed Eric to use the printer, he panicked because he thought he was about to be fired. But she explained the history of her research and how she wanted to get it out of the basement and saving people’s lives. She then sat down to go over a few things with him.



Meredith GreyEdit

Meredith initially didn’t trust him and wouldn’t allow him to touch the 3D printer. However, she warmed up to him and was more willing to work with him.


Eric is a bioengineer who was hired by Meredith to further her portal vein research.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Eric beat out over 100 other bioengineers to work with Meredith.
  • He was horrified by the image of Greg Penderglass’ fetus in fetu.
  • Eric was a potentially recurring character, but he only appeared in one episode. Seeing how Meredith has confirmed recently that her research failed, Eric will almost certainly not appear in future episodes.


Episode StillsEdit