Eric Sanborn came into the hospital after swallowing several Monopoly pieces.


Eric's older brother was playing Monopoly with his friends and wouldn't let Eric join, so Eric swallowed several pieces from the game so that no one could play. He came to the hospital to pass the items. They used x-rays to track the progress of the items and sorted through his stool as they came out to track and inventory them. Eric knew that because he'd done it, his mother would make his brother let him play the next time.

While waiting for the pieces to pass, Eric started to vomit up blood, indicating that one of them had perforated his digestive tract. He was taken into surgery to repair the perforation.



He and his older brother don't get along, which led to him swallowing 21 Monopoly pieces.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He swallowed 21 pieces, including the thimble, the race car, the iron, the top hat, the shoe, and several houses and hotels.
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