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Erika Swift is a patient who was injured while rollerskating with her children.


At the start of the pandemic, Erika decided that if the world was going to end, she might as well be happy, so she quit her job as a tech lawyer and spent some time with her kids and working out. Then she started a business making peanut brittle. She also took up rollerskating with her kids. She wanted to learn the plot stop, but her kids wanted to learn the moonwalk. While attempting this, Erika skated into a railing, causing a serious abdominal injury and breaking her left leg. She was taken to the hospital, where they x-rayed her leg and examined her abdomen. After her tests, she was told they'd cast her leg and observe her abdominal bleeding. When the bleeding worsened, she was taken into surgery.

After her surgery, she asked when she'd be able to work again. She wanted to go back to her job as a lawyer, assuming she could get hired. Bailey talked to her and said that rest wasn't a bad thing and encouraged her to do what she loved instead of returning to the job she hated.



She has at least two children.


She was a tech lawyer, but at the start of the pandemic, she quit that job and opened a business making peanut brittle called Brown Sugar Brittle.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She lost 50 pounds after quitting her job.