Mark is Naomi and Sam's priest who called them when a nun got seriously ill.


Mark called the practice asking that Naomi and Sam come to see him as soon as possible. When they arrived, he told them that one of the nuns, Sister Helen, was sick. They'd been sequestered together for three weeks. Naomi examined Helen and found a rash on her abdomen. They took a picture of her rash and sent it to Dell to try to identify it. In the meantime, they decided to send Helen out to the hospital. However, before she could be taken, the illness quickly spread and they decided to lock down the place while waiting for St. Ambrose to prepare an isolation unit for them. The infectious disease specialist came back with a diagnosis of typhus. They started antibiotics for all the nuns and started asking if anyone had broken sequester, because the incubation period for typhus is two weeks. No one would admit to anything, but Sam and Naomi watched Mark give the sacrament of the sick and began to suspect that there was more to their relationship than he had said. They went to him and said they wanted to test him as a typhus carrier. He admitted to them that he would sneak into the convent at night and they would cook together. They said they'd start him on antibiotics.



He was very fond of Sister Helen. He would sneak into the convent at night so they could cook together, but he says they never crossed the line and got physical. When she was away, he said he looked forward to his return because he missed her.


Sam and Naomi Bennett are members of his congregation.


He is a Catholic priest. Sam and Naomi are part of his congregation.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He couldn't cook until Sister Helen taught him.
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