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There comes a point in your life when you're officially an adult. Suddenly, you're old enough to vote, drink, and engage in other adult activities. Suddenly, people expect you to be responsible, serious... a grown up. We get taller, we get older. But do we ever really grow up? In some ways we grow up. We have families, we get married, divorced, but for the most part, we still have the same problems that we did when we were fifteen. No matter how much we grow taller, grow older, we are still forever stumbling, forever wondering, forever.. Young.

Forever Young is the eighth episode of the fourth season and the 69th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Bailey crosses the line when the guy she had a crush on in high school shows up in the ER during an onslaught of high school students involved in a bus crash. Problems arise between Meredith and Lexie when their father shows up drunk, while Derek tries to get back into the dating scene with another doctor and Cristina tries her best to get back into Hahn's good graces.

Full Summary[]

Meredith's voice over talks about the point where you become an adult.

Derek is at Joe's, on a date with Sydney. Mark is gesturing at him from the bar. Sydney gets paged and walks off. Cristina and Meredith are observing them. Mark sits down with Derek and asks why. Derek says Sydney asked him out and she's nice. As Sydney returns to her table, Cristina thinks Meredith has nothing to fear from her. Derek and Sydney resume their date and laugh.

At the hospital, Bailey puts a paper on the board that informs people that she's the Chief Resident now. She does a little celebration dance but stops when a nurse walks by.

George and Meredith are waiting to get an on elevator. He needs new batteries for his pager. The doors open up, revealing Izzie and Derek are on the elevator, so they decide to wait for the next one. George says it's gotten to the point where they're avoiding each other. Meredith asks him why he's avoiding Izzie. He says they're not who they used to be. They can't even talk anymore. Meredith says she's avoiding Derek because he went on a date with Sydney. She suspects he did it to make her think he was healthy and moving on.

Callie finds Bailey and congratulates her. She thinks Bailey deserves the job. Sydney appears and hugs Bailey. Sydney admits she's a little jealous, but she'll abide with the Chief's decision. She wants to console Callie, but she says she's fine with it.

Bailey enters the residents lounge and tells everyone present that things will be different from now on. Izzie whispers to Meredith that she and George can't even have a normal conversation. Bailey says the hospital is a professional environment, so there's no room for their personal lives. Izzie whispers that George is acting a like a total stranger. Bailey stresses that on-call rooms are for napping only, which prompts Izzie to mention to Meredith that the sex is just tragic. Bailey calls her out and tells her to grow up. Cristina asks Bailey to make sure she stays on cardio this week. Bailey already took care of that, but there will be no more chances if Cristina screws up this one.

Cristina presents an entire case to Hahn, but she would also like Cristina to give her interns a chance to talk. Cristina finishes up anyway and Hahn tells her she can take a cue from Stevens, who knows all about her patients and is inclusive. The interns' pagers go off.

Derek and Bailey arrive at the ER. Richard informs them there was a high school bus crash. 

The first patient from the ambulance is Tricia Hale. Callie takes her to trauma room two and Tricia makes it clear that she only wants the head of plastics to tend to her face lac.

The next patient to be wheeled into the ER is Marcus King. He asks the doctors to help the kids first. As Bailey appears to recognize him, George asks him what happened. Marcus says he was taking the kids on a tour of colleges when the bus slid down an embankment. Marcus then sees Bailey standing there and yells "Mandi". 

Derek is tending to Danny, who has a pencil stuck in his eye. Alex, Izzie, and Lexie look at the wound in shock. Alex concludes high school really does suck.

Danny says it was stupid Sully and his friends, because the driver had to keep turning around to tell them to shut up. He was just drawing a logo and suddenly he was upside down. Marissa, a classmate of Danny, wants to call his parents, but Izzie tells her they will do that. Derek says life will get better after high school. Danny gets really worked up about Sully and his friends, but Derek tells him to remain calm because he might just lose his eye if he doesn't. Danny says he'll try.

Bailey is stitching up Marcus' arm. George offers to take over, but Bailey says she's fine right here. She proudly tells Marcus that she's Chief Resident. He's not surprised and tells George they went to high school together. She used to help him with her homework. Bailey gets a little giggly. George listens to Marcus' heart and he asks Bailey to do it. She says part of his heart may be working overtime. She wants to go get Hahn, but Marcus asks her to finish the sutures. George leaves to get Hahn as Bailey sits down to resume stitching.

Tricia hopes Mark can fix her face because she has pom statewides in a month. Mark says poms aren't like cheerleaders. They're actual dancers. He was on the football team. Callie, who's tending to Tricia's leg fracture, says she's not sure Tricia will be dancing in a month. Callie says she's gonna need surgery, but they'll fix her broken bones and her face all at once. Tricia hopes Mark is good, but he assures her she's not gonna find anyone better than him. On his way out, he whispers a compliment about her ass to Alex. Callie scoffs.

Meredith and Cristina are tending to two teenagers while Cristina can't believe Hahn told her to take a cue from Stevens. Meredith tells her to cut Izzie some slack as she and George are having problems. Cristina finds that hard to believe as it's been a week, which you normally spend just having sex. Meredith points out you still can have problems then, because she and Derek are having all kinds of sex and he's on dates now too. The teenagers smile and Cristina takes a cigarette away from one of them.

Alex is in the ER. His intern has a patient who keeps demanding to see Dr. Grey and he didn't know what to do. The patient turns out to be Thatcher, who exclaims that Dr. Grey is a girl. Alex tells his intern to make sure he doesn't leave and he walks off. The Chief, having overheard it's Thatcher, tells him to keep Meredith out of it and get Lexie instead.

Alex finds Lexie and says he wants to talk about her dad, but she doesn't want to talk about him with Alex ever again. She's grateful that he helped her out once, but that's it.

While Erica is examing his case, Marcus asks Bailey to help him out with all the paperwork. George says the patient needs to do that himself, but Bailey shushes him and tells Marcus they'll figure out a way. Marcus recalls she's always had his back. Erica reminds Marcus she's trying to listen to his heart. Erica diagnosis him and gives Bailey the treatment, which she thinks Bailey could've come up with on her own if she hadn't been acting like a blithering idiot. Marcus mocks her.

Alex is in the ER with Meredith and informs her of her father. She doesn't want to deal with him, but Alex says the next person he'll go to is the cops. Thatcher spots her from across the room and cheers.

Thatcher apologizes to Meredith for all the terrible things he said to her last time he was here. He now realizes she did everything to save Susan. He'll regret what he said till the day he dies. He knows the drinking is unacceptable, but today is Susan's birthday. Meredith asks if she should go get Lexie, but he says he just wants her.

While waiting for the scan, Lexie tells Izzie she never knew what to say to kids like Danny, as they were always alone. Lexie herself had a great group of friends and she was prom queen and class valedictorian. Izzie doesn't recognize that feeling. Derek comes in and they check out the scan. There's a bleeding that they need to stop before it gets bigger.

George is staring at Bailey, who says she's not a blithering idiot. George guesses Marcus was a boyfriend or her highschool boyfriend. Bailey says he was a track star and she helped him out with his homework as a tutor because he didn't have time. George still thinks they were more than just friends. Bailey admits there was some talk about going to homecoming together, but it didn't work out and she was fine with that. She's certainly not a blithering idiot. She grabs her charts and walks off.

Mark, Erica, and Richard are having lunch in the cafeteria. Erica notices two teenage girls are staring at Mark, who's gotten used to being stared at over the years. The girls come over and Mark flirts a little. One of the girls says he looks exactly like the other girl's dad. They rush off and Mark looks embarrassed as Erica and Richard make fun of him.

Cristina and Callie are having lunch too. Cristina is talking about Hahn not liking her and then sees Callie is staring at Izzie and George. Cristina mentions they're not even talking so it's not worth getting hung up on. Callie admits that makes her feel better.

George wants to have lunch with Izzie, but she claims she's gotta prepare for the pencil kid surgery.

Callie helps Tricia get comfortable in her bed. One of the girls observing them tells Tricia she's honored to replace her as captain. She also tells Tricia she called Randy to ask her to go to homecoming with Tricia, even though her face and butt are all messed up. Callie sees Tricia is hurting and throws them out. Tricia starts crying and says her life is over.

Danny is on the phone with his mother as they wheel him into surgery. The connection gets lost. It's time for Marissa to say goodbye. Izzie tells her they'll keep her updated. Marissa tells Danny he better not die or go blind, because she doesn't want to go junior year without him. Danny says goodbye to her and they wheel him in.

In the OR, Derek is determined to save Danny as he promised him life would get better after high school. Izzie says he's got a good friend. Derek says cliques are horrible and he wants Danny to know it ends eventually. One of the scrub nurses bursts out in laughter but apologizes. Derek asks her what's funny. She thinks there are still a lot of cliques her in the hospital. Danny's brain then starts swelling.

Derek and Richard are looking at Marissa. Derek wonders how he's supposed to tell her that Danny will be in a coma for the rest of his life, but Richard says he can't tell her. The family needs to know first. Marissa comes over and says she's freaking out without Danny. She has to hold up with people crying over Danny in the waiting room while they don't even know who he is. Marissa asks if she can see him. Derek says he hasn't woken up yet, but promises to let her know as soon as he knows more. Marissa returns to her seat.

Callie is operating on Tricia's knee. Callie wonders why Tricia doesn't just ditch the pom thing, but Mark understands it's her identity, the only thing that makes her understand herself. Callie mocks the fact that one of the teenagers told him he looked like her dad. She sees a connection with his empathy for the loss of identity and self confidence case of their patient. Mark bounces back that Callie is just happy because Izzie and George hit the skits.

Cristina brings all the X-rays for tomorrow's surgeries to Hahn, but she doesn't need them. Callie oversaw it and tells Cristina to back off a little. She's annoying Hahn and she's blowing her chances to impress Hahn.

While Meredith is tending to Thatcher, he says he regrets not having known her in high school, but he thinks it also may be that that's what made her so strong, and he's proud of that. She's stronger than Lexie. He tells her she's a very impressive person. He's so proud of her, a lifetime worth of proud.

Meredith finds Derek outside the hospital and asks about his date with Sydney. She tells him Thatcher cut himself so he ended up in the ER. He's charming and funny actually, but drunk. She likes her drunk dad better than her regular dad. She asks if he's okay. He says he can't wake up his patient from his coma while his best friend, who thinks he's gonna wake up any time, is in the waiting area. Meredith takes his hand to show her support.

Steve and Megan are gossiping about Izzie and George being over, as Mark said in the OR. Izzie overhears them mock the fact that they didn't even make it a week.

Izzie asks George for her key to the house back. Since she heard from interns that they're broken up, she wants it back. George has no idea what she's talking about. She says everyone is talking about them breaking up and she asks who he's talked to. He says Meredith and then figures out she's been talking to Meredith too. She angrily says he talked first and walks off.

Lexie spots Meredith with her father in the ER. She asks Alex what he's doing here. He says Thatcher came in drunk, which is what he was trying to tell her when she blew him off. She can't believe he went to Meredith while she asked him explicitly not to tell her. Alex says he was just trying to help. 

Marcus tells Bailey she hasn't changed. She still has this intense focus on her face. Richard catches Bailey doing Marcus' paperwork and reminds her she has her own work to do. Marcus adresses her with Mandi, surprising Richard, and tells her he's not feeling well. His pulse-ox drops. Richard orders a stat spiral CT and asks to have Hahn paged.

Marissa finds Derek. She knows Danny's parents are still hours away and she begs him to at least let her see him. Derek sits down with her and explains what happened. Marissa breaks down. The other teenagers in the waiting room stare at her.

Meredith finds Cristina sitting in a lounge. She can't believe she's here to get coffee for her and her dad, and then asks what's up with Cristina. Cristina says Hahn is performing a pulmonary embolectomy in OR 2. She can't go there right now because that makes her a brownnoser and everyone hates that. But she also doesn't know how to just let it slide. Meredith says it's like cutting a class, but Cristina never did that.

Erica is operating. Bailey says Hahn should've taken this seriously and ordered further testing. Erica says maybe Bailey should have. If she weren't so busy flirting with him like a lovestruck teenager, maybe she would have.

While Marissa is sitting by Danny's side, two teenage girls are reminiscing about where they think they knew him from. Izzie tells Marissa that she'll get through this. Marissa thinks she's just a prom queen trying to act like she knows what it's like for her like the teenage girls in the doorway, but Izzie says she wasn't a prom queen. She was the girl in the cheap clothes from the trailer park who get pregnant. None of the mothers would let her hang out with their kids. One of the teenage girls decides to write a letter to Danny's parents, which the other deems beautiful. Izzie throws them out, which they don't understand as Marissa gets to be there. Marissa apologizes to Izzie, but she understands.

Rose, the scrub nurse, says she's sorry for Danny. She noticed he was invested in the case. She notices he has no idea who she is, but he claims he does. She walks off and he says she's the nurse who laughed about the cliques. She smiles and continues walking. 

Tricia is sad because she's never gonna be captain again. Callie says she got fired from a job recently, a job that's like their version of squad captain. She got to go back to the part of her job she likes, which is kind of a gift.

Cristina gets paged by Hahn. She rushes towards the door of the residents lounge, but calms herself before walking out. However, she can't stop herself from running to the OR.

She arrives in the OR and Hahn asks her to bring the entire angio CT instead of just the slices with the clot that they gave her. Cristina says she'll do that right now.

Meredith informs Lexie on their dad, but she already knew. Meredith says it must've been a hard day for her, being Susan's birthday. Meredith says Thatcher was charming, but he seemed sad and Meredith would hate to see that happen again, so she suggests Lexie keep a better eye on him. Lexie informs Meredith that their father lied. Her mother was born in March. Lexie is glad that she found him charming. He's a blast after five drinks, but he gets a little weepy and mean after nine. He's a drunk, so he probably told her how wonderful she is and how sad he is that he didn't get to spend more time with her. Yesterday, Lexie was his favorite daughter but the day before, she was an ungrateful bitch. The week before, he wrote her a $20,000 check because he said she deserved everything life had to offer, because he was a lifetime's worth of proud of her. So Lexie thanks her for letting her know that she needs to keep a better eye on him. Richard has overheard the conversation and walks up to Meredith. He offers her to sit down for a minute.

In his office, Meredith apologizes to Richard for keeping him from doing his job. He says this is part of his job. He's like a nice principal. He promised Ellis to keep an eye on her, and he does so, even though he knows he doesn't have to.

Marcus wakes up and greets Bailey. She greets him back and she tells him he's gonna live. Marcus takes her hand and George gives them privacy. Marcus says she's always been his angel. He wouldn't have made it throug this day without her. He thanks her, for his parents as well. She says he's welcome. He then asks if she got a chance to finish the paperwork, because it seemed important. Bailey says she'll go finish it right now. He thanks her and says she's the best. Marcus then tries to fall asleep. Bailey walks out and George stops her. He says it's reached critical mass. He's taking her for granted, even though she saved his life. George thinks it's time for her to give him a long speech. Bailey is speechless and walks off.

Lexie gets on an elevator with Alex, who tells her he doesn't do secrets like high school teenagers. Lexie says this wasn't a high school issue, it was a private family one. Alex says he had to start cleaning up his dad when he was 7. That's when he turned into the grown up of the family. At least Lexie got to wait until she was 24.

Derek greets Bailey on her way out. She orders him to sit down. He asks if she's okay. She wonders what he cares with his hair products and his perfect face and life. He wonders if she's paid attention to his life if she describes it perfect. Bailey says she does pay attention. She pays attention to all types of people in all walks of life. She notices and sees people. It's guys like him who don't see girls like her. They only exist to do their homework or build their egos up. She's a successful married mother. She's Chief Resident of a major metropolitan hospital. She says she's a surgeon who saved his life today. She starts crying and says he still doesn't see her. She may as well still be that high school girl with the mushroom haircut and the coke bottle glasses and the band uniform. The girl who didn't get to to the homecoming dance because it didn't occur to him to even ask her after all those late nights of tutoring. Derek asked what instrument she played in the band. Derek tells her that he was 110 pounds in high school and he hadn't yet figured out hair products, so he had a big afro. He also had acne. He wore a band uniform too, as he played the sax. Bailey smiles through her tears and tells him she played the oboe. She sits down with him and he comforts her. He says he would've been honored to take a girl like her to homecoming.

Izzie finds George waiting for her at home. He was trying to think of a long speech to tell her everything he wanted to say to her, but he just can't talk to her anymore. That's why he talked to Meredith. Izzie admits it used to be that she was the only person they could talk to and vice versa. She's in love with this incredible guy and they're having problems, but she can't talk to it to her best friend because he's the boyfriend. He wonders why this isn't easier. She doesn't know. They want their best friends back.

Derek chases Rose in the parking lot. He asked around for her name. He says he should've recognized her sooner after the surgery together. Rose says she's worked on 36 of his surgeries and today is the first time they made eye contact. Like she said, hospital's no better than high school. She wishes him a good night and walks off. Mark comes over and says someone figured out how to get back on the horse, but Derek says it was just work. Derek asks him to get a drink.

Sydney appears at their table at Joe's and asks to talk to Derek for a minute. Mark gives her his seat. Sydney says she's the kind of woman who brings a lot of things to the table, and she's looking for a man who can do the same, a man who can meet all of her needs. She doesn't think he's ready for that. He thinks she's right. They agree not to let it affect their work and Sydney walks off.

Derek sits down with Meredith at the bar and tells her that apparently, he's not got at meeting needs and that he doesn't bring much to the table. Meredith says she's awkward and freaky. She asks if he wants to get out of here. He does. As he helps her put on her coat, his eyes lock with Rose, who raises her glass. He nods and leaves with Meredith.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Mr. Talbot[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Cardiomyopathy
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Cristina presented the case of Mr. Talbot, who had had surgery for cardiomyopathy. She said his incision was healing well and he was meant to have a follow up in the cardiac clinic after discharge.

Tricia Hale[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Facial laceration
    • Open leg fracture
    • Cracked coccyx
    • Knee fracture
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Stitches

Tricia, 17, was brought into the ER after a bus crash. She had a facial laceration as well as a cracked coccyx and an open leg fracture and knee fracture. They decided to put her under and have her face fixed while Callie fixed her fractures.

Marcus King[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Arm lacerations
    • Atrial fibrillation
    • Ventricular septal defect
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches
    • Blood thinners
    • Outpatient workup
    • Pulmonary embolectomy
    • Arteriotomy

Marcus, 34, was brought into the ER after a bus crash. He had deep cuts on his left arm, which Bailey stitched up. George listened to his heart and detected an abnormality, so they did an EKG and got a cardiac consult. Erica diagnosed non-symptomatic atrial fibrillation and prescribed blood thinners and an outpatient workup. When he later had chest pain, he was sent for a CT and Erica was paged again. Marcus was taken into surgery for a pulmonary embolectomy and an arteriotomy of the right pulmonary artery. After surgery, he was awake and stable.

Danny Metcalf[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Foreign body in eye
    • Brain bleed
    • Coma
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Danny was brought to the ER after a bus crash. He had a pencil penetrating his eye socket and into his brain. He had a brain bleed as a result, so they took him in for surgery. In surgery, his artery burst and and his brain swelled up, meaning he'd be left in a coma for the rest of his life.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Scalp laceration
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

Emma had a scalp laceration from the bus crash, which Cristina stitched up.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Janie was in a bus crash. Meredith examined her at the hospital.

Thatcher Grey[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hand laceration
    • Acute alcohol intoxication
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

Thatcher came into the ER drunk with a cut on his hand. Meredith stitched up his cut and discharged him.


Song Performer Scene
"What Would Jay-Z Do?" Ben Lee
  • Derek is on a date with Sydney.
  • Sydney gets paged and leaves the table.
  • Meredith and Cristina notice them on a date.
  • Mark also thinks the date is awkward.
  • Bailey celebrates being Chief Resident.
  • George and Meredith see Derek and Izzie on the elevator and avoid them.
  • George says it's hard to talk to Izzie anymore.
"The Last One" Cary Brothers
  • Two of the teens tell Mark he looks like just like one of their fathers.
  • Cristina tells Callie that Izzie and George are having problems, which makes Callie happy.
  • Tricia's friends fail at reassuring her.
  • Danny calls his mom before his surgery.
  • Danny is taken into surgery.
"Call It Off" Tegan and Sara
  • Izzie tells a patient that losing your best friend is the worst thing in the world.
  • Rose stops Derek and apologizes her. He doesn't recognize her at first.
  • Callie talks to Tricia about her healing progress and it not being the end of the world.
  • Cristina is excited when she's paged by Hahn. She tries to contain her excitement, but can't.
  • Erica asks Cristina to bring her scans.
"Black and Blue" Chris Garneau
  • Richard gives Meredith a drink.
  • Marcus wakes up and Bailey realizes he's been using her since high school and still is.
  • George tells Bailey she needs to tell Marcus off, but she can't.
  • Lexie is upset about Alex sharing the news about her dad. He reveals a shared family history.
  • Bailey gives Derek a long speech, saying he's the kind of boy who never would have asked her out. He says he was a geek in high school.
  • Izzie goes home to George and they say they can't talk to each other anymore. They want their best friends back.
"Breakin' Up" Rilo Kiley
  • Mark sees Derek with Rose and says Derek's back on the horse.
  • Sydney breaks things off with Derek.
  • Derek watches Meredith and then goes over to her. Rose sees them leave together.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode's title originated from the song Forever Young, originally sung by Bob Dylan.
  • This episode scored 19.61 million viewers.
  • The season 4 DVD set includes an extended version of the episode as well as an audio commentary by Lauren Stamile and director Rob Corn.
  • Chandra Wilson received a standing ovation for the scene in which Bailey gave a long speech to Derek.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Sydney Heron.
  • There is no Grey Matter blog post for this episode, most likely due to the Writers Guild of America strike.


Episode Stills[]


Alex: Man, high school really does suck.

Meredith: Your dad was in the ER today.
Lexie: I know.
Meredith: So, you know he was drunk and he put his hand through a window?
Lexie: Yeah, anything else?
Meredith: I know it was Susan's birthday and I'm sure it was a very hard day for the both of you. And he wasn't actually a problem, he was kinda charming. But, he seemed very sad and I'd hate to see it happen again so maybe you should think about keeping a better eye on him.
Lexie: Everyday is my mother's birthday. My mother was born in March. He lied. He's a liar. And I'm glad. Really, I'm glad that you found him charming. I'm sure he was delightful. He's a blast after five drinks, not so much after nine though; he gets a little weepy and mean. He's a drunk, Meredith. He probably came in and told you how wonderful you are. How sad he is he doesn't get to spend more time with you. You know, yesterday he told me I was his favorite daughter. The day before, I was an ungrateful bitch. The week before, he wrote me a check for twenty-thousand dollars because he said I deserved everything life had to offer because he was so proud of me, a lifetimes worth of proud. So thank you for letting me know that I need to keep a better eye on him. Thanks.

Bailey: What do you care? With your hair products and your perfect little face, perfect little life. What do you care how I am?
Derek: My perfect little life. Have you been paying attention at all?
Bailey: Yeah, I pay attention. I pay attention! I pay attention to people in all walks of life, all types. I notice people. I see people. It's guys like you who don't see people like me.
Derek: I don't see you?
Bailey: I'm not talking about you, Shepherd. Just guys like you. Who don't see girls like me. We don't exist for you. We exist to do your homework! We exist to build your ego up... I am a successful married mother. I am chief resident, I am chief resident of a major metropolitan hospital! I am a surgeon, who saved his life today! And he still doesn't see me... I may as well still be that high school girl with the mushroom haircut and the coke bottle glasses and the band uniform. The girl who didn't get to go to homecoming dance cause it didn't even occur to him to ask me. All those late nights tutoring him, and it didn't even occur to him to ask?
Derek: Mmm. Band uniform. Really?
Bailey: Do I look like I wanna be mocked by you right now?
Derek: No, you don't. I'm just gonna say one thing. In high school, I was 110 pounds, and I hadn't yet figured out hair product, so I had a big afro. And, um, I had acne... and I too, wore a band uniform. Sax.
Bailey: Oboe.
Derek: I would have been honored to take a girl like you to homecoming.

Lexie: I never knew what to say to them. In high school. Kids like him. They were always so... separate from the rest of us, you know, alone. It wasn't like that for me. I was prom queen and class valedictorian.
Izzie: Yeah, I wouldn't broadcast that.

Izzie: I'm in love with this incredible guy and we're having problems. And my best friend, he would know what to say to me about it. I need to be able to talk to my best friend. I cannot get through this without my best friend.
George: Why isn't this easier?
Izzie: I don't know.
George: Well, I want my best friend back.
Izzie: Me too.

Izzie: I wasn't a prom queen. I was the girl in the cheap clothes from the trailor park who got pregnant. I got thrown in the pregnant girls class. None of the mothers would let their kids hang out with me. But I got through it. You will get through this.

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