Frances Pinfield is a woman who came from London to donate blood to Gus Carter.


Frances came to the United States after learning that there was a boy who needed her exact blood type, a very rare type. As she is severely agoraphobic, she traveled with her therapist, Dr. Safavi, who had been working with her for two years to get her out of the house. However, when a paperwork snafu held Dr. Safavi up at the airport, Frances struggled to get off the plane. Owen brought a blood donation kit to the airplane, but Frances refused to have her blood drawn on the plane because she feared something would go wrong. She still struggled with getting off the plane, so Owen set up a video call with Gus's mom, who talked to her and explained why Gus needed her blood so badly. Frances was then able to allow Owen to carry her to the car while she was covered with a blanket. They made it to the car, but a fog settled in while they were on their way to the hospital, trapping them in a mess of traffic and accidents. ("Drawn to the Blood")

After the traffic settled a little, Owen got out of the car and spotted an ambulance. He carried Frances to the ambulance and they rode along with the patient to the hospital. Frances was immediately taken to the emotion room filled with plants, where she was given juice and cookies while her blood was drawn. The blood was then transfused into Gus, who quickly improved. Frances looked on along with Gus's mother while he played a video game in his bed. His mother hugged Frances and thanked her for what she'd done. ("Jump Into the Fog")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She sings to calm herself down.[1]





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