Frankie came into the ER after the roof of the restaurant where he works collapsed.


Frankie was working at Grandinetti's, washing dishes, when the roof collapsed. His arm was traumatically amputated and he lay in dirty dishwater for a while before someone found him and he was taken to the ER. They took him into surgery and the arm was able to be salvaged, but because of the time he'd spent in the water, his wound was contaminated, so they couldn't reattach the arm. They were going to make it an amputation, but Lexie Grey suggested that they temporarily attach the arm to another area in order to save his arm. She was told he'd have some loss of function, but they agreed to try.

Frankie freaked out when he woke up and saw his arm attached to his leg, but Lexie convinced him that it was a good thing and there was a lawyer who believed he could make a lot of money because they'd left him lying in dirty dishwater after the roof collapse. She also said that the doctors wanted to talk to him because what happened to him was rare.


He's a dishwasher at Grandinetti's. He says he likes it because he doesn't much like talking to people and they mostly leave him alone back there.

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