Full Release is the twelfth episode of the sixth season and the 110th overall episode of Private Practice.

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Addison attends Henry's court date and realizes that the judge still has some concerns about Jake's past, Sheldon introduces Miranda to his friends, and Cooper's efforts to secure a dream house are put on hold when Charlotte goes into labor.

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Cooper is talking to Georgia, telling her it's a big day because her sisters are coming. He says he's gotta support her mama, so he won't be around as much as usual, but he'll have other people on stand-by to talk to her. If she needs anything, she just gotta ask.

Addison walks out of Charlotte's room. All of their colleagues are waiting in the hall, worried about the babies. Addison says they're all okay. The babies are healthy enough for delivery, but they're just not in a rush to come out. Charlotte's only at 4 centimeters and she needs to be at 10 before she can start pushing, so she could be in labor for another day. They all sigh. Amelia says the bright side is they have more time to vote on names. She takes a board with names on it, some of which are already crossed out. Violet wants Zoe to be on it, but Cooper says no. Amelia crosses out Hannah. Violet sees Autumn and Summer are up there. Amelia jokes it's hard to keep your daughter off the pole with a name like that. Charlotte yells from her doorway. The only people who can vote on a name are Mason and those who provided genetic material. She tells them to get out, unless they know a way to fast track this delivery. They all walk off as Charlotte slams the door.

Violet is at a bookshop and puts a lot of children's books on the desk. She asks the owner to make some sort of gift basket with all the books in. He says he can do that and asks who the lucky baby is. Violet says her best friend is having triplets with his wife. He then recognizes her from her book. He asks her to sign it, which she does. He says he's read the book five times, saying it's really honest. He took at the picture on the back, because he loves the light in her eyes, despite of everything she's been through. She's flattered and thanks him. He introduces himself as Charles and asks about the husband in the book. Violet says he's dead. Charles takes her hand and says he's sorry for her loss. Violet says she's gonna come back later to pick up the basket. She walks out.

Jake enters an on-call room with flowers and wishes Addison a happy formal adoption hearing day. They kiss and she thanks him. Jake says he has two more patients and then he's clear for the day, so he suggests to go pick up Henry and then meet her back here. Addison says it depends on Charlotte, as the babies are taking their sweet time. Jake suggests to go to the park after they're done in the court so they can celebrate at the swings with ice cream and pictures. Addison kisses him and thanks him for loving her and Henry.

Cooper is trying to calm down Charlotte, but she's cranky. Stephanie comes in with more ice chips. Addison comes in to check on her as well, but she's only dilated four centimeters and a smidge. Cooper kisses Charlotte on her forehead, but she tells him not to touch her. She reminds him to pick up Mason from school, but he says he asked Amelia to pick him up. Charlotte rather have him with Mason and Amelia here with her because he got her into this mess. Cooper asks Addison if he can go. Addison silently tells him it'll be at least four more hours, so he's good to go. Charlotte asks for more juice. Stephanie says she'll ask Brenda to go get some. Charlotte asks why Brenda. Stephanie's off the clock in ten minutes, but Charlotte passive-agressively forces her to stay through the entire delivery. "Subtle," Addison remarks as Stephanie leaves to get the juice.

Outside his school, Mason asks Cooper if the babies are born yet. Cooper says no. It'll be a few more hours. Cooper gets a phone call and informs Mason he put an offer in on the house. Another family put in the same offer, so the seller wants to meet both families in order to decide. Cooper is under a lot of pressure now because he has to go to the house now or they won't have a place to live with their enormous family, but he can't go now because Charlotte's in labor. It's a lose-lose. Mason tells him to take a breath. They get in the car and Cooper asks him how he got so sensible while he's only 10. Mason says they can get to the house first since it's not so far away and they can go surprise mama at the hospital. Cooper says he's gonna blame Mason if Charlotte yells at him.

Sam is telling Georgia she's a lucky lady because she's got her entire life ahead of her. A big, blank slate. He's envious of her. It took him years to figure out how to live his life to the fullest. You can't be afraid to make mistakes and he's trying to do that now, but he just hopes it's not too late. He says it was a good talk and thanks her.

James asks Amelia if Charlotte had her babies yet, but Amelia says she's not even close. Amelia says she's been walking the halls with Charlotte to move the labor along. James is surprised that Amelia's hanging out with her. Amelia says they're friends. James thought being around her would be hard for Amelia because of her history, but Amelia says it's not. James is glad to hear that. He asks if she ever thinks about having kids at some point. A nurse interrupts them to get him for a head lac. He asks Amelia to keep him posted about Charlotte before leaving.

Violet, Sheldon, and Miranda are at a restaurant to have lunch. They're having a nice talk. Violet asks where they met. Sheldon lies and says at a vending machine. Miranda says he was very chivalrous with some loose change. They laugh and Violet seems to feel a little awkard. Their food arrives.

Addison tries to keep things positive and tells Charlotte she's been a trooper for the last few months, but confesses she just said that to be nice. She examines and tells Charlotte she's at six centimeters. Jake comes in and asks if she shouldn't be getting Henry ready. Addison says she can't leave yet, but Charlotte now realizes it's the adoption hearing day and tells Addison to get out to legally get a baby of her own. Addison wants to give Charlotte instructions for what to do if the labor starts to progress more rapidly, but Charlotte says she'll have Jake. She sees the looks on their faces and asks if they were seriously thinking they could both leave. Jake says they weren't, he's just gonna walk her out.

Outside the room, Jake tells Addison they'll go celebrate at the park later. He really wanted to come, but they can't leave Charlotte with some poor, unsuspecting as Charlotte will eat them alive. Addison was really looking forward to celebrating, but Jake says they have the rest of their lives to do that. Jake says it's now her job to go to court and bring back their son. Addison loves to hear him say Henry's their son. They kiss and she leaves.

Amelia tells Georgia she shouldn't be surprised by James' question as she's a woman. She loves kids, but what if her body only makes brainless babies? She couldn't live through that again, and even if she were lucky enough to have a healthy child, she knows that fiercely loving them is not enough because the world is place where terrible things happen that you can't control. She's done. She doesn't want to have any more babies. Amelia leaves the NICU.

Charlotte is mad at the babies for staying in her uterus like it's some airport VIP lounge. Jake comes in and Charlotte says she needs some good news. Jake says she's at seven centimeters. Charlotte asks Jake to charm them out. As a nurse enters the room, Charlotte sees Sam is peeking inside to look at Stephanie. Charlotte tells Stephanie her boyfriend is lurking. She tells Stephanie to go but be back in 15 minutes. Jake notices she really is just a softie under that tough exterior.  Charlotte shushes him, because if the babies hear him, they'll never mind her.

Cooper and Mason arrive at the house. He instructs his son to be at his best behavior, stay interested and no eye rolling or grunting. Mason is convinced they're better than the other family.

As Violet's on her way to Charlotte's room, she sees Sam and Stephanie kissing passionately. She rushes into Charlotte's room and starts crying there. In the room, Charlotte is leaning on the table. She's having a bad contraction, otherwise she would've helped Violet. Violet says she should be helping Charlotte, but she just needed a place to hide because she can't go around crying in the hallways. Violet says she's okay, but she just can't stop crying. Charlotte takes her hand as Violet asks herself why it won't stop. Charlotte says she's been asking her uterus that exact same question.

In the court room, the hearing has started. The judge goes through the documents and sees she works at St. Ambrose. Addison affirms, but assures him she doesn't work so much it'd be a problem for Henry. She confesses she's a little nervous, but the judge tells her there's no need to be. He sees the birth mother signed away parental rights and that the home visits have been completed. Someone walks up to the judge and gives him a piece of paper. He tells Addison and her lawyer that it's a letter with concerns from Mildred, the social worker. Addison doesn't understand. The judge says he can't finalize the adoption today and orders further evaluation. They'll set another court date and he'll make a ruling then. Addison doesn't understand, and neither does her lawyer. Normally, the hearing is a formality. She asks Addison if something happened with Mildred. Addison hasn't seen her for months, but she met with Jake during her last visit. The lawyer wants to go talk to the judge to find out what happened and how they should proceed. Addison asks if there's chance she could lose Henry.

Jake is holding Georgia and tells her not to grow up too fast, because girls who grow up too fast end up running off with their college professors. Also, cutting off all communication with your father because he shows a little concern over your emotional wellbeing isn't good either. Jake says he'll recommend a good private school to Cooper and Charlotte.

Cooper and Mason are in the living room of the house. Mrs. Taylor, the seller, wants the new owner to respect this place like they did, with all of its history. Mason says history is his favorite subject and Mrs. Taylor is charmed. The other couple comes in unexpectedly. They know they're early, but they have to serve food at the mission later and they didn't want to miss this opportunity. Mrs. Taylor introduces Dan and Darlene to Cooper and Mason. Darlene brought a homemade apple pie and then the competition starts. Cooper says he's a pediatrician because it's a calling to help children. Darlene says she was pre-med, but then she met Dan volunteering at a women's shelter and she started feeling like all the years of education were too long before she could actually start making a difference in the world. Mrs. Taylor says she and her husband like to go to visit the children's hospital in the weekends. Dan says they help out with the hospital's annual fundraiser. Mrs. Taylor recalls seeing their name on the program. Cooper rolls his eyes.

Sheldon and Miranda are sitting on the side of the road in the hills. Miranda says the one good thing about dying is that she doesn't need to worry about sunscreen anymore. Miranda says Violet is great. If all his friends are so great, she feels bad lying to them. Sheldon says they technically did meet at a vending machine. Miranda says she doesn't know how much time she's got left, and she wants to know he's gonna be okay once she's gone. She wants him to tell someone about the cancer and her. Sheldon is not ready to think about her being gone. She lays her head on his shoulder and tells him to let his friends in.

Charlotte is still suffering. Amelia is relaxing in a chair, reading a magazine. Charlotte asks her to go get Jake, but Amelia says she doesn't need Jake as they just checked. She's at seven centimeters. Amelia says she's like the uterus that cried wolf. Charlotte says her bedside manner sucks, but Amelia says it's awesome, she's just not having her babies any time soon. Amelia sees Charlotte is suffering and kneels behind her. She does a pressure thing that Jake did when she was in labor. Charlotte is relieved as the pain is lighter and she wants to apologize about something she didn't do, but Amelia cuts her off and tells her to just lean back.

Sam walks into the kitchen and greets Violet, but she doesn't react. She spills some coffee as he wakes her up from her daydreaming. He asks if she's okay. Violet says she usually goes to Cooper for this sort of things, but he's obviously busy. Sam says he's here. Violet says she went to a bookstore this morning to get a present for the Cooplets. Violet says she owner recognized her from her book and flirted with her. She flirted back a little and he asked her about Pete. Violet says she forgot all about Pete during the flirting. Sam thinks it's a normal step in the grieving process. Violet knows that, but it still felt weird. Violet sees everyone around has found someone to live their lives with, everyone around her is living, and she just has these waves where she can't stop crying and at the bookstore, she had this moment where she realized she was never going to have another baby or get married again. Her entire experience of marriage was with Pete and it had its good moments, but mostly it was painful. Now, that entire part of her life is done. She wants to forget Pete, because when she remembers him she feels like she is dying too. So this is it. This her life, this is who she is. This is all she gets. She wonders if it's enough, if it's anything at all. Sam doesn't know what to say, so in order to avoid cliches, he suggests a hug. She says she'll cry again, but he doesn't mind. She stands up, but before they hug, Sam stops her. He thinks he has something to say, no cliche or random stuff. He tells her she's not done. She's unfinished. She's a work in progress. If he had told her five years ago that she was gonna have Lucas the way she did or that she was gonna marry Pete, she would've laughed at his face. If he had told her two years ago that she'd be a widow, she never would've believed him because you don't know what tomorrow brings. It could be absolutely anything. It could be the hot bookstore owner or it could be just her and her amazing little boy. She doesn't know because she's not done. The book that is her life is still in progress. So Violet Turner is still unfinished. Violet says that was really good.

Addison walks into Mildred's office and asks her what she did. She's Henry's mother. Mildred says Addison is not the problem, it's her fiancé. He nearly beat a man to death. A drug dealer, Addison reminds her. Mildred says Henry can't grow up in an environment where violence is an acceptable solution. Addison says Jake was trying to protect his family. Mildred saw the way Jake reacted to his daughter dating her professor and he was a great deal more than just upset. Addison asks why Mildred didn't say something sooner if this was an issue. Mildred says that the way Addison takes care of Henry is what they dream of when they finalize adoptions. She thought she could get past her concerns about Dr. Reilly, but she has to consider what's best for the child. Addison says she's what's best for Henry. Mildred says she wouldn't have any objection if Henry were to live with just her. Addison starts crying and says she can't lose her son. Mildred apologizes, but she already made her recommendation. Now, it's up to the judge.

Violet is reading a fairytale to Georgia. Violet thinks fairytales are stupid, because it sets people up for false expectations. It makes them think that happily ever after is the end of the story. Real relationship stories are messy and they sometimes have a dead prince and a grieving princess who cries in public. They don't end. Sam says there's no ending and Violet chooses to believe him, because a dead prince can't be the ending. Violet looks at Georgia and she really hopes that Georgia won't ever have a dead prince.

Amelia is holding Charlotte's hand. Jake feels Charlotte is at ten centimeters. He asks Stephanie to page Addison. Charlotte is glad to know the moment's finallly there, but she doesn't want to start pushing before Cooper is back. Amelia leaves to go find him.

Dan and Darlene are telling Mrs. Taylor about the day they met. Mrs. Taylor asks Cooper where he met his wife. Mason asks if it wasn't on a website. Cooper denies this and says at the hospital where she is Chief of Staff. Dan says that can't be easy, with all the bureaucracy in medicine. And the price gouging, Darlene adds. She says most people can't afford any medical care. Cooper says he treats his patients regardless. Dan says he doesn't work for free though. Mrs. Taylor asks if they want to hear about the schools in the neighborhood as Cooper gets a call from Amelia. He tells Mason they got to go as he hangs up. He tells Mrs. Taylor he really wants to buy this house for his wife as a surprise, and he's sure his family would live a very happy life here, but he can't be here now because his wife is giving birth to his triplets so he has to be there with her. Family is everything, so everything will be fine as long as they're together. He says it was nice to meet her, but now he's got to go.

Addison walks into Charlotte's room and asks if she's ready to have some babies. Charlotte says not without Cooper, but Amelia says he's on his way. Jake privately asks her how the hearing was. Addison says it was fine, but he says she doesn't look like it was. Addison asks him to move as she has babies to deliver. Addison sits down and sees the babies aren't waiting for their daddy. Cooper rushes in and says he can explain, but Charlotte tells him to just shut up and hold his hand. Now that Charlotte has let go, Amelia says her hand is numb. Charlotte starts pushing.

Sheldon sits down with Sam in the waiting room. Sam is relieved because she's been running Stephanie ragged all day. Sheldon thinks it's good they're back on. He says he's seeing someone named Miranda. Sam says that's great. Sheldon says he met her at radiation. He did eight weeks of treatment and he's gotta wait another six months to know it worked, but he's hopeful. He says he's feeling pretty good for a guy whose prostate glows in the dark. Sam is glad he got treatment. Sheldon says he had a friend who was a real pain in the ass about it and thanks him for that.

Charlotte is pushing. She squeezes Cooper's hand really hard. Addison delivers the first baby, who cries. Jake takes the baby to take care of her. Amelia walks with him. She says it's amazing. Suddenly, Charlotte screams in pain. She says something's not right. Addison can't feel the third baby's head. The baby is sideways. Addison feels she can still deliver vaginally, which she thinks is best because of all the trauma Charlotte's body has already been through. Addison can do an internal podalic version, which means she rotates the baby until she can grab a foot and then deliver her as a breech. Cooper is worried, but Amelia says Charlotte couldn't be in better hands. This procedure doesn't take long and it's much easier on her body than a C-section, but it'll hurt like hell. Charlotte agrees to do it. Addison says she can't push until she tells her she can, but she can scream. Amelia takes Charlotte's other hand and says she can squeeze too. Addison counts to three and starts. Charlotte screams in pain. 

Charlotte screams it's too much. Addison is almost finished. Cooper tells her she can do this because she's strong. It's almost over, but she just needs to do this. Addison's got the baby turned and tells Charlotte to push, but stops her not long after. Jake says they've got the body but the head is still inside. Charlotte is exhausted. Amelia tells her she's almost there. Addison says a few more seconds. Charlotte does a final push and then the baby's out. Addison hands her over to Charlotte and allows Cooper to cut the cord. Charlotte says she's got Cooper's eyes. Jake then takes the baby away. Charlotte is relieved and Cooper kisses her on the forehead.

Addison is sitting on the bed in an on-call room. Jake comes in and asks her what happened in court. Addison says Mildred happened. She doesn't feel right about the adoption. Jake thought it was just a formality. Addison says it's not anymore, since the judge has ordered further evaluation and then he'll decide if she gets to keep her son. Jake then realizes it's about his arrest and the thing with Angela. He kneels down and says he's sorry. Right now, she can't deal with him because she knows it's not his fault but the judge might take Henry away from her because of him. So, she just can't.

Amelia finds James and tells her Charlotte delivered the babies. She says the babies are amazing. She gets emotional and says yes. She wants babies. She wants a lot of babies and she's scared to want babies so she told herself she doesn't want babies, but she does. They're wonderful and she wants to have babies with him some day if they get that far. James says they will. They hug.

Violet's back at the book store. Charles is happy to see that she came back. He shows her the basket and says he added some books for free since they're books every child should have. Violet says it's beautiful. Charles says he felt bad for making her feel sad. Violet says it was just her and says he was actually really kind. Charles asks if she'd like to get a cup of coffee some time. Violet says she can't go out with him, but it's not because of him. If she were to go out with someone, it'd probably be him, but she's trying to be okay with just her. She doesn't want to mess that up or cloud it. He understands because he's read her book five times. He shakes her hand and says they'll just be friends then. She thanks him and leaves with the basket. She walks back to the desk and says he helped her decide to write another book. He asks what's it gonna be called, but she doesn't know yet. It's a work in progress. He wishes her good luck.

Jake walks into the judge Harris' office and introduces himself, but the judge knows who he is. He also knows why Jake is there, but he hasn't made his decision yet. Jake says he can't decide what's best for Henry without all the facts. Harris says he's got them in a nice, big red file. Jake says it's not the full story, which he can only get from him. The judge gives him thirty seconds. Jake tells him he met his wife Lily and then her daughter Angela became their daughter. Lily was a drug addict and her dealer was close to the devil. He would kill for money. He would kill for nothing and Jake had to protect his family, his child. All these years later, he's still doing that. When you have a kid, it's for life. It doesn't matter how old they are. He was trying to protect Angela and he'd do the same for Henry. The judge tells him to consider himself heard. Jake says he'll leave Addison. She loves Henry more than anything in the world and he loves her even more than that, so if Harris is going to break them apart because of him, he'll leave her. He'll walk away, but Addison and Henry need to be together. She's his mother.

Charlotte and Mason are holding the two new babies. Mason wants to name one Caroline. It wasn't on the board, but he likes it. Charlotte loves it. Cooper brings in Georgia for a visit. Mason introduces Georgia to Caroline. Charlotte says that leaves only one unnamed King-Freedman. Cooper suggests Rachel. Charlotte loves it. Cooper gets a text and informs Mason they got the house. Charlotte asks what house. Mason explains they wanted to surprise her and that they beat the other couple because it's theirs. Stephanie comes in and apologizes to break up the party, but the babies gotta go back to the nursery now. They need to be monitored and they need to sleep, as does Stephanie. Charlotte tells Cooper he did good.

Addison is talking to the three babies in the nursery. She says it's been a good day because now Cooper and Charlotte have four kids. Addison says she only wants one, Henry. She can't blame Mildred for wanting the best for Henry, but she's wrong about Jake. He's the best man she's ever known. He is the man of her dreams. Addison takes a baby into her arms and says she's afraid the judge will make her choose between her love for Jake and her love for Henry. If that happens, there's no choice.

At her house, Addison is sitting on the couch, holding Henry. Jake comes in and sits down next to her. He asks her when she wants to get married. Addison reminds him of what the judge said, so they can't get married. Jake says he knows what the judge said because he just came from his chambers. They had a little talk and it turns out the judge has four daughters. He told Jake to give an envelope to Addison. He hands it over to Addison, who opens it. Addison reads the letter, which says that Henry is hers. Addison starts crying and kisses Henry's head. Jake asks her when she wants to get married. They share a kiss and watch their son.


  • Addison Montgomery
  • Jake Reilly
  • Cooper Freedman
  • Charlotte King
  • Sheldon Wallace
  • Amelia Shepherd
  • Mason Warner
  • Sam Bennett
  • Violet Turner
  • James Peterson
  • Miranda
  • Stephanie Kemp
  • Charles
  • Dan Meyer (right)
  • Mrs. Taylor
  • Mildred Clemons
  • Darlene Meyer (left)
  • James Harris
  • Cassandra Kelly
  • Nurse
  • Georgia King-Freedman
  • Henry Montgomery

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Medical NotesEdit

Georgia King-FreedmanEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Prematurity
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • NICU Care

Georgia was still in the NICU. She was proclaimed well enough to visit after her sisters were born.

Charlotte KingEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • Vaginal delivery
    • Internal podalic version

Charlotte was in labor with the remaining two triplets. Her labor progressed slowly. When the time came to push, the first baby was born easily, but the second presented breech. The baby was sideways. Jake suggested a c-section, but Addison believed it was safer and faster to rotate the baby until she could grab a foot and deliver breech. Charlotte agreed and Addison was able to rotate the baby and deliver her. Both Charlotte and the babies were stable after the delivery.

James' PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Head laceration
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

A nurse called James to stitch up a head laceration in the ER.


Song Performer Scene
"Windy Cindy" People Get Ready
  • Violet asks the book store owner to make a basket. He recognizes her from her book and they flirt.
  • She informs him her husband is dead and says she'll come back.
  • Jake makes plans with Addison for after the formal adoption hearing.
"Ghosts" Broken Anchor
  • Miranda tells Sheldon to tell his friends about the cancer.
  • Amelia helps with Charlotte with the contraction pains.
  • Violet expresses fear that this is all life has to offer for her. Sam tells her her life is unfinished.
"I Will Go" Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn
  • Jake talks to the judge and says he'll leave Addison so she can be with Henry.
  • Cooper and Mason name the other two babies. Charlotte approves of the names.
  • Cooper gets the news that they got the house.
  • Addison talks to the Cooplets.
  • Jake gives Addison a letter from the judge, saying Henry is officially hers.

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Private Practice 6x12 Promo "Full Release" (HD)

Private Practice 6x12 Promo "Full Release" (HD)


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(Charlotte has been in labor for quite some time)
Violet: I can't stop crying! Why won't it stop?
Charlotte: I've been asking my uterus the exact same thing, sister.

(while looking at the list with baby names for Cooper and Charlotte's babies)
Violet: Someone put Autumn and Summer up there? Come on guys, I want better than this.
Amelia: With names like that it's hard to keep your daughter off the pole.

Charlotte: I need some more juice.
Stephanie: Okay. I'll have Brenda to get you some.
Charlotte: Why Brenda?
Stephanie: I've been here all night, I'm off the clock in 10 minutes.
Charlotte: Well, I'm sure you have a big day planned. So go ahead. Enjoy it. As a matter of fact, why don't you knock off early? Just because you're the best labor and delivery nurse in this hospital, and you've been with me all through my pregnancy, and I hired you, there is no reason you should be here help me get to the end. Not everyone's able to see things through.
Stephanie: One juice coming right up.
Addison: Subtle.
Charlotte: My middle name.

Charlotte: Unbelievable. Treating my uterus like it's some airport VIP lounge.

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