Gail Webber was Richard Webber's mother.


When Gail was 46, she started having pain in her back. She thought it was from her mattress, which she said was at least fifteen years old, but replacing it didn't help. She was later diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and was given six months to live. Toward the end of her life, she stopped playing her cello, which she had done every day of her life until then.



She was married, but her husband was away at war.


She had three children, the eldest of whom, Richard, grew up to be a surgeon. After her husband left for the war, she took on a night job to make extra money to afford things they wanted to do, like going to science camp.


She taught music to neighborhood kids and helped lead the high school orchestra. For a time, she was a night-shift receptionist at a hotel.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 46 when she died.
  • Richard was ten when she died.
  • She played cello, which her mother forced her to learn.
    • She dreamed of being principal cello for the Chicago Symphony.


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