Gene Seers was a patient of Miranda Bailey at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Diagnosis as TerminalEdit

Miranda Bailey was set to operate to remove his cancer. However, after seeing his PET scan results, she determined that surgery was no longer an option. He refused to accept that and pushed her to come up with a new treatment plan, trying to get her to play chess to get her mind working. She was unable to do that and offered him brochures for hospice facilities. He refused to allow her to glorify death. He said that he’s not going to a better place. It’s not going to be comfortable. He’s just going to cease to exist.

Moving to Richard’s RoomEdit

In order to push both of them to accept their realities, Bailey had Gene moved in Richard Webber's room. Gene began to look through the brochures, but made fun of all the facilities, much to Richard’s annoyance. He ultimately gave Richard the push to start working out his lungs and Richard in turn made him realize that he doesn’t want to die in the hospital, so he should choose a place to go.


Gene has a very caustic personality. He makes highly offensive comments about all the people around him, such as calling a Filipino nurse “oriental”. He used to play Chess in the park, but the people he played with wouldn’t allow him to continue playing because of his offensive comments.