Georgia Fisher was in a car accident on the way from her husband's funeral.


Georgia's husband, Peter, had died. The whole family attended his funeral. As they were leaving, a car hit one of the limos, which caused a chain reaction, which resulted in the hearse being hit, knocking open the casket and causing Peter's body to go flying. Those injured, including Georgia's sister, Barbara, and her two children, Morgan and Julian, were taken to the hospital. Peter's body was also taken there.

At the hospital, Georgia learned that most of her family was doing well. She was also told that her estranged daughter, Kara, was at the hospital. She'd caused the accident when she arrived late to the funeral. After learning that, she sat with her husband's body for a while, holding his hand and telling him about Kara coming.

When she was told it was time for her husband's body to be retrieved by the funeral home, she didn't respond. Then she clenched her chest. She was having a heart attack. They took her into a trauma room and attempted resuscitation for over 40 minutes before finally pronouncing her dead.

Morgan and Julian were upset to learn that their mother had died and blamed Kara. Julian even went to Kara's bedside to proclaim that she'd killed their mother. In their grief, the family decided to hold a makeshift funeral, paying their respects to Georgia. While Morgan was in the room with her mother, she suddenly called out that her mother had squeezed her hand. The doctors were doubtful, saying it was only a residual reflex, but then Georgia suddenly sat up in the bed.

The doctors did some tests to check Georgia's neuro function and check her heart, but she was proclaimed health, despite being "dead" for over an hour.



She was married for over forty years to her husband, Peter. She said when she imagined it, she always thought they'd die together, holding hands.


She and Peter have three children: Julian, Morgan, and Kara. Kara was estranged from their family, but rejoined their lives after Peter's death.


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