Georgia King-Freedman is the eldest daughter of Charlotte King and Cooper Freedman.



When Charlotte went into labor at 26 weeks, they attempted to stop her labor, but one of the babies was already presenting, so they were forced to deliver. After she was born, labor stopped and the remaining membranes were intact, so they sewed up her cervix to keep the others in while the newborn was rushed to the NICU.

Infant StrugglesEdit

She was born with ectopic cordis, which required immediate surgery. Sam said he'd operate that day and then in a year, when she'd grown more, she'd need a skin graft. Her heart was twisted under the graft, but Sam was able to untwist it and her surgery was successful.

After her surgery, Cooper stole holy water from the hospital chapel and poured it over her incubator after telling her to fight. ("Life Support")

When she was two weeks old, she started breathing on her own, so they took her off the ventilator and allowed Cooper to hold her skin to skin, which helped her oxygenation. Later, Cooper worried about her falling pulse ox and rising heart rate. Over the objections of Danielle, he ordered tests for her. The tests showed RSV pneumonia, which meant she had to go back on the ventilator. When she continued to decline, Sam decided to try ECMO, but Addison said it was risky. They decided it was the best chance she had, so they did it despite the risks. She started to improve on ECMO, though she had to stay on the ventilator, before eventually being able to come off that again as well. When Charlotte went into labor, she visited the baby for the first time on her way to labor and delivery and named her Georgia. ("Georgia on My Mind")

When her sisters were gone, Georgia was proclaimed well enough to leave the NICU to visit. ("Full Release")


After they went home, Cooper decided to stay home to raise the triplets. However, after doing so for a while, he decided that they needed to hire a nanny. ("In Which We Say Goodbye")



Georgia is one of a set of triplets, along with Rachel and Caroline. They live with their parents and older brother, Mason Warner.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was born at 26 weeks.[1]
  • Addison stated that she was presenting as a footling breech.[2]
  • She has a different birthday than her sisters.
  • Charlotte chose her name.[3]





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