Geraldine Ginsberg is a famed attending neurosurgeon at Harvard Medical School who specializes in reviving coma patients.


At the request of Eddie Lindy, Dr. Geraldine Ginsberg visited St. Ambrose Hospital to assess Eddie's wife, Kayla. With the hopes of reviving her, Dr. Ginsberg had her team, including Dr. Amelia Shepherd, run diagnostic tests to verify if Kayla was a viable candidate.

After she reviewed the results with her team, she, unfortunately, informed Eddie that surgical intervention would not help Kayla's condition. This assessment was not shared by Dr. Shepherd, who suggested an experimental procedure to revive Kayla, and openly defied Dr. Ginsberg in front of Eddie.

Dr. Ginsberg was adamant that the procedure would not garner the results that both Eddie and Dr. Shepherd wanted, and due to the latter's insubordination, she fired Dr. Shepherd from her team prior to her departure.


Dr. Geraldine Ginsberg is an extremely accomplished neurosurgeon working at Harvard Medical School. She employs gifted neurosurgeons as teaching fellows who comprise her team.

During her career, she was able to revive a patient after being in a coma for 17 years and has garnered a world-class reputation.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • During the diagnostic process, Dr. Ginsberg prefers family members to wait outside.
  • Dr. Amelia Shepherd refers to her as a "beast, but brilliant".


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