There's a saying we hear a lot around hospitals that goes like this: "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." But I doubt the person who coined it ever went through major surgery. Or maybe they didn't mean physical pain. Maybe they meant the other kind, the worse kind. Maybe they meant the kind of searing, seething, boiling pain that tells you you're a failure and a fraud. Suffering is optional. That person didn't know what the fuck they were talking about. As surgeons, we try to eliminate pain. As humans, we try like hell to avoid it. When we can't avoid pain, we try to understand it with petty little quotes that we can wrap our heads around, like "suffering is optional", or "time heals all wounds". And my personal favorite, "Every pain has a purpose." God, I hope that one's true.

Get Off on the Pain is the second episode of the fourteenth season and the 295th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Meredith struggles to come up with a new plan for Owen's sister. Jo makes a surprising choice regarding Alex. Andrew's sister's controversial research leads to a shocking discovery.

Full Summary[edit | edit source]

With Teddy, Owen, Nathan, and her mother by her side in the ICU, Megan lets it sink in that the surgery didn't work.

Meredith, meanwhile, is working out her anger in the attending's lounge with Richard and Maggie listening from outside. Maggie wants to go in, but Richard tells her not to. Meredith's just like Ellis, and he learned the hard way that it's best to give her time to work things out on her own. Maggie doesn't listen and opens the door. Standing in the mess she made, Meredith tells them she broke all the mugs and walks out.

Andrew and Carina are arguing in Italian until Arizona interrupts. Carina tells her that Andrew's her brother. After some more arguing, Andrew tells them to have fun. He leaves to go back to the hospital to sleep. Arizona is surprised to find out that Andrew's Italian. She and Carina then pick up where they left off.

Jo sneaks out of the sub-i's bed and accidentally steps on his glasses as she leaves the room.

Owen's sitting with Teddy and confesses that he's happy that Megan can't go back to Iraq just yet.

At home, Ben finds Bailey staring at her shoes. She hates that she has to squeeze her feet into those. Because of society, she can't wear her comfortable surgical clogs.

Alex finds Maggie and Meredith sitting on the latter's bed. Meredith's picking at the wall while Maggie assures her that Megan's wound will close. Also, she points out that Megan now has a functioning bowel. Meredith is mad at medicine and at herself for being too confident. She tells Alex that he did a terrible job patching up the wall. He tells her to stop picking or they'll have replace it. She then gets an idea.

Meredith is with Bailey and Richard, but they're waiting for someone else. Once Teddy comes in, Meredith reveals her plan. She wants to perform an abdominal wall transplant. The surgery has been done three times before, simultaneously with a small bowel transplant. It will be easier for Meredith because the bowel part is already done. She needed Bailey and Richard for approval and Teddy as Megan's advocate. She assures Teddy she can separate out the personal and the professional. If they do this, she wants Teddy to scrub in. If they are going to pull this off, she needs everybody on board.

Jackson catches up with a hasty April. He brings up what she said to Maggie, but she quickly asks him to take Harriet to daycare. She hands him their daughter and rushes off. Jackson understands she's trying to avoid him. As he walks off, Jo joins Ben, who's standing in line for coffee. She did a stupid thing and as her new Stephanie, she needs him to tell her how to fix it. He asks what she did. The sub-i then comes up and gives her back her ID, which his mother found at the house. He hopes he'll see her later. He walks off as Jo admits to Ben she had sex with the guy. Alex has overheard her and just walks away laughing. Ben is doing his best not to laugh as he wonders what Stephanie would do.

Meredith's presenting her plan to Megan while Teddy points out that if this works, it could change the lives of the many soldiers with similar injuries. Megan will have full motor and sensory function, and the recovery time is only a few weeks. Owen and Evelyn don't like it and Nathan is worried. Megan says she's scared, too. She's addicted to jokes and silver linings because they kept her alive, but she was a hostage. And now without this surgery, she's a hostage again to this bed and this wound. Meredith has an escape plan. Meredith offers to let anyone else operate, but Megan is fine with her doing it.

Outside the room, Meredith asks Richard if his sub-is can help her found a donor. He agrees but warns her about them. He believes Meredith can pull this off. Meredith walks off as Maggie catches up with Richard. She thinks Meredith's impressive. Richard says it reminds him of Ellis. Richard walks off and Jackson runs into Maggie. After an awkward greeting, he walks off, too.

Meredith and Richard are presenting their demands to the sub-is. The complexion is important since it needs to fit Megan's body as good as possible. There are no pending donors with UNOS and Megan's a hero who has saved hundreds of soldiers, so Meredith is okay with the sub-is poaching and feeling predatory. Whoever finds a donor gets to scrub in. Richard has to remind them that is a good thing before Meredith tells them to go.

Outside Bailey's office, Arizona is watching Bailey talk to Carina. She summons DeLuca and asks why they are meeting. Andrew says his sister asked him to introduce her to Bailey. Arizona asks what his sister does for a living. He says she's an OB/GYN.

Carina tells Bailey that there are lots of studies about the male brain, but very few about the female brain in its relation the body regarding this particular subject. She wants to study the female brain before, during, and after orgasms. The female brain might not fit in with the conclusions drawn from studies with the male brain. Her study is funded since the industry is finally believing there is money to be made off a female equivalent of viagra. Carina is particularly interested in the way sexual stimulation can be used in pain control for women. Nobody will fund a study for that, so she's hoping to hit two birds with one stone by doing her proposed study. She understands Bailey's hesitation, but she had to try when she heard her brother was working for a female Chief of Surgery. Just to be clear, Bailey asks if she's actually asking to have women masturbate in her MRI machine. Carina affirms. Bailey looks at her heels and says done.

Amelia takes Beau to a room while his father asks for pain meds. Amelia says they're all maxed out. David doesn't know what to do now. Amelia recalls Beau plays baseball and tells him to pretend the pressure is on for a big game. She assures him he's got this. As David enters the room, Amelia notices Jackson watching her.

Amelia and Jackson are arguing over the surgery in Bailey's office. She reminds him she's Chief of Neurosurgery, but he points out that the tumor's invasion of the jaw is what makes this surgery difficult. Bailey tells Jackson that Amelia can do the surgery if she feels like she can do it. Bailey takes off her heels and takes her clogs out of her drawer as Meredith comes in. She asks Jackson to scrub in with her. He's intrigued and says yes, telling Amelia that this surgery is not reckless endangerment like hers.

Nathan, Teddy, and Owen are making calls to find out if there's any way they can get Farouk to the US, but to no avail. Owen thinks it's best if Megan stayed in bed to let her wound heal, but Nathan says she won't. She wants to go back to her kid as soon as possible. Teddy is in favor of the surgery.

Meanwhile, Meredith's sub-is all fail to find a fitting donor.

Bailey, Amelia, and Maggie cautiously approach Carina. Maggie introduces herself. Carina knows she dated her brother and compliments her looks. The women are amazed by the brain activity shown on the screen. Carina says she's always looking for volunteers, but they all decline.

Alex tells Meredith that Jo boned the sub-i with the glasses. Meredith asks if she did so because Alex told her about looking up her husband. Alex says he didn't. Meredith thinks Jo sleeping with that guy definitely had something to do with Alex as Jo is so hot she could find a hotter guy if she wanted to. When she slept with George, it had everything to do with Derek.

Ben asks Jo why she did what she did. Jo says because he was there and he wasn't Alex. Jo then says she chooses really bad guys, violent guys. She has chosen guys who have hurt her physically. Ben tells Jo that that has nothing to do with her, and he doesn't think Alex is like that. Jo says she didn't either but then she saw him beat up Andrew. Ben says she has her own history of volatility, but she says that was self-defense. The sub-i with glasses comes in and asks Jo if she has a minute.

She follows him to the ER, where he tells her that he has found a pale, female brain dead patient. He thinks she's a perfect match. Jo asks what the problem is. He doubted it was appropriate to approach the family now that their grief is so fresh, but he really wants to scrub in on the surgery. Upon hearing that, she asks him to page Grey.

As April's getting gowned, Nathan is talking to her about how he wants to go back in time and fix things. Meredith is offering to fix Megan but he's afraid to lose her again. April says Megan just needs to know that he's all in with her, because anything in between is torture.

Jo is talking to Meredith and Jackson about the donor, whose family has given consent. Meredith tells her she gets to scrub in if this works out. Jo thanks her and goes to the patient, while Meredith tells the disappointed sub-i to get her a coffee.

The sub-i tells Jo that he was the one who found the donor. Jo says they'd never let him into the OR again after what happened in her OR, and this could be a game-changer for her. The sub-i thinks Jo owes him an apology, but Alex interrupts and says she doesn't. He's a zero and he's only here because Jo covered his screw-up. The sub-i understands and runs off. Jo thanks him. Alex then starts laughing again, leaving an embarrassed Jo.

Owen enters Megan's room with cinnamon cake, which Megan asked him to get. Megan needed him to go so she, Teddy, and Evelyn could get on the same page. They want to talk to him about his sham of marriage.

David is supporting his son, who's throwing up. Andrew is in the room.

Andrew finds Amelia preparing for the surgery and asks her if she's sure about this surgery. She says nothing is ever sure. Andrew feels like she's adding pain to Beau's pain for a surgery that might not work. Amelia says that unlike the tumor, Beau's pain is not benign. If they don't do this, he'll become addicted to pain meds and become a shell of the kid he once was. She won't send that family home without hope if there's a chance she can help.

Ben tells Jo that he's been thinking about what she said. He understands she has a history with bad guys, but he really doesn't think Karev is that kind of guy. Bailey has overheard him and cuts in, telling him he doesn't get to tell Jo how she should feel after witnessing what she did. He doesn't know what it's like to see men assert their authority by throwing lethal punches. Ben says she's right and leaves. Bailey tells Jo she doesn't have to listen to anyone since she knows her own mind. But Karev is a puppy dog who could only hurt a fly if he thought the fly was hurting her.

Owen explains to Teddy, Megan, and his mother that Amelia just wants to give them space. Megan points out that that is all she's giving him. Evelyn thinks he looked happy at the wedding, even though Amelia was awfully late. Owen asks Teddy to back him up and say that marriage is not as easy as Megan wants it to be, but Teddy's with her. Owen reminds her of her marriage to Henry, which Megan deems noble. Evelyn says that she sees Amelia walking the halls of the hospital, but she's not here. His family has gathered and she's not here. Owen says he doesn't need her here. Megan says that's the problem. Owen says he's heard it, but Megan has another thing to say. If she dies, she wants him to take care of Farouk. Owen says that makes storming out really hard. Megan says that was the whole design. As they're all laughing, Nathan comes in and asks for some time alone with Megan.

Arizona visits Carina, who asks her to close the door. Carina is reviewing scans. Arizona is amazed at how colorful they are. As they get closer to each other, Carina shows Arizona where the tension is building. She then whispers into Arizona's ear as she shows how the scans build up to the climax. She kisses Arizona's neck as she shows her release. The female brain is a magical place.

Nathan shows Megan a ring box. She tells him he better not get on the floor. He kneels and says she better let him get through this since he messed up the first time. She laughs. He says he's loved her since the day he met her, and he doesn't know how he got through these 10 years without her. Mid-proposal, Meredith comes in with the news that they have found a donor. She then sees what she's interrupting and apologizes. Megan tells her not to apologize as she needs the flesh to be fresh. She's ready for it, and so is Meredith.

Owen joins Amelia and tells her that Megan's gone into surgery. He asks to talk. He admits he's afraid something's wrong. He thinks she needs something besides her AA meetings, maybe therapy. He's not a shrink, but he suspects she might still be having PTSD over Derek's death. He knows the amazing person that she is, but no one in his life sees that. When he looks at her through their eyes, he thinks something's wrong and he wants to help her. She wonders if she should get therapy because his sister doesn't like her, or medication because his friend, who's clearly in love with him, doesn't like her. Or maybe because his mother, who's with a man half her age, doesn't like her. She passes and says she needs to focus on the surgery. Also, if he wants Teddy as much as she wants him, he can have her. She doesn't mind.

Teddy and Jackson enter the OR once they're done scrubbing. Alone with Meredith, Jo confesses that the sub-i found the donor. Meredith says it's fine to be a shark and then enters the OR as well.

Meredith, Teddy, and Jo start the surgery.

Amelia and Andrew start operating as well.

Owen holds his mother's hand in the waiting room while David is pacing.

The donor abdominal wall is brought in and Jackson joins the team.

Up in the gallery, Richard points at Meredith and tells Maggie that that is what her biological mother was like. Maggie asks if he and Meredith ever sit in the gallery and talk about how much Maggie is like Ellis, because she's a hotshot, too. Richard says that when he's impressed by Maggie, he doesn't immediately credit Ellis because he likes to take some credit himself. But maybe he shouldn't, because that competitive rant was pure Ellis.

Also in the gallery, Ben tells Alex that he's Jo's new Stephanie. Women keep secrets regardless how much unnecessary drama it may cause, but he can't. So, he just tells Alex that Jo is afraid of him. She's afraid he could hurt her the way he hurt DeLuca.

Amelia and Andrew are in awe of how much damage the tumor has caused. The pain must have been unbearable. She removes the tumor and asks DeLuca to do her a favor.

Bailey is amazed by the result of Meredith's surgery. The donor organ is a perfect fit. Nathan is relieved and everyone applauds. Andrew enters the OR and tells Jackson that Amelia needs him in OR 2 for Beau's jaw.

Jackson enters the OR and yells at Amelia for taking him out of a surgery because she started something that she doesn't know how to finish. She recalls he wouldn't take the jaw apart, so she did that herself. Now she needs him to put it back together. She was never good with Legos. She shows him a piece she doesn't know how to fit.

Megan's smiling in her bed. Teddy, Nathan, her mother, and Owen are by her side. Teddy shows her the result. They are all amazed. Megan asks Teddy, Owen, and her mother to give her and Nathan a minute.

Beau wakes up after surgery and happily tells his dad that he's not in pain anymore. The doctors leave the room. Amelia and Andrew are happy, but Jackson says it was stupid. Amelia got lucky. She's lucky that he is as good as he is and that he didn't report what she did to the medical board, because this is the kind of thing that gets licenses revoked. He tells Amelia her luck is going to run out, but Amelia and Andrew can't help but smile.

Jackson comes home and April tells him she just got Harriet down. He wants to talk about what she said to Maggie, but she wonders why since he never talks about anything important. They never talked about what happened in Montana. He never realized they needed to. April says he's very good at compartmentalizing, but she's not. Their having sex sometimes may be easy for him, but it caused her pain. She thought she was fine with it, but then she spent weeks wondering what it was. And if it was nothing, it was just casual sex, which she's not really comfortable with. The way they are doing this is causing her pain, so she thinks it's time for her to move out.

Teddy and Owen are sitting on a bench in the park. Teddy is still amazed by the surgery. She asks if he's talked to Amelia. He says it didn't go well. She didn't stay home for months. She doesn't touch him. He thinks she doesn't want to be married to him. He wants to say what she said about the two of them, but he leans in and just kisses Teddy instead. She kisses him back, but eventually gets up and reminds him he's married. He's her favorite human on this planet and if they are meant to be more in this lifetime, it can't start with him cheating on his wife. She knows him and what the guilt and shame would do to him. She suggests they stay each other's favorite person for now. He apologizes, but she assures him they are okay.

Amelia finds Carina and asks if she's still looking for volunteers, because she's in the mood to celebrate. Carina opens her box of toys. Amelia chooses the hot pink one.

Bailey is getting rid of her uncomfortable shoes. Ben is against her throwing away one particular pair. She says they are the most uncomfortable. He says they only are if she's standing up while wearing them. He shows her other ways the shoes could be faced and has her sit down on the bed.

Andrew finds Carina and asks if she really doesn't find it inappropriate to have women masturbate in the hospital where he works. She says no. As she goes to give a speech in Italian, Andrew notices something on the scan that just came up. He asks if this is a friend of his.

Alex finds Jo in the resident's lounge. He tells her he found her husband. He knows she didn't give him permission and that it's wrong, but he swears he could never hurt her. His dad was like her ex, and he's not like that. He does wrong and stupid things, but he'd never hurt her. Jo asks if he saw Paul. He says he did. She realizes he didn't kill him. Alex says he thought about it, but he came home instead. She then goes to lock the door. She kisses him and they get down on the couch.

On her way out, Meredith finds Nathan sitting on a bench. She asks about Megan. Nathan says she's perfect and tells Meredith she was incredible. Meredith asks why he's sitting here, then. Nathan says Megan doesn't want to be with him because she thinks he is still in love with Meredith. Meredith walks off, ignoring Nathan asking to talk.

Amelia comes out of the MRI. She looks at the screen and sees a beautiful tumor. She asks whose brain that is. Andrew and Carina look at her, and she realizes it's hers.

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Medical Notes[edit | edit source]

Megan Hunt[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Open abdomen
  • Treatment:
    • Abdominal wall transplant

Megan had a temporary abdominal closure because there was not enough tissue to close her. Meredith had the idea to give her an abdominal wall transplant. They searched and found a suitable donor. The transplant was successful.

O'Shaughnessy[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Brain death
  • Treatment:
    • Organ harvest

Levi found a potential donor for Megan. He showed her to Jo, who took the credit for finding her.

Beau Martinez[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Osteoblastoma
  • Treatment:
    • Tumor resection

Beau went into surgery to remove his tumor. After Amelia had taken his jaw apart and removed his tumor, she had to call in Jackson to put his jaw back together. Jackson was able to do so and after Beau's surgery, he was not in pain.

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Performer Scene
"Now I See" Claire Guerreso
  • Richard tells Meredith she can do it.
  • Maggie and Richard talk about Meredith being like Ellis.
  • Maggie and Jackson have an awkward conversation.
  • Meredith presents the case to the sub-interns and tells them whoever finds the donor gets to scrub in.
"My Rules" Jadagrace
  • Meredith checks out and rejects multiple options the sub-interns have suggested.
  • Bailey, Maggie, and Amelia watch Carina do her research.
"Ready" Hael
  • Jo scrubs in.
  • Meredith starts the transplant on Megan.
  • Amelia starts her surgery on Beau.
  • Owen and his mother wait together in the waiting room.
  • Jackson helps Meredith place the graft.
  • Richard tells Maggie that Meredith is like Ellis. He likes to take credit when it's Maggie being a rock star.
  • Ben tells Alex what he talked to Jo about.
  • Amelia hits a wall in surgery.
  • Megan's graft fits perfectly.
  • Andrew comes into the OR to get Jackson.
"Look After You" Aron Wright
  • Megan wakes up from her surgery. Evelyn, Owen, Teddy, and Nathan are there.
  • They show her her new abdomen.
  • Beau wakes from his surgery not in pain anymore.
"Mad Behavior" Izzy Bizu
  • Alex tells Jo he found her husband. He knows it was wrong and he apologizes.
  • He tells her he would never hurt her and she knows that because he didn't kill Paul.
  • She locks the door and starts kissing him.
  • Meredith finds Nathan outside the hospital and asks about Megan.
  • Nathan says she's great, but doesn't want to be with him because she thinks he's still in love with Meredith.
  • Meredith walks away.
  • Amelia sees the MRI and says that's a beautiful tumor. She asks whose brain it is.
"Now I See" - Claire Guerreso
"My Rules" - Jadagrace
"Ready" - Hael
"Look After You" - Aron Wright
"Mad Behaviour" - Izzy Bizu

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 "Love Triangle" Promo (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song Get Off on the Pain, originally sung by Gary Allan.
  • This episode scored 8.07 million viewers.
  • This is the second part of a two-part premiere.
  • The table read for this episode took place on July 21, 2017, together with the one for Break Down the House.
  • Before Megan's surgery, Jo admits that the sub-i with glasses is the one who found the donor and apologizes. Meredith says: "If you want to be a shark, be a shark.", which is exactly what Cristina told Meredith in the pilot episode when Derek chose her instead of Cristina to operate with him.
  • The year 1952 is often used when the characters are referring to old customs. Amelia uses 1952 in her defensive response when Teddy suggests she needs to spend more time with Owen. Alex also used this particular year in Life During Wartime when Izzie was asking him to, "go steady with him," and he replied, "I would say that if we were in 1952."

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Bailey: I don't want to stuff my feet into these shoes. You know, when Webber became Chief, he did not have to toddle around on sticks all day. When Hunt became Chief, he did not have to squeeze five toes into a space built for two. But I become Chief and I can't wear my perfectly comfortable surgical clogs anymore. And you know why?
Ben: Society?
Bailey: Society.

Nathan: They just got you back. They're scared.
Megan: Yeah, well, so am I! You know what else I am? In pain. I make a lot of jokes, and I'm addicted to silver linings because jokes and silver linings kept me alive. But I was a hostage. And now, without this, I'm a hostage again. To this bed. To this wound. And she has a plan to set me free.

Bailey: Look, let me just get this right. You want me to let you have women masturbate in my MRI machine so that you can study their brains while they orgasm?
Carina: Yes.
Bailey: In the interest of science?
Carina: Yes.
Bailey: Done.

Alex: Jo boned a sub-i.
Meredith: What?
Alex: Yeah, more specifically, the sub-i whose glasses...
Meredith: No!
Alex: Yes.
Meredith: She did that because you told her about looking up her husband?
Alex: No. I didn't tell her about that.
Meredith: Oh, well, she did it because you're avoiding her because you're too wimpy to tell her you looked up her husband.
Alex: Maybe she just did it. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with me.
Meredith: Oh, please! Jo is so hot. She could sleep with anyone she wants. She chose Glasses? It has everything to do with you. When I slept with George, it had everything to do with Derek.
Alex: I still can't believe you did that.
Meredith: Okay, we are way too old to be having this conversation.

Jo: I choose really bad guys. Violent guys. In the past, I have chosen guys who have hurt me.
Ben: What? Like, physically?
Jo: Yeah.
Ben: If a guy hurts you physically, that has nothing to do with you or who you choose. That's not your fault. And I just don't think Karev is...
Jo: I saw him beat Andrew to a pulp. I didn't think he had that in him, either, and then I watched it.
Ben: Well, you have your own history of volatility.
Jo: It's self-defense. It's different.

Nathan: I want to turn back time. I just want to get everything right. I want her to not be captured. I just want to fix everything. And Meredith says she can. Meredith says she can fix her. And all I am is terrified that I'm gonna lose her again.
April: She doesn't need you to turn back time, Nathan. She just needs you to be with her. She needs to know that you're all in with her. Cause anything less than that, anything in between, is torture.

Ben: Here's my heartfelt advice. I hear what you're saying, but I think Karev thought DeLuca was hurting you. And I get that you have some kind of history with bad guys, but I just don't think you should feel like Karev is that kind of guy.
Bailey: Uh. No. Oh, no. You do not get to tell a woman how she should feel after she witnesses something like what she witnessed between Karev and DeLuca. You don't know what it's like to be female watching men assert their authority by throwing lethal punches. You don't get an opinion on this.
Ben: You know, you're right.
Bailey: You don't have to listen to anyone on this because you are a powerful woman and you know your own mind.
Jo: Thank you, Chief.
Bailey: But Karev is a puppy dog. And he wouldn't hurt a fly, unless he thought that fly was hurting you.

Evelyn: She's not here, Owen. She's in this hospital. I see her walking the halls. But she's not here. Your family is gathered. Is she family or not?
Owen: I don't need her here.
Megan: And you don't see a problem with that? Why is your wife not the person you turn to for comfort?

Owen: Amelia, can we talk? I just need a minute. Amelia, I'm afraid that something's wrong. I mean, I know you go to your AA meetings and they seem to help, but I think you need something else. Maybe therapy. Maybe medication. I think you still have PTSD from your brother's death. I don't know. I don't know because I'm not a shrink. But I know the amazing person you are, and no one in my life sees that. The people who love me don't see that. So when I look at you through their eyes, I think something's wrong and I want to help.
Amelia: Your sister doesn't like me so I need therapy? Your friend who is clearly in love with you does not like me, so I need medication? Your mom, who's with a man half her age, doesn't like me, so I need help? Well, thank you for the offer. But I am about to go perform a medical miracle, so I kind of need to focus.
Owen: Amelia, I...
Amelia: Oh, and if you want Teddy as much as she wants you, you can have her. Really. It's no skin off my back.

Meredith: If you want to be a shark, be a shark. Don't apologize for it .

Richard: You came here to find out what your biological mother was like? There it is. Right there.
Maggie: Do you and Meredith sit in galleries and watch me while I operate and talk about how much I'm like Ellis? Cause I'm kind of a hotshot myself, if you haven't noticed. Top of my class at Yale. Youngest-ever head of cardio.
Richard: When I'm impressed with you, I don't immediately credit Ellis. I guess I like to take a little of that credit for myself. But maybe I shouldn't. Cause after that competitive rant you just had? Pure Ellis.

Jackson: So, we gonna talk about what you said to Maggie or what?
April: Why? Why would we do that? We never talk about anything that matters.
Jackson: April, come on. What is this?
April: Montana. We never talked about what happened in Montana.
Jackson: Would you like to? I didn't realize we needed to.
April: Look, Jackson, I get that you're really good at compartmentalizing. You know, like, I'm your friend, I'm your person, I'm Harriet's mom, and sometimes we have sex and that's totally okay with you. I get it. It's just that you are a lot better at it than I am. Montana actually caused me pain. Yeah, I thought I was... I thought I was good. I thought it was fine. But then I spent weeks wondering what it was. And if it was nothing, then it's just, like, casual sex. Which, to me, is... It causes me pain, the way that we're doing this. And I don't... I think I probably have to move out.

Teddy: Owen. You're married. And you are conflicted. And you are my favorite human on the planet. And if we are meant to be more in this lifetime, it can't start with you cheating on your wife.
Owen: She doesn't care.
Teddy: But I care! And you care! And I know you, Owen. I know your guilt. I know your shame. And I know what it'll do to you, so let me stay your favorite person for now and you stay mine, okay?
Owen: Okay. I'm so sorry.
Teddy: No, no, no. We are okay.

Alex: You know, I found your husband.
Jo: What?
Alex: I hired a guy. I found his name. I looked him up. And then I went and found him.
Jo: Oh, my God, Alex.
Alex: Look. You didn't ask me to do that, and you you didn't give me permission to do that, and it was wrong, and I'm sorry. And, Jo, I swear to God, I could never, ever hurt you. My dad, he he was like your ex. I'm not like that, all right? I'm not like my dad. I mean, I do things that are wrong. I do things that are stupid. But I swear to you, I would never hurt you.
Jo: You saw Paul?
Alex: Yeah.
Jo: And you didn't kill him?
Alex: No. I mean, I thought about it. But I came home instead.

Meredith: How's everything with Megan?
Nathan: Yeah, she's perfect. Thank you. You were incredible.
Meredith: So what are you doing out here?
Nathan: Well, she doesn't want to be with me. She thinks I'm still in love with you.

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