Gilda Ruiz is the mother of Matthew Ruiz, who died in a plane crash.


Gilda and her husband, Miguel, came to the hospital after a plane their son, Matthew, was on crashed. The hospital was the designated crisis center. Once Matthew's body had been identified, Miranda Bailey told his parents he was dead. She then became upset because her cell phone battery died and they needed to call someone. Lexie offered her use of one of their phones. After her husband made the call, they were going to leave, but after hearing that the family of the lone survivor hadn't arrived, they decided to stay. Them staying prompted several other families to stay. Lexie gave them periodic updates until her mother arrived. When Mrs. Gordon arrived, they offered her coffee and sat with her until her daughter was out of surgery. Gilda also lied and said that her son would be fine when Mrs. Gordon asked about him. After she left, Gilda began to cry.



She is married to Miguel Ruiz.


Her son, Matthew, died in a plane crash.

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