Gladys Pulcher is a woman with lung cancer who donated the money to Alex for the African orphans to come to Seattle.


Gladys was in the hospital after having surgery. She had lung cancer and was supposed to have surgery to remove it, but because the cancer had spread, they were forced to close without removing anything. After her surgery, they tried to get her to stop smoking, but she refused. She developed a post-op infection, which she blamed on them. She wanted to be discharged to get home. Owen said that she could leave if her white count was high enough, but the tests showed that it was not.

Five weeks later, she was still in the hospital and in much worse condition. She had bed sores and had to be turned every two hours. Alex, knowing that she was wealthy, appealed to her to endow some of her money to him in order to get his African orphan project off the ground. She refused and banished him from her room. He later came back with pictures of some of the children and she sent him away again. When Lexie was turning her, she asked for Alex because he turned her the least painfully. He refused to come in until she pledged the money, which she did. However, shortly after that, she coded and died.

Seven weeks later, Alex received a check from her estate for $200,000, twice what she said she'd give.



She had a husband who died.


While she was in the hospital, she was very spiteful toward Alex, though she asked of him when it was time for her to be turned in her bed.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She had no family and no visitors in the hospital.
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