Griffin Lewis is the husband of Laura Lewis.


Laura's Back SurgeryEdit

Callie supervised Jackson putting in pedicle screws to stabilize Griffin's wife, Laura's, back to correct her scoliosis.

Laura's DischargeEdit

As she was being discharged, Callie expressed that she'd rather have Laura stay another night, but Laura insisted that she wanted to go home to be with her son, Drew. However, as she was being wheeled out of the hospital, she collapsed and had to be taken back into a trauma room.

Heart SurgeryEdit

Laura was then taken into surgery, where Teddy found a large tear in her left ventricle. After April's glove was torn on something, Teddy found a screw in her chest that had come loose after her spinal fusion. ("Dark Was the Night")

While she was still in surgery, Laura's mom called Griffin to get more information about what was going on, though he wasn't sure himself. She had several complications in surgery, but her heart was ultimately able to be repaired.

After her surgery was completed, Callie apologized to Griffin. He was angry at her over the situation. ("Suddenly")



He is married to Laura Lewis. Together, they have a son, Drew.


Griffin and Laura's son, Drew, is a very active child. When Laura had to be taken back into surgery, Griffin kept Drew out in the waiting room.




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