Hannah Brody is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Rachel BishopEdit

The day after Rachel Bishop had brain surgery, Amelia Shepherd decided she wanted to try early ambulation, getting her up and moving early, with her. Hannah assisted Stephanie Edwards and later Jo Wilson in getting Rachel up and moving.

Communication TrainingEdit

Seeing that the interns weren't well-trained in delivering bad news to patient families, Owen Hunt insisted that they all be trained. He taught them the four Ls (Location, language, body language, and leave) and informed them that they'd be telling the families of the people who died in the ER that day. ("Old Time Rock and Roll")

Sofia's HospitalizationEdit

When Sofia ended up in the ER, Hannah gave the chart to Penny, knowing she was seeing one of Sofia's mothers. ("When It Hurts So Bad")

Code PinkEdit

When a Code Pink was called in the hospital, Hannah was trapped in the NICU with Arizona Robbins. Arizona checked to verify that all the babies were in their beds, saying that when someone's stealing babies, you count all the babies.

She later gossiped with Isaac as they watched Ben through the window, sharing stories of what each of them had heard happened to get Ben in trouble. ("There's a Fine, Fine Line")

Building CollapseEdit

When a building collapsed in Seattle, Hannah worked on back-to-back surgeries with Meredith. She also later held Meredith's phone while she left a message for Alex. ("You Haven't Done Nothin'")

Kidney TransplantEdit

When Cynthia Daniels' kidney died while the other was being donated to her son, Hannah helped call around to other hospitals to look for other donor kidneys to use. ("Back Where You Belong")


When Jenna was in the hospital to have fetal surgery, Hannah was on her case. She also scrubbed in when Arizona and Maggie operated. ("What's Inside")

Veronica KaysEdit

Hannah was on the case with Alex when he checked on Veronica Kays. ("Don't Stop Me Now")

Mary ParkmanEdit

When Mary Parkman was diagnosed with intestinal ringworm, Hannah watched the de-worming surgery. ("Don't Stop Me Now")

Hospital LockdownEdit

When Stephanie saw several security guards run past her in the hallway, she stopped Hannah to ask her what was happening. Hannah told her a patient had been raped and the rapist was on the loose. ("True Colors")

Walter CarrEdit

Hannah was on Dr. Carr's case. When she was sent to draw blood for labs, Meredith said she'd do it and sent Hannah away. ("Go Big or Go Home")

Operating with MeredithEdit

Meredith was operating with Hannah's help and Meredith talked her through the procedure step by step. ("Gut Feeling")

Meredith's Article and Alicia ChenEdit

When an article came out that condemned the healthcare industry, stemming from a list of possible article topics Meredith floated to a publisher, the residents discussed it in the locker room while getting ready for their days. Taryn liked the article and said Meredith was a badass for writing it, but Blake warned them that while he had Hopkins and Koracick on his resumé, they might have difficulty finding other jobs.

Later that day, she worked on Alicia Chen, who was hit by a man who fell from a plane. ("It's Raining Men")


Dr. Hannah Brody is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



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