Hannah Klein is the child given up for adoption by Izzie Stevens. Izzie encountered Hannah's parents at Seattle Grace Hospital and found out that she had leukemia. Izzie then donated bone marrow to Hannah to save her life.




A picture of her when she was six.

Izzie Stevens had a child at the age of 16, and being unable to care for her daughter, she placed her for adoption. ("Break on Through")


Years later, Hannah's parents came to the hospital looking specifically for Izzie, as Hannah had leukemia. Initially reluctant to do anything for Hannah as she would only be, at best, a half match for Hannah, she eventually decided to go through with a bone marrow donation.

Izzie asked to see Hannah after the procedure and her parents agreed to ask her, but they came back and said that she was tired. Izzie did, however, get a glimpse of her in her hospital bed through the windows during the transfusion.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Her parents named her Hannah, but Izzie privately named her Sarah.
  • Hannah loves pigs; she has earrings, stuffed animals, and many other pig accessories. Izzie speculates that it is because her mother used to read Charlotte's Web to her.