The Harper Avery Foundation office in Boston, MA

The Harper Avery Foundation, founded by its namesake Harper Avery, was a massive institution based in Boston, Massachusetts that controled over 480 million dollars in charitable funds for the advancement of medicine.

Run by its chairman, Catherine Avery, the foundation, along with its board, supported medical institutions that perform and provide information about abortions, stem-cell research, etc. The Foundation also recognized top surgeons bringing innovative, next-level approaches in their respective fields by awarding the coveted Harper Avery Award.


Grey Sloan Memorial HospitalEdit

In 2013, the Foundation became the majority shareholder of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital when the hospital underwent a financial crisis. Along with Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, Cristina Yang, Callie Torres, Arizona Robbins, and Richard Webber, the Foundation became owners and subsequently paved the way for creation of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Several years later, Jackson contacted Dr. Rebecca Froy to find out why she didn't want to share research data with Amelia. Rebecca only stated that she had signed an NDA and hung up. Believing it was just a spat over research, Jackson contacted the legal team and had them waive the NDA, unsuspecting of the damage it would do. This opened a floodgate of at least 37 women reporting sexual harassment by Harper Avery. The press found out before it could be handled and a massive media storm damaged the Foundation's reputation. Catherine initially wanted to take the fall rather than fight the women, but Jackson and Meredith came up with the idea to dissolve the Harper Avery Foundation and found the Catherine Fox Foundation, which would take over running the Harper Avery hospitals as well as dedicate itself to retrain and rehire the women whose careers were damaged by Harper's actions.

Board MembersEdit

One of the by-laws of the Harper Avery Foundation was that Avery children become legacy board members. Traditionally, at 15, Avery children gained access to board meetings and learn Foundation business. At 18, Avery children officially became board members with voting rights. They, along with the rest of the board, can sway the Foundation's funds toward any agenda to advance medicine.

Notable MembersEdit

Harper Avery AwardEdit

While the Foundation is the institution that gathers prospective Harper Avery Award nominees and hosts the banquet where the nominees are awarded, the Foundation has a separate impartial committee that votes and elects the winner.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • While it was not explicitly stated in dialogue, Jackson was implied to be a voting board member.
  • They ran 77 hospitals nation-wide, including one in Montana and one in Chicago, and 43 clinics.
  • They also had a world-wide health initiative.
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