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When you've tried everything, but that headache won't go away, you can't stop coughing, the swelling won't go down... That's when you turn to a professional. As surgeons, we spend years developing skills of perception that allow us to see exactly what the problem is. Trouble is, sometimes all that time spent developing those skills of perception can leave a person with an extremely narrow point of view. And how are you supposed to argue with someone who has science on their side? Actually, finding out that you've been looking at things all wrong can be sort of liberating. And suddenly you see new potential, new possibilities where you'd never seen them before. And that's all fine when a hopeless situation suddenly looks good. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes the other way.

Have You Seen Me Lately? is the fifteenth episode of the eighth season and the 163rd overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

In a final attempt to save Erica's life, Amelia arrives at Seattle Grace to beg Derek for help with the gliosarcoma case. Cristina and Owen engage in heated arguments during marriage counseling. Alex realizes that in order to be a good doctor, he'll need to improve his people skills and Meredith is given a chance to shine when a man enters the ER after getting his hand stuck in meat grinder. Meanwhile, the residents continue to study for their upcoming oral boards.

Full Summary[]

Owen and Cristina are at a therapist's office. He says they fight, she says they don't. He screams and then goes silent. He says they don't communicate and that there's no intimacy. She says there is intimacy. He admits this, but he meant they weren't on the same page. She claims that’s because she doesn't do what he wants her to. He brings up the abortion. They then tell the therapist about their PTSD experiences, but Cristina says they're fine now. He doesn't think so, but agrees to show it's always what she wants. They're fine. Except for the fact that she aborted the child that he wanted, he says. Except for the part where he held her hand while she exercised her legal right to choose and then four months later screamed "You killed our baby!" in front of all their friends, she says. They then stay silent.

Amelia tells Derek he hasn't even looked at the scans. He tells her to let it go, as it's unresectable. She says she came all the way from L.A., so he could at least spend more than 30 seconds to look at the scans. He's looking right at it. It's a gliosarcoma that's invaded the carotid artery. Try and remove it, and the patient will stroke out. "Stop being a jackass!" Amelia says, making Lexie smile. Derek asks her to excuse them, but Amelia tells her to stay because she needs backup. Derek says Amelia just got out of rehab. He knows she wants to get back on her feet, but she can't help this woman. Amelia then plays her last card. She shows him a picture of Mason, whose mother has the gliosarcoma. Mason's father works with her and he's a great guy. He's a good dad, so he'll have to tell Mason that his mom is dead, that she died because they didn't do anything. Derek tells her to tell Cooper that she tried. She needs to let go. He leaves for his surgery.

As April is updating the OR board, Jackson reads a case from the cards he made to practice for his boards. April gives him the right answer. Meredith can't believe they're studying for the oral boards in the middle of the day. April says it helps to have a study buddy, so she should find one. Meredith has one, but she's too busy saving her marriage. Alex says a study lackey is even better and summons one of his interns. April can't believe he's making his interns come up with study questions. April offers Meredith to join her and Jackson, but Meredith claims she doesn't need help as she's an excellent surgeon. She doesn't need to prove herself to anyone. "Except to the American Board of Surgery," April says. Meredith walks off, with Richard watching her.

Callie is scrubbing out. Richard is standing behind her. He says Meredith's name. Callie says no. She spent all this time in neuro and suddenly she's chasing general, she's unfocused. Richard says she's underestimating Meredith, adding she'll surprise Callie. "She'll have to," Callie says. Callie then says Meredith will have to come to her. Richard disappears.

While examining a boy's abdomen, Alex is answering his intern's question. Chuck thinks it's about him, but Alex says it's not. Arizona comes in and greets them all. Alex presents Chuck's case. It's a good time for a gastroscopy. Arizona says Dr. Peterson, the intern, is lucky to do her first gastroscopy with Alex. Alex tells "Megan" that they'll go and schedule the surgery. The intern says her name is Morgan, but he says it's same difference.

Bailey is yelling at Mark and Jackson about someone who's been her patient for eight years and whose life she saved with numerous difficult procedures. It's a miracle, so she was shocked to see that her miracle was on the OR board for a lymph node transfer without her knowing about it. Mark says the patient came to them because Bailey herself shot down the patient's request months ago. Bailey says she did so because her extensive scarring make her a poor candidate. Jackson found a way to make it possible, but Bailey still objects, saying it could make things worse or kill her even. Mark says that's not going to happen. Indeed, Bailey says, because he won't be operating after she speaks to her patient. She leaves angrily. Jackson asked if he was paged 911 to get yelled at. No, Mark paged him 911 to help convince Bailey they are doing the right thing. But he failed. Now they'll have to hope the patient is more persuasive than Jackson is.

Meredith finds Callie, sent by Dr. Webber. Callie says she'll talk and Meredith has to listen. She knows Meredith is here because Richard suggested she had a special study method, and Richard is correct. Callie, however, is not planning on giving her study method away, it has to be earned and frankly, she doesn't think Meredith Grey has what it takes. Meredith says she does have what it takes as they have arrived in the ER, where nurses and doctors have gathered around a patient. Callie says Meredith better be right, because today is gonna be a grind. She and Meredith make their way through the crowd. The patient has entire arm stuck in a meat grinder. Paramedic Nicole calls her on her grind joke, but Callie knows she was thinking it too.

Meredith has just given Dominic some drugs for the pain while Callie is examining the fingers, or what's left of them. Meredith asks if it's an amputation. "I don't know, is it?" Callie asks Meredith. Meredith thinks so, yes. Dominic is objecting, but suddenly loses consciousness. Dominic's brothers panic, but Callie says those are just the drugs working fast, just like the doctors have to. Mike asks if they'll have to amputate, but Callie doesn't reply because this is a teaching hospital and she's doing a thing. She tells Meredith that if she wants her help for the boards, she is going to decide the course of treatment, every action, on this case. Meredith says she already said she wants to amputate. Callie gets ready to move Dominic to an OR then, but Meredith asks her to wait as she notices there's a viable finger. That's good. Meredith wants to take off the grinder and see what's left. Callie reminds her time is factor here. Meredith explains to the brothers that it is because the longer they wait, the longer the blood flow is compromised. Meredith decides to call fire and rescue for tools. Dominic's brother objects that they can't damage the grinder, as they spent a few grand on it. The brothers say they can dismantle the grinder themselves in about 45 minutes, so Meredith agrees. They ask for tools, stat, so Meredith has to go and get them.

Lexie was paged by Amelia, who has found a complicated way that might be able to save Erica's life. However, she has to do it entirely within 90 seconds, or Erica will stroke out. She doesn't know if that's possible, but Lexie suggests they put up a simulator. However, they need Derek's approval for that and Amelia knows how he loves to say no to her. Lexie suggests she go and ask him, only to realize that was Amelia's plan all along. "Aren't I good?" Amelia asks, which Lexie confirms.

Cristina insists she has always been clear about not wanting kids. He claims he didn't know that from the beginning. She asks if she has to tell a stranger she doesn't want kids when there's an icicle in her. He was talking about after the icicle. Cristina says she made it clear from the moment it was relevant to the relationship. Owen say most people say something like that before the wedding. Cristina reminds him he proposed and they married like 12 hours later, so she had other things on her mind then. They go back to silence.

Bailey is talking to her patient, who has a severely swollen arm. She can't lift her arms anymore due to the lymphedema. Bailey tries to talk her out of the procedure, saying they must keep in mind that all that matters is that the cancer's gone. The patient says she felt awful sneaking into the hospital to get her surgery. Bailey saved her life, and she knows she is a hero to her for that. But she wants a normal life where she can do things that involve lifting her arms. The patient's daughter is expecting. She was only in college when she was first diagnosed. Bailey promised Carrie back then she'd get her to her daughter's graduation. Carrie says that if Bailey really thinks it's a mistake, she won't do it.

Dominic's brothers are taking the grinder apart. Callie tells Meredith she needs to have an alternate plan in case they don't succeed, but Meredith trusts them. A monitor starts beeping. Meredith explains that the more they loosen the grinder, the more Dominic's gonna bleed. Meredith urges them to work faster. Callie is trying to psych her. Meredith knows they have to go to the OR now, but Callie says his hand is still trapped. Meredith says a pneumatic tourniquet on his arm above the grinder will buy them a few minutes. Meredith now says she only has 15 minutes left before she has to amputate.

Lexie is talking to an operating Derek. Derek says Amelia is too emotionally wrapped up in this case, but Lexie says this tells her she's so passionate to try harder. Derek says all the passion in the world won't make the plan work within 90 seconds, but if they want to see that for themselves, they can set up a simulator. Lexie says he'll be the one seeing a thing and thanks him.

Alex is doing the gastroscopy. Morgan says she thought Dr. Robbins said she would be doing it, but Alex says she can't do it and simultaneously read the study cards. She gives him another case, but clearly isn't feeling well. He still gets her name wrong. She then starts naming symptoms other than the ones on the card, including a pregnancy of 24 weeks. He says how he would treat this case, and she says he should probably do that. She then drops to the floor.

Alex asks Morgan when she was planning on telling him she's pregnant. She says everyone in this hospital knows she is, but then they also know her name. The OB says the heart rate is looking good, so it are definitely not contractions. Alex asks Morgan to tell him her symptoms. He reads her EKG and asks a nurse to page cardio, because she's having a heart attack. 

Cristina insists there is no deeper reason as to why she doesn't want children. She just doesn't want kids. He thinks people do not just don't want kids, but she says not wanting kids is a thing. And it's her thing. He says she'll change her mind about having a baby in 3 or 5 years, but then it'll be too late. He thinks she'll regret it then, but she says she'll then know and understand that she made a choice. She chooses medicine and herself over the remote possibility that she might one day regret not having a child. And she thinks it's all right not to ever want kids. He wants to know why.

Bailey tells Mark and Jackson how she treated Carrie in 2004. Mark gets Carrie's body is a battlefield and thinks Bailey talked her out of it, but Bailey didn't. However, before operating, she wants them to read every page of Carrie's very big file twice. Jackson says they're supposed to operate in half an hour. Bailey says they better start reading then and tells Jackson she's watching him. He takes the file.

Callie and Meredith decide it's time to pull out Dominic's arm. They do so, making his two brothers faint. Only two fingers are still attached to the hand. Meredith asks Callie if they can still salvage the other intact fingers, but Callie claims not to know and asks Meredith.

In the skills lab, Amelia is practicing. She has managed to complete the procedure, but only within 97 seconds. She grabs the chronometer from Lexie's hands and throws it against the wall, destroying it. Amelia apologizes, but she's frustrated because she's been at 97 seconds for 8 tries now. Lexie suggests a ninth time. Amelia says Derek was probably right: she's gonna let Erica down. He should know, as she's let him down enough times. Lexie suggests they take break and asks if she wants to go have some food. Amelia wants something, but it's not food. Lexie tells her about the guy who got his hand stuck in the meat grinder. Amelia wouldn't mind seeing that.

Teddy rushes into Morgan's room and says her condition has most likely something to do with her pregnancy. They need to get her upstairs right now. Arizona rushes in too. They need to repair the dissection immediately, Teddy says. Morgan thought her baby was fine, but she knows it isn't as Arizona is there. 

On their way to the OR, Teddy explains that the baby has to be delivered now due to the cardiothoracic surgery. Arizona says that 24 weeks is premature, but she has a very good chance. Morgan says she's doctor, so she knows it's not a very good chance. However, Arizona says her own baby was born at 23 weeks and she'll be on the case. Morgan wants someone to call her boyfriend. Arizona stops Alex at the OR door and tells him to do it. He wanted to scrub in, but she reminds him she's his intern and that her name is Morgan, not Megan.

Meredith is disgusted in the OR while trying to salvage the finger, because it smells like pork. Alex is in the gallery with his study cards, thinking that Meredith will vomit. Jackson is there too, almost having finished reading Carrie's file. He tells Jackson what happened to Morgan as Lexie and Amelia sit down with them. Lexie is surprised to hear Morgan needs surgery. Alex asks how she knows about Morgan, but Jackson says everyone knows about the pregnant intern. Jackson gets paged for his surgery and leaves. Lexie asks why Alex is here when his intern needs surgery. He replies he is because his attending gave him the job to call her boyfriend, and he already left him like 6 message. Lexie knows Morgan's boyfriend is a fourth year at Cleveland Clinic. Alex is surprised she knows so much about him. Alex tells them Callie and Meredith are making it hard for themselves trying to salvage the arm. Lexie then says it would also make it harder for Amelia to go in through the carotid, but there would be better control, Amelia realizes. They rush off. Alex is left hoping that Meredith will puke. 

Jackson and Mark are operating with Bailey present, watching their every move. She can't help but to give them instructions. Mark first objects, saying he gives his resident the instructions, but decides to follow them anyway to keep her content.

Derek is giving post-op instructions to BokHee. As he's done, Lexie tells him he should at least listen to his sister, but he tells her she should stop encouraging her. Lexie says this is what he's been teaching her: not giving up until they've tried everything. Derek confesses he's acting like this because he can't know if Amelia will be able to handle it if she loses the patient, because he won't be around. Lexie then tells him he's the one being too emotionally involved. If this tumor had come from any other doctor, he at least would've looked at it, but now he's more worried about his sister's outcome than her patient's. He can't say that she's wrong.

Cristina and Owen are staring at each other. She tells him he needs to focus, as she notices his mind is completely elsewhere. He asks if she now knows his every thought and intention. Back to silence. She says that they used to look at each other and she'd feel like they would be okay. There's a reason they're together and married. She gets emotional and asks him to look at her. He does so, but she turns her head away after only seconds. She tells the therapist Owen has to stop carrying a grudge. He has to see her for who she is and rip up his list of her crimes. He suggests she stop thinking that she's the sun and that he revolves around her and that maybe being a cardio god isn't everything. Maybe what he needs is worthy of some consideration. And we're back to the abortion, she says. They are, making her shake her head.

Bailey asks Sloan why he thinks it's a good idea to continue dissecting a certain area when he knows the patient's had previous surgeries right there. Respectfully, he says it's not important that she knows every detail of every step he does, but she disagrees completely. She starts to question his moves, but Jackson steps in and says that given the information he read in the file, he doesn't think there's any problem at all. Bailey gives him a hostile look as suddenly there's a major bleeding. "Respectfully, doctors, I told you so!" Bailey says angrily.

Meredith has managed to salvage one finger, but the thumb is not salvageable at all. Callie then decides the man is better off with a prosthetic, as the thumb is responsible for 40% of the hand's work. Meredith brings up she read something about surgeons using a man's big toe to replace his thumb. She proposes they do that, but Callie says the big toe is important for walking. Meredith still thinks it's a good fix, but Callie disagrees. The big toe is not the fix, which is why they'll use the second toe. It'll provide the same benefits, but reduce potential disability. However, they won't do anything without the patient's consent.

Derek enters the skills lab and asks Amelia to tell him what she's doing. She says she's going in through the carotid. He immediately shoots down the plan, saying even he can't do it within 90 seconds. She sarcastically says the Great God of Neurosurgery has spoken, but he says he's only trying to help her. However, he asks her not to go through with it, as she's too fragile. She says she's not fragile. She's a drug addict. She's fallen off the wagon twice and she's gotten back on. That doesn't make her fragile, that makes her very freaking strong. She's standing in a building full of pills, a fact she's painfully aware of, but here she is doing this. That is not fragile. He then asks her to show him what she's trying to do. He doesn't think there's a way, but he can't stop her, so he'll be with her.

Meredith is explaining her plan to Dominic. Richard is watching her from outside the room. Callie joins him and tells him it's still too soon to tell. Richard tells her to cut the crap, as putting a man's toe on his hand was Meredith's idea. "Maybe we are," Callie says, but then Dominic's brother starts yelling about the plan. "Maybe we're not," she concludes. Inside the room, Mike calms Tommy down. Dominic asks if he'll get his hand back if he says yes. Otherwise he'll get a prosthetic. He then gives his consent. Meredith does a thumbs up to Richard and Callie. Richard is glad to see that he was right. Callie asks if pulling strings behind the scenes like some puppet master is how he'll be spending his time now. He admits he's really good at it. 

While Alex is looking for Morgan's baby in the NICU, another one of his interns is asking him questions from Morgan's cards. Suddenly, Alex realizes something and rushes off.

In Mark's OR, Bailey is still watching their every move. Her comments and stares bring Jackson out of his focus, but he comes up with a good repair. Mark gives him one piece of advice: if there's anything distracting him from helping his patient, he needs to leave it outside. Jackson watches how Bailey moves the anesthesiologist for a better view while Mark tells him this is his patient now. Bailey demands to know what is going on, but Jackson tells her she needs to leave the OR, because his patient developed a subclavian bleeding because they misjudged the adhesions, but he's now going to do an arterioplasty, and he'll need his full focus for that. She's compromising his ability to care for his patient. He repeats he wants her to get out now. Bailey asks Sloan if he'll let his resident speak to an attending that way, but Sloan says Jackson made it clear. She needs to leave, or he'll have her removed. Forced and watched by all the nurses, she leaves.

Alex is rushing to an OR, but finds it empty. A nurse, carrying supplies for the mother, says it doesn't look good for her. He escorts her to another OR, where Teddy is operating. He rushes to another OR, where he finds Arizona operating on the baby. They barely made it to the NICU before he suffered an intestinal perf. She tells him to scrub in. However, he gets a call, so he asks for a minute. It's Morgan's boyfriend. He says he needs to come over because both his girlfriend and his baby are in surgery and critical. He then goes to scrub in.

Cristina yells at Owen that she and Meredith do not do everything together. They're best friends, what does he expect? He yells she has a baby, but Cristina says that doesn't mean she has to. Owen asks why not, as they do everything else together. It's like they're a team. Cristina says that's because Meredith is her person. Owen says that he should be her person. "Be my person! Be my person, Owen, be my freaking person!" she yells. "Be my person," he calmly asks.

Meredith is telling Callie how she's taking off the toe. Callie says she's impressive. Meredith says she is. Callie says there's always been a hype around Meredith Grey, as Ellis Grey's child. Meredith reminds her Callie doesn't need to help her if she doesn't want to, but that's not what Callie's saying. She's saying Meredith is tougher and smarter than she thought. Callie says they never been friends, but now they both have a baby, they're both married, and they're actually quite alike. Callie is saying she'll help her. Meredith says they can be friends. Every morning, five days week, Meredith has to be in her office at 4 AM and they'll work. If she shows up late or doesn't show up at all, she will kick Meredith's ass. They'll work and Meredith will pass that test, hard.

Derek and Amelia are working together. Lexie comes in and tells Derek that Mr. Pryce is awake and responsive and that all of his post-ops are done. She asks what they're doing. Amelia says they found that they needed two surgeons. They almost got it to 90 seconds. Derek doesn't think it'll work, but he wants to go down trying. Derek tells Lexie she can go now, but she sees Mason's picture on her way out. She turns around and says she wants to go down trying too. He then tells her to pick up the stopwatch.

Arizona tells Morgan's baby that he has a long way ahead of him, but they'll do everything to help him and his mother. Arizona asks Alex how Morgan is doing, but he hasn't checked. He says he made a pregnant girl run all over the hospital with him and quiz him, until she almost died and he didn't even check on her. Apparently, he was the only one in the entire hospital who didn't know about her pregnancy because he's too busy with his own business to even learn his interns' names. He says it doesn't matter if he passes his boards or not, because he doesn't deserve that fellowship. Arizona says she likes him so much because he reminds her of herself. Peds surgeons are vicious and the most hardcore surgeons in the entire hospital. As a resident, she was a full-on horror show, but that's what it takes to save tiny humans like this one. He has to do her one favor: learn his interns' freaking names.

Bailey finds Mark to talk about Avery. He was right. Carrie is gonna be able to use her arms, so she questions why she said no in the first place. He says she did the groundbreaking work on the patient's behalf as a resident. Now as an attending, she's more careful and conservative. She asks if that what success will buy you. He says that you get more conservative because you realize now that risks have actual consequences. That's why they keep residents around, to keep themselves fresh. She asks if he's saying she's not young anymore. He's only saying she's arrived. If she pulls that crap in his OR ever again, he'll report her to the board.

Alex is reading his cards next to Morgan's bed. She wakes up. He tells her Altman did a kick-ass repair on her, so she's fine. She asks about her baby. He's stable, and a boy. She is surprised to know the baby's a boy. Alex explains his medical status. Robbins is observing him right now and he's doing great. When Robbins leaves, he'll watch her son himself. He asks if it's okay for him to wait around with her until Chris arrives. She says he's hanging out here because it's quiet for his studying. He denies this, but she says he should, as she would do the same. She dozes off and he returns to reading his cards. However, he soon ditches the cards and watches after her.

Callie and Meredith are finishing up on the hand.

Derek and Amelia once again finish another round of practice. They did it right, and Lexie happily tells them they did it in 86 seconds. Derek tells Amelia to call her patient and get her up here. Meanwhile, Meredith's voice over talks about how good it feels when a new perspective makes you realize that a hopeless situation can suddenly look good.

Cristina and Owen are sitting on the therapist's couch, as far away from each other as possible. While Meredith's voice over says that instead of a hopeless situation suddenly looking, it can also go the other way, the therapist closes his file, saying he's afraid their time is up.


Main Cast[]

Special Guest Star[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Doctors:
    • Unnamed therapist
  • Treatment:
    • Couples Therapy

Owen and Cristina went to couples therapy.

Erica Warner[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Gliosarcoma
  • Treatment:

Amelia came to Seattle to convince Derek to operate on Erica with her. She knew they'd have to complete the procedure within 90 seconds or she'd stroke out. She couldn't do it on her own, but when she and Derek worked together, they were able to do it in a simulation.

Morgan Peterson[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Coronary artery dissection
    • Myocardial infarction
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Morgan collapsed while quizzing Alex during a procedure. The OB said that her baby was fine, but she was having a heart attack due to a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. In order to fix her heart, they had to deliver her baby at 24 weeks. The surgery was rough, but she woke up after surgery.

Morgan's Baby[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Intestinal perforation
    • Patent ductus arteriosus
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Indomethacin

Morgan's baby was delivered at 24 weeks. He barely got into the NICU when he had an intestinal perforation, so he was taken into surgery.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Abdominal pain
  • Treatment:
    • Gastroscopy

Chuck's abdominal pain had decreased to the point where Alex thought it was time for his gastroscopy. Arizona told Morgan that she was in luck, because Alex would be a great supervisor for her first. However, instead of letting Morgan do it herself, Alex did it and had her continue to quiz him for his boards.

Carrie Reisler[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Cancer
    • Lymphedema
  • Treatment:
    • Mastectomy
    • Oophorectomy
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiation
    • Lymph node transfer
    • Arterioplasty

Carrie had been Bailey's patient for eight years. She came to Mark for a lymph node transfer to treat her lymphedema. Bailey was initially against the procedure, but she came around after talking to Carrie. Mark and Jackson operated. When Bailey distracted Jackson during the surgery, Mark encouraged him to ask her to leave, which he did.

Dominic Zicaro[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hand injuries
    • Amputated fingers
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Dominic had his hand stuck in a meat grinder. Meredith initially suspected that they'd have to amputate, but when Meredith saw that his fingers were viable, she decided that they could try to save the hand by removing it from the meat grinder. His brothers attempted to take apart the machine rather than letting fire and rescue cut through it. They used a tourniquet above the machine to give them more time. They were able to free his hand, but Callie saw that his thumb wasn't viable, meaning amputation would give him a better quality of life. However, Meredith suggested that they use his big toe to replace his thumb. Caliie suggested the second toe, as the first toe is important for balance. They got his consent to do the surgery.

Mr. Hamilton[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Laminectomy

Derek was seen doing a laminectomy on Mr. Hamilton.


Song Performer Scene
"Origins" Tennis
  • Amelia asks Derek and Lexie to help her patient.  Derek thinks it's inoperable, but she insists.
  • Jackson and April practice for their boards, using the advantages of a study buddy. Alex has an intern as a study lackey. Meredith claims she doesn't need help.
"Different Shades of White" Tika
  • Callie and Meredith operate on Dominic's hand. 
  • Alex, Jackson, Amelia, and Lexie sit down in the gallery.  They talk about Morgan.
  • Lexie comes up with a possible solution for Erica's case. She and Amelia leave to test it.
  • Jackson and Mark operate with Bailey watching their every move.
"Change the Sheets" Kathleen Edwards
  • Alex rushes out of the NICU.
  • Bailey is distracting Jackson until he and Mark force her to leave the OR.
  • Alex and a nurse rush to Morgan's OR. 
  • Alex goes to the baby's OR as Morgan's boyfriend calls him. Alex tells him to come to the hospital right now.
"Boxer + Clover" The Donnies The Amys
  • Arizona restores Alex's confidence, although she tells him to learn his interns' names.
  • Bailey admits to Mark that Jackson was right. He understands she said no because attendings get more conservative than residents, who keep them young.
  • Alex sits with Morgan as she wakes up post-op. They talk about her son.
  • Callie and Meredith finish working on Dominic's hand.
  • Derek and Amelia finish up the procedure in less than 90 seconds. He tells Amelia to call her patient.
  • Owen and Cristina are silent at the therapist's office.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode's title originated from the song Have You Seen Me Lately?, originally sung by Carly Simon.
  • This episode scored 8.31 million viewers.
  • This episode is the first part of a Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Crossover that continues with the Private Practice episode You Break My Heart.
  • Amelia shows a photo of Mason Warner, making him the only character of Private Practice who makes a picture-only appearance on Grey's Anatomy.


Episode Stills[]

Behind the Scenes[]


Cristina: We're fine.
Owen: Except for the part where you aborted the child that I wanted.
Cristina: Except for the part where you held my hand while I exercised my right to choose and then four months later you screamed I killed your baby in front of all our friends.

Meredith: I don't need help. I'm an excellent surgeon. You know it and I know it. Everybody knows it. I don't have to prove myself to anyone.
April: Except to the American Board of Surgery.
Meredith: Yeah, there's them.

Lexie: We should set up a simulator.
Amelia: Don't we need to get Derek's approval?
Lexie: Yeah, but that shouldn't be a big problem.
Amelia: He loves to say no to me. That is his favorite thing to do.
Lexie: Maybe you should refrain from calling him a jackass.
Amelia: I can't help it, cause he is one.
Lexie: Maybe I should ask him?
Amelia: Would you?
Lexie: Yeah.
Amelia: He's in surgery, OR 2.
Lexie: You just called me down here so that I would go to Derek for you. Made me feel like it was my idea.
Amelia: Aren't I good?

Cristina: I have always been clear.
Owen: You have not always been clear. She loves to say that.
Cristina: Always been clear! I do not want kids, he knew that.
Owen: I did not know that.
Cristina: You knew that!
Owen: I did not know that in the beginning.
Cristina: What? I have an icicle in me and I'm supposed to tell a stranger "Hey, I don't wanna have kids."?

Owen: You're gonna change your mind in three years, or five. You're gonna change your mind about having a baby and then it's gonna be too late you and you're gonna regret it.
Cristina: And I will know and understand that I made a choice. I choose medicine. I choose me. I choose that over the remote possibility that I might one day regret not having a child. And by the way, it's all right to never want kids. Some people don't ever want kids!

Amelia: Derek's probably right. I'm just...I'm gonna let her down. He should know, I've let him down enough times.
Lexie: Let's take a break. Let's go, uh... You wanna get something to eat?
Amelia: I want something. It's not food.

Derek: Amy, I'm sorry, but you can't stop and reestablish blood flow in 90 seconds. I mean, I can't do it in 90 seconds.
Amelia: Oh well, the Great God of Neurosurgery has spoken.
Derek: Look, now I'm... I'm trying to help you, but please, don't put yourself through this. You're too fragile.
Amelia: I am not fragile. I'm a drug addict. I've fallen off the wagon twice and I've gotten back on. That doesn't make you fragile, Derek, that makes you very freaking strong. I am standing in a building full of pills right now, a fact that I'm painfully aware of, but I am doing this. That is not fragile.

Richard: Cut the crap, Torres. You two are gonna put a toe on a man's hand. That was her idea.
Callie: Maybe we are.
Tommy: His toe? Are you serious?!
Callie: Maybe we're not.

Owen: She has a baby!
Cristina: Oh my god! That doesn't mean I have to!
Owen: I don't see why not, you do everything else together. It's like you're a team.
Cristina: Because she's my person!
Owen: I should be your person!
Cristina: Be my person! Be my person, Owen, be my freakin' person!

Alex: I ran a pregnant chick all over the hospital today. Made her quiz me on my stupid boards til she damn near died, and I haven't even checked to see how she's doing. Apparently I'm the only person in this hospital who didn't know she was pregnant. Because I'm too busy worrying about my own stupid damn self to even make an effort to learn my interns' freaking names. Doesn't matter if I pass those boards or not. I don't deserve that fellowship.
Arizona: You know why I like you so much?
Alex: I honestly have no idea.
Arizona: You remind me of me. Peds surgeons, we're... we're vicious. We're the most hardcore surgeons in the hospital. When I was a resident, I was.. I was a full-on horror show. But that's what it takes to learn how to save tiny humans like this one.
Alex: Yeah...
Arizona: Yeah! But do me a favor. Learn your interns' freaking names.

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