Heidi Peterson is the sister of Heather Peterson, who came into Pacific Northwest General Hospital after falling into a construction site.


Heidi and her sister, Haylee, came to the hospital when they learned their other sister, Heather, had fallen into a construction site. They were upset to learn that there was no evidence of brain activity after a skull fracture. Heidi prepared to say goodbye to Heather, but Haylee didn't want to give up and sought out alternative treatments for her, hoping it would work. Heidi and Haylee disagreed about what Heather would want, but ultimately decided to turn off the life support machines. They stayed with her while Richard turned off the machines and comforted her. After she was gone, her phone rang, a call from one of her friends. Heidi answered it and was shocked to hear that it was actually Heather herself. She wasn't the one who had fallen into the construction site. Instead, it was a woman who had stolen her purse. Relieved, Heidi and Heather took Richard's advice and went to go make things right with Heather and get close again.



She and her sisters had drifted apart as adults, particularly following the death of their mother from cancer. When they learned their sister wasn't actually dead after believing she was, Richard advised them to accept the blessing and take the opportunity to get to know each other again.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She says Heather always stuck up for her when they were little and once gave her a jacket to wear when she got her period at school.
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