Helen Rubenstein is a highly traditional mother and raised her daughter Cristina in the Jewish faith.


Cristina's HospitalizationEdit

When Cristina was hospitalized after her ectopic pregnancy and resulting surgery, Helen came to Seattle to be with her. She annoyed Cristina by her presence, so Cristina quickly started demanding that her mother leave. ("Deny, Deny, Deny")

Cristina and Burke's WeddingEdit

Helen came to Seattle to help plan her daughter's wedding. She quickly bonded with Burke's mom, Jane Burke, as they planned the wedding together. Under pressure from them, Cristina went dress shopping and chose bridesmaids. ("The Other Side of This Life, Part 1")

On the day of her daughter's wedding, she commented that she had supposed her daughter to be too emotionally stunted for marriage, but was happy to be apparently proven wrong. ("Didn't We Almost Have It All?")

Cristina's Drunk CallEdit

She once received a drunk call from her daughter, who couldn't remember what valances were called and wanted to find out. ("You've Got to Hide Your Love Away")



Helen first married and had a child named Cristina, but she later remarried to Dr. Saul Rubenstein, an oral surgeon, when Cristina was three. Cristina's father died later in a car accident when Cristina was nine.


Helen is disappointed that her daughter is not more like herself. She constantly harasses her daughter to put more time into finding a husband and settling down.



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