Henry Flynn is a patient who came into the hospital after being internally decapitated in a car accident.


Henry was an unrestrained driver in a car accident. He was brought to the hospital presumed dead and just needed to be pronounced. Cristina Yang pronounced him dead, but then was startled when he took a breath. They rushed him into the ER, where an x-ray revealed that he was internally decapitated. His spine had disconnected from the base of his skull and his head was only being held on by muscle and flesh. He used a blinking system to answer yes or no questions because he couldn't speak or move his head. Derek told him he needed surgery to re-attach his skull to his spine.

They took him into surgery, where he moved his legs a little. They held his body in place because any movement could kill him.

His surgery was successful and his family was allowed to come in and see him afterward.



He is married to Clara Flynn.


He and his wife have two children.

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