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Henry Montgomery is the son of Addison Forbes Montgomery and Jake Reilly.


Birth and Adoption[]

Henry was born to his biological mother Judi, who was a patient of Addison's and thought that she would be a perfect mother for her son. He was delivered by Addison herself only to be adopted by her just several hours later. ("It Was Inevitable")

Judi Visiting[]

When Henry was eight months old, Judi expressed desire to see Henry for the first time. She talked to Addison about him and visited. She visited him first at Addison's home and then the next day at the park. Addison was uncomfortable by the visits, but after talking to Vivian Carlsmith about her own experience giving up a child for adoption, she went to Judi and said Judi would always be welcome in Henry's home. ("Apron Strings")

Final Adoption[]

Addison went to court and finalized Henry's adoption, despite a snafu when Mildred Clemons expressed concern about Jake's violent past. ("Full Release")



When he was still very young, Addison wondered about his life and how much of the person he'd become was already written into his DNA. Despite this, she told her therapist that she believed nurture trumped nature because Henry looked at her with love and knew she was his mom and no gene told him to do that. ("True Colors")

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Sam Bennett often takes care of him.
  • His godmother is Amelia Shepherd, who was there when Henry was born.
  • Addison fed him donated breast milk from the milk bank.[1]
  • When he was eight months old, he liked Tigger, mashed carrots, and all things orange.[2]
  • He's into drawing, spilling, and smearing and completely destroyed Addison's white walls and carpets.[3]
  • During her visit to Grey Sloan to perform a uterine transplant, Addison mentions that he is 8 years old.[4]
  • He is a gamer and a fan of Game of Thrones.[5]



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