Hillary Boyd is a kid who jumped off the roof while 'shrooming.


Hillary ate mushrooms in order to get high and jumped off her roof because she thought she could fly. She broke 52 bones in the fall and was rushed to the hospital where she had a very complex surgery. Callie Torres said that if she faired well enough that day, she'd go back in and repair her subtrochanteric fracture next.

They took her into surgery, but she developed an air embolus, which Cristina Yang resolved.

After her surgery, she called her drug dealer and asked for more drugs to be brought to the hospital. However, Cristina took her phone and told her that she almost died because of the drugs. She said that the way she was behaving meant she was an idiot. She'd gotten lucky, but she needed to grow up.



When they found out that she'd been on mushroom, her parents were upset, but she told them she's every parent's dream.


She has a friend who deals drugs to her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 15 at the time of her hospitalization.
  • She'd never broken a bone before jumping off the roof.
  • She's on honor roll, runs the student council, writes for the school newspaper, and tutors kids with reading problems.
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