When a code black was called, the bomb squad was called to the hospital

Hospital codes are codes used in hospitals to alert staff to various emergencies. The use of codes is intended to convey essential information quickly and with minimal misunderstanding to staff, while preventing stress and panic among the visitors to the hospital.

The meaning of a specific color code can vary from one hospital to another hospital. At this page, the meanings of the codes at Seattle Grace Hospital (and the hospitals later established in the building) and St. Ambrose Hospital are listed.

Different CodesEdit

Code BlackEdit

Code black means that there is a bomb inside the hospital.


Code BlueEdit

Code blue indicates that a patient requires resuscitation or is otherwise in need of immediate medical attention, most often as the result of a respiratory or cardiac arrest.


  • SuperstitionNikki Ratlin , a 30 year old female came to the hospital after she claimed lightning struck her. We later find out she was in the tree when lightning struck it. She had a severe spleen laceration, but her superstitions led her to refuse surgery. Meredith Grey was just about to convince her to go into surgery when her spleen started bleeding out, and despite efforts to save her, she dies.

Code PinkEdit

Code pink is called when a child or infant has gone missing. After this code is called, all entrances and exits of the hospital are locked or guarded until the entire hospital has been searched.


  • The Girl with No Name: Bailey ordered a nurse to call code pink when her son was missing from daycare, though the code was called off when Tuck reappeared. It turned out a nurse took him away briefly to take care of his nosebleed.

Code RedEdit

Code Red is called when there is a fire in the hospital.


Code YellowEdit

Code Yellow is called when there is a large disaster, and many people are injured and coming to the hospital.


Code OrangeEdit

Code Orange is a code relating to a staff member being in danger.


Code VioletEdit

Code Violet is called when someone is being violent towards the hospital staff.


  • Give a Little Bit: Called when Andrew had a confrontation with Opal over his perception that she was a human trafficker.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • While personnel should know the codes by heart, the interns weren't aware of the meaning of code black. 
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