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The hospital merger is a merger that took place between Seattle Grace Hospital and Mercy West Medical Center which formed Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Due to the difficult economic climate, Richard Webber consulted with the board and planned a merger with Mercy West Medical Center. He announced the merger to the hospital's staff, telling them to do their best work in order to increase their chances of surviving the merger. ("Goodbye")

Scared they'd lose their jobs, the interns started working around the clock. The first round of emails went out, letting those who had been fired know. ("I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me")

Callie, who had been working at Mercy West after finishing her residency, was re-hired by Seattle Grace just as it prepared to merge into one building. ("Tainted Obligation")

After the Mercy West ER officially closed, the staff began working at the newly formed Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Due to the blue scrubs being on backorder, they still wore the orange scrubs from Mercy West. On the first day, Izzie made a mistake with a patient that nearly killed her and cost her a life-saving kidney transplant, resulting in her being fired from the hospital for good. ("Invasion")

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