House Where Nobody Lives is the fourth episode of the third season and the 31st overall episode of Station 19.

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Ben and Jack mollify a group of homeless foster and biological siblings so they can help save a life, triggering memories from Jack's past. Meanwhile, Maya pushes the team too hard and struggles to bring them together and Pruitt threatens to take drastic action when refused a request.

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June 2002

Lila walks into young Jack's bedroom. She can't sleep. Neither can he. It's 47 days till his adoption hearing so he can become legally part of the family. She helps him sign "sister." Their younger brother comes in and climbs into bed with them.


Jack thinks back to the day as he stares at the ceiling of the hotel room, where he has just hooked up with Eva again. She's on her way out. He invites her to stay another hour but she's not up for snuggling. She has a husband for that. It's going to be a rough morning after all the whiskey they drank. She leaves.

Maya is making a smoothie for Andy, who grabs something from the fridge and leaves without saying a word.

Dean is already late for work when the bell rings. He's surprised to see JJ. She is very pregnant. It's his.

At the station, Jack asks the others where Maya is. She's up in the conference room with Sullivan and Dixon. They mock the three from the barn. Rigo thinks it's weird that Maya was chosen given her short time as Lieutenant. The others agree it's better than an outside hire. They love Maya, though they're not sure they love Captain Maya.

Jack checks if Andy's okay. She has been better. He tells her they all thought she would get the job. She did, too. Maya calls for all of them to line up.

The firefighters line up as she nervously slides down the fire pole. She tells her crew that success isn't something you chase after. It's something you cultivate. Every moment in their lives should be considered training. She understands it's a big chance and there will be big changes, but she's asking for their trust. She knows how this team functions and how to strengthen it. Dixon is also invested in developing systems to better serve their community, so starting today, they will be patrolling high-risk areas in the aid car. Jack and Ben are on patrol today. The rest will join her for a mandatory group workout. Dixon encourages her from the catwalk. Travis then notices Dean is absent.

Dean is shocked. JJ explains that after their last hook-up, she decided she was done with empty sex. She went on a spiritual journey that included celibacy. She then found out she was pregnant and Dean was the only person she had been with that month. She tried calling him over and over but she couldn't. She felt it was more her experience until she felt the baby move. It's a person and they should get to know their dad. Dean can't move so he asks her to grab his phone so he can call the station.

Jack and Ben are patrolling the area while discussing Maya. Jack predicts trouble since Maya only has her own back. Ben thinks he's bitter over their break-up. Jack then spots a young girl with blood on her shirt and makes Ben pull over. Jack tries to approach her and offer help but she runs off, slipping through a gate.

The group goes through an intense work-out with Maya leading them on.

The crew recovers afterward. Rigo comments women always overcompensate to prove something. Vic sarcastically says men never do. Maya brings out a whiteboard with the stats from their last physical. They will fill it out weekly to mark their progress. She says they can get competitive about it. Once she's gone, Vic admits to hating her, too.

Pruitt runs into Dixon at city hall. Pruitt came to see him. He tells Dixon about his metastasized testicular cancer. Insurance companies won't cover any of his medical bills. He had to sell his house and lie to his daughter about it. He wants workman's comp. Dixon says this is below his pay grade. Pruitt has filed all the forms but they're denying him the comp because his type of cancer is also sometimes associated with pesticide exposure and he happened to grow up near a farm. Too many cancers aren't covered for firefighters after all the years of being exposed to toxins on a daily basis. They do their job to save lives but when they go down for it, it should be covered. Dixon says lots of guys of Pruitt's age who aren't firefighters have cancer. Pruitt says he's looking to change the system, bearing in mind both his and Dixon's firefighters children. Dixon starts to walk off but Pruitt grabs his arm and threatens to start making noise if Dixon doesn't help him out. Dixon only chuckles and walks off to his meeting.

Dean arrives at work and tells the crew that JJ is super pregnant with his child. He explains there was a late-night hook-up eight and a half months ago. It checks out. Dean has no clue how he's feeling. He then sees the whiteboard. Maya walks in and announces they'll do the work-out again as a group because Dean was late. Everyone but Andy gets ready. She says she did her 90 minutes today and walks off.

Sullivan joins Andy in the kitchen as she's doing some dishes. He tells her there was a lot to consider. You only got one shot at the job, to stand out. He wanted her to have time to process her grief. She gives a flat reply and walks off. He takes out a bottle of painkillers and takes one.

Ben and Jack are helping out a homeless community. One of the men start yelling there are cops but Jack swears they're not cops. The man lost his tent in a police sweep last week. Jack understands his feelings towards the police but he has also noticed a deep cut on the man's arm.

June 2002

Jack and his soon-to-be siblings are baking a cake for the parents' anniversary. Lila says she wants to get married because she likes cake. They move to get the oven started but they can't figure it out. The dad walks in and throws Lila aside, away from the oven, as he smells gas. Jack explains what they were doing. Marco apologizes for his worried outburst. Jack checks if they can stay. Marco says parents lose their temper sometimes, but he's not going anywhere. He says they'll buy a cake since the oven's faulty. They start cleaning up together.


Jack and Ben are taking care of some people when Jack notices a reporter and photographer. They're here for a story about the fire department's community service initiatives. She knows their names. Jack sees the girl again and chases her. She finally tells him "they" told her not to get help but her brother is dying.

Maya has organized an exercise to perfect the crew's extraction techniques. Their rescues should be gentle. They are moving an egg in groups of two with a hydraulic spreader with their non-dominant hands. Andy and Rigo team up and mock Maya in Spanish. Their egg breaks almost immediately. Dean and Vic are moving their egg while he talks about things happening not in the order that he had always envisioned. A medical call comes in for the engine.

As the engine takes off, Pruitt arrives at the station. Sullivan asked him to come. Pruitt guesses that Dixon asked Sullivan to get him in line. Pruitt explains the issue at hand. Sullivan asks him if he's sick again, because if so, Andy deserves to know. Pruitt thinks she deserves to grieve for one family member at a time. Dixon is not one of them and Sullivan should have his back.

Sarah leads Ben and Jack to her tent. Her two young brothers remind her that Joey didn't want her to get help. Joey was looking for a place for them to stay and he fell through the floor. It looks like he broke his collarbone. He stopped talking. They put on a C-collar. Ben says they need to get to him to a hospital but everyone objects. Sarah says they're not all bio-siblings. When their foster dad got arrested, they ran away so they wouldn't be separated. Joey is keeping them together. As Jack says they are not police, a police patrol arrives. The officer instructs everyone at the encampment to collect their belongings and prepare for relocation. Jack gets out of the tent and finds that Henry is being arrested. Jack starts to object but a police officer tells him this is a joint effort. He can go whine to his Chief if he doesn't like it.

Maya receives a call from Jack on her personal phone. He tells her the cops are there. Dixon is using them as bait. Maya says this is outside their purview. Jack reminds her her brother may be in the camp and asks if she's going to let this happen. She tells him to use his radio to contact her and hangs up.

Ben has hooked up an IV. The ischemia in his arm is getting worse. They have to intubate and move him to a hospital now. Ben successfully intubates, which restores breath sounds.

June 2002

Jack wakes up and finds that the house is on fire. He wakes up his sister and asks where their brother Cal is. She doesn't know. He calls out for the others as he leads Lila away.


Ernie objects again to Joey being taken to the hospital. Sarah is really scared Joey will die like her mom did. Ernie says he's the oldest now and he's supposed to protect them. Jack tells him he's doing everything he can but they need to save his life.

June 2002

Jack and Lila made it out. The neighbors come running over. They called 911 already. Jack runs back inside to find his brother and parents. He finds Cal and carries him out as the flames get bigger. He drops Carl off with the others outside. Jack starts running back but Lila grabs him, refusing to let him go back in. Moments later, the house explodes.


Joey has been loaded into the ambulance. Joey's siblings want to come but Jack says it's not safe for them to ride with them. However, he gives them directions to Grey Sloan, which is nearby. They can follow them. The kids run off.

A woman with a stroller arrives at the station. Since she's not reporting an emergency, Maya directs her to the front desk. Maya then addresses Andy, who's cleaning the rig. She knows this is not what Andy wanted but they are a team and they need to be able to function. Andy knows how to be part of a team. Vic comes up and asks about the call. Andy asks her colleagues if they are a team. They say yes. Rigo is excited about the fight that's about to start, but Sullivan cuts off Maya as she goes to defend herself. He chose Maya and her orders are final. This is not a trial. It's a transition. Being able to adapt is part of their job. The tension lingers between Maya and Andy until the woman walks back in and collapses.

Maya is performing CPR. Since their aid car is out, she has Dean call dispatch for one. Vic is on baby duty. The woman goes into V-fib. They shock her once. Andy takes over CPR while Maya pushes epi.

Ben is working on Joey in the back while Jack drives the aid car. He sees the children following them.

23's aid car has arrived. Andy and Maya managed to bring Sofia back. Rigo takes the crying baby from Vic. Travis goes to call Sofia's family. Rigo then hands the baby to Dean and tells him it's good practice. Dean tries to hand it back to Vic, who flees. Dean runs after her, leaving behind only Andy and Maya to clean up. Maya knows Andy wanted the job. Andy says she earned and was promised the job. Maya knew that, yet she didn't care about that.

The aid car arrives at Grey Sloan's ER. Hannah Brody takes on the case. As she takes Joey inside, the children arrive and follow Joey inside. Jack asks Ben to talk to his wife and make sure she tells Social Services that the children are a family. They need to stay together. Jack watches on as a nurse blocks the children from entering the trauma room.

June 2002

A paramedic is taking care of the three children. Jack sees how the parents are moved away in body bags. Cal puts his arms around his siblings.

A social worker comes up to the ambulance and takes Cal away, leaving Jack and Lila behind.

Soon after, a second social worker arrives and takes Lila away. Lila objects, to no avail. As she is driven away, Jack is taken by a third social worker.


Jack watches as Joey's siblings sit in the exact same position in the waiting room as he did with Lila and Cal. Jack smiles and waves at the children.

Jack and Ben have arrived back at the station. He texts Eva to meet up but she ignores him.

Dean, Travis, and Vic are in the break room with the baby. Vic says her father never remembered her birthday. Travis says his father once gave him silent treatment for a year after he got caught skipping Sunday school once. Vic points out to Dean that he can't be worse than their fathers and they turned out excellently. Jack walks in and asks if the baby was left here. Vic fills him in. As he's holding the baby, Dean starts freaking out. Jack tells him his father was strict but kind. Dean should just be kind. Dean says this was not the plan. Travis thinks there's a saying "life is what happens when you screw up your plans." Vic tells Dean that he likes JJ and she's pregnant. Their baby will be spectacular. He got to skip the pregnancy and get right to the good part. The baby poops.

Sullivan walks into Maya's office and tells her it's always difficult to make the change to captain. She points out it seems to be a difficult position to leave, too. He undermined her authority in front of her entire team. She thinks he wanted to protect Andy. She wonders why he gave her the job. She thinks he wants to steamroll her. He closes the door and says his intention was to keep the team intact because in one day, she has done more damage to the morale than he thought possible. Maya asks why she got the job. She asks if she earned the job over Andy. He wants her to learn from his mistakes and gives her the advice not to try and fix what isn't broken. She shouldn't turn her allies into enemies, nor should she question her superior's motives.

The next day, Jack finds Andy in the break room, staring at an old photo. He misses working for Pruitt. She only got a little sleep. He hates that Ryan died, for the world and for Andy. She does, too. He hates how it cost her her promotion. Andy says men thinking they know what she can and cannot handle is the story of her life. Andy talks about saving that woman who had a heart attack. She felt nothing. Jack says some days, the job breaks you. On other days, life breaks you. Sometimes, it's too much to feel anything.

Dean comes home to JJ making breakfast chili. She crashed at his place. She remembered where he hides his key. He got her that praline ice cream that she likes. He was planning on inviting her over later to talk about the baby. She says she likes strawberry ice cream now. He has a pint of that since it's his favorite. The baby kicks and she lets him feel it.

Maya wants to talk to Andy at home but she's not in her bedroom.

Jack and Andy arrive at the place where his house used to be. It's an empty lot now. He says he lived there from age 11 to 12 and a half. He swipes away some sand, revealing a piece of concrete with his and his siblings' names and hand prints on it. This is the only place where he ever felt like he had a family. Now that Dean is starting a family, he has to move out. He's tired of bouncing around. Andy has to move out, too. She can't live with Maya anymore. Andy proposes they look for a place together. He agrees to that.


  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • JJ
  • Michael Dixon
  • Rigo Vasquez
  • Eva Vasquez
  • Henry
  • Hannah Brody
  • Marco
  • Joey Phillips
  • Young Jack Gibson
  • Lila
  • Ernie
  • Sarah
  • Cal
  • Frank
  • Sofia Garcia
  • Neighbor
  • Reporter
  • Police Officer 1
  • Police Officer 2

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Joey PhillipsEdit

Jack and Ben were sent to patrol high-risk areas of Seattle to check on people. While on patrol, they noticed Sarah, who was standing in the middle of an alley. When she took off, they followed her to Joey, who was injured while looking for a safe place for them all to sleep. His arm was turning blue. They intubated him and took him to the hospital.


Ben and Jack went to a homeless encampment while on patrol. They noticed Henry had a cut on his arm and asked if they could treat it. He agreed and they bandaged it and told him to keep it as clean as possible.

Mr. LisbonEdit

A call came in for a medical assist. Travis recognized the address and said Mr. Lisbon must have fallen in the shower again.

Jack's FamilyEdit

In 2002, Jack and his family were sleeping when a fire started in their house. He got Lila out to safety as firefighters arrived, but went back in for Cal. Lila stopped him from going back in after their parents as the fire blew out the windows. Their parents both died in the fire, leading to them being separated.

Sofia GarciaEdit

Sofia walked into station 19 pushing a baby cradle. She then collapsed due to a heart attack and they resuscitated her in the barn.


Song Performer Scene
"Light Years" The National
  • Jack talks to his sister about his upcoming hearing.
"Better as One" The Heavy
  • Maya talks to Andy about nutrition, but Andy ignores her and leaves.
  • Dean is surprised to see JJ at his door, pregnant.
"Tiger" Chair Model
  • Maya leads a workout.
"Where Your Mind Wants to Go" Blonde Redhead (feat. Ludovico Einaudi)
  • Jack and Warren working on the kid
  • Flashback to Jack as a child and a fire.
"I'm Yours" Leucadia
  • Jack, Cal, and Lila sit in an ambulance.
  • Jack watches the kids wait for Joey.
  • A social worker comes and takes Cal.
  • Another social worker takes Lila.
"Cheers for the Tears" Soleima
  • JJ lets Dean feel the baby kick.
  • Maya finds that Andy isn't in her room.
  • Jack shows Andy the place where he grew up.
  • Andy proposes that they live together.

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Grey's Anatomy 16x13 Promo "Save the Last Dance for Me" (HD) Season 16 Episode 13 Promo

Grey's Anatomy 16x13 Promo "Save the Last Dance for Me" (HD) Season 16 Episode 13 Promo

  • This episode scored 6.00 million viewers.


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