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I'll Be Seeing You is the twelfth episode of the third season and the 39th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

The crew battles a storage facility fire with growing complications. Dr. Jackson Avery pops over from Grey Sloan and ends up collaborating with old pal Ben Warren.

Full Summary[]

Vic is not amused to find Jackson working out with Ben at the station. Since Jackson is taking shifts in the PRT on his days off, Ben was showing him some protocols and Jackson decided to take advantage of the station's amenities. She is upset that he is moving into her home without asking. He's used to working together with people he's dated. She thinks it'll lead to them sleeping together. She adds extra weight to the bar to start lifting.

Emmett asks Travis to talk but he's done talking. Jack walks in and mentions old timers in the beanery with crazy stories. Emmett tells Travis he doesn't want this to be over. Andy overhears and recognizes the story he tells them.

In the beanery, three men are entertaining Maya and Dean with stories about Pruitt's past in the Department. Andy comes in and hugs the men. Pruitt brought together who's left of his gang. They comment Pruitt doesn't look great himself. Sullivan briefly joins and Andy introduces him to the men. A call comes in for people trapped in a storage locker.

The engine takes off.

They arrive at the scene. Keller, the clerk, didn't know there was someone stuck. He stops them, asking if they have a warrant. Andy says they don't need that. Maya instructs her crew to head in and asks the clerk for a list of people that have checked in. The rest of crew splits up and starts searching.

Dean is showing Pruitt's group pictures of his daughter. The men decide to listen in on the call through the radio to see how poorly Pruitt trained his team. While listening, they set up another round of poker. Dean tells the man he thinks about Pru when he's facing dangers now. They advise him to draw up a will.

Emmett and Travis walk the halls. Travis thinks it's weird the guy asked for a warrant. Emmett says some people like their privacy. Maya calls them over. They found the right unit. They force open the door and notice smoke coming out. One of the band members was smoking inside. Maya calls for aid car assistance and leads the guys outside with Andy. Travis and Emmett fetch extinguishers and put out the fire. They find the fire is spreading to the other lockers through the vents. Travis calls it in.

Maya calls for back-up. Andy notices there should be more people inside.

At the station, Vic runs into a half-naked Jackson as he comes out of the bathroom. She thinks they need ground rules, like no showering and smilking. Also, he can't look at her on calls the way he's looking at her now, because people will die. They get flirty until the klaxon interrupts them.

Back-up arrives at the scene. Maya briefs Sullivan, who assumes command and orders her as in charge of the Interior Division. He sends Emmett and Travis to go ventilate the roof. While fetching supplies, Emmett tells Travis he has stuff to say, but Travis says he should say that stuff to someone else.

They climb the ladder to the roof, which Travis finds is very unstable. Sullivan calls them down and assigns them to Search and Rescue. Maya says the building will be a pressure cooker if they can't vent the roof. Sullivan says they'll breach the walls.

Pruitt's group is still listening in and reminiscing about calls and deceased friends. They talk about Donnelly, who used to burly and strong and died all strung out in a hospital bed. They hear the horizontal ventilation has been paused, which Pruitt knows is due to a concrete wall, which requires hammers.

Keller approaches Maya and says he thinks there may be someone else inside besides the people on the list. He admits he's letting a guy live in a unit after he lost his house because of medical bills. He thought the guy would leave when he heard all the noise but he hasn't seen him inside.

Maya calls in the additional civilian. Pruitt is mocked about raising a team that leaves people behind. They raise up the bet.

Maya tells her team they're going back in to look for Luke Getherd. The owner is not sure which locker he's in so they'll need to check them one by one.

Sullivan suggests Andy stay outside and help with the aid car. She asks him not to make that an order. She needs to be with her team. She heads into the building.

Flashback. While in bed, Sullivan brings up what he said after that lunch with her father and tells Andy he's been in love with her for a long time. He put his job before what he knew was right. His father and grandfather did the same but he's breaking that pattern now. Sullivan wants to marry her. She doesn't want to get married to check a box on an HR form or because Vic and Ripley didn't get to do it. He wants her to be his wife.

The crew split up again to check all the units. Vic and Dean end up finding Luke in a unit that's on fire already. Dean backs away from the flames, stating he can't do it to Pru. As Vic extinguishes the flames, another firefighter calls for help as he's lost in the maze of storage units. Dean sets out to go find him while Vic and another colleague carry Luke out.

Jack and Andy open a locker filled with propane tanks. They quickly extinguish the flames.

Vic arrives outside and hands Luke over to Ben. Maya receives the news about the propane tanks. Maya isn't sure if they should re-route all hoses to Andy's position because they are just protecting property at this point. They can hit the fire from outside with heavy stream. Sullivan agrees to pull all firefighters out.

Jack and Andy decide to cover the vents in the propane locker to prevent embers from reigniting fires, giving the firefighters more them to exit.

Vic and Ben have brought Luke over to the PRT, where Vic briefs Jackson. She says she's heading back in. Jackson admires her heroism.

As they get to work on Luke, Jackson says he doesn't get how Bailey can watch her spouse run into burning buildings. Ben points out she didn't take it well. Jackson admits he still cares about Vic. Luke wakes up and says his late wife would be so mad at him for the situation he ended up in, living out of a storage unit. Luke's blood pressure drops and his heart sounds are muffled. Ben suspects pericardial fluid, which they confirm with the ultrasound. Jackson struggles a bit to intubate his patient, which he hasn't done himself in a while.

Emmett and Travis are lost, as are Dean and Olson. Dean lets Maya know they are having trouble finding the exit with worsening visibility.

Maya checks with Sullivan on the status of the ventilation. Station 15 is working hard to breach the walls.

Ben tries to drain the fluid but he can't get it out. They suspect the fluid is thick due to a pre-existing condition. They'll have to open him up. Jackson forgot they are in an OR.

Andy and Jack are almost done covering up the vents.

Pruitt and his friends talk about Andy as they hear her on the radio. They remember her as a little girl trying to help out around the station. Pruitt says Elena had her moments of being a good mother. She used to make up stories before bed. After her death, Andy couldn't sleep for weeks and Pruitt couldn't make up stories, so they would listen to the radio together and he'd tell her about his calls of the day, which would amaze her. They briefly comment on the Elena situation. Pruitt says he did the best he could. They listen as Maya checks in on Jack and Andy, who says the fire has spread inside the unit and engulfed the tanks. As she says they are closing the door, they hear an explosion. Andy and Jack fail to respond afterward.

At the scene, Maya can't get a response from inside.

Andy and Jack recover after the blast. They get up to evacuate. They are separated by fire and Jack trails off on his own, still disorientated.

Jackson and Ben are operating. Ben has set up a video chat with Maggie since Luke needs a cardiothoracic surgeon.

All firefighters are struggling to find the exit. Everything looks the same. The alarm on Emmett's oxygen tank goes off.

Maya calls to have all efforts on horizontal ventilation doubled. Pruitt comments it's a great call. Pruitt's friends tell him he raised a good crew. It'll work out. They recall a similar fire at a shipping dock, which ended well. Pruitt hears that Andy is in distress and trapped with only 5% left on her tank. Pruitt rushes off.

Dean, Olson, Travis, Andy, and Emmett are all struggling to find a way out. Andy draws arrows on the walls.

Emmett thinks they are dying. His alarm keeps ringing and he starts hyperventilating. Travis calms him down and shares some oxygen. They breathe together.

Sullivan turns incident command over to Maya. He has decided to head in by himself against all protocol.

Flashback. Andy tells Sullivan people date so they learn about each other. They only know the good stuff about each other. They both share some negative points about themselves. She brings up her almost-engagement to Jack and her recent sleeping with him. She assures Sullivan she's not in love with Jack but she's not willing to cut him off as a friend. Sullivan comes clean about his overdose. He has amends to make, which could lead to his losing his job.

Maya objects to Sullivan's decision but he ignores her and heads into the building carrying a hose.

Inside, he finds a nearly-passed out firefighters whose PASS device is going off. He tells the man he's almost out and urges him to follow the hose.

Eventually, he finds Andy, who hates that he headed in alone without back-up. He gives her some of his oxygen. They start heading out until the pain in his leg flares up. She supports him and they keep going until their path is blocked by burning debris. There's no pressure on the hose, meaning they'll have to find another way out.

Maggie guides Ben and Jackson through the procedure. Once the fluid is out, the heart contracts normally again. Maggie comments the truck looks so cool and ends the call. Jackson feels intoxicated by the adrenaline.

Jack is still wandering around by himself. His alarm's going off, too. Maya urges him to keep trying. He collapses.

Pruitt arrives at the scene. He takes his turnout out of the trunk.

Flashback. Pruitt meets Andy at city hall. While he knows Sullivan is a good guy, he doesn't understand the rush to get married. Andy says it was hard for her to accept his decision not to get treated. Sullivan helped her through it. He makes her feel. She knows he loves her. She asks how long he waited once he realized his mother loved him. He admits it was five minutes. They hug and head in.

Pruitt instructs Maya to move the ladder into position so he can get up on the roof. She tells him the roof is too unstable. He understands but repeats his order. He hand-picked every member of the team because they were the right mix to become a family that would risk their lives for each other. That is what he has to do for his crew right now. Maya objects that he's not well. That is exactly why he's doing it. He wants to do what he's done for the last 40 years. Maya agrees.

Flashback. Pruitt walks his daughter down the aisle.

Andy and Sullivan struggle to find a way out.

Outside, before climbing the ladder, Pruitt asks Maya to tell Andy that everything he did was because he loved her. Maya tries to hold back tears as he starts climbing.

Flashback. As the only witness, Pruitt watches as Andy and Robert get married. He applauds as they kiss.

Pruitt makes it onto the roof.

The guys are still following the call through the radio. They figure it's Pruitt on the roof.

As the firefighters inside collapse and start losing consciousness, Pruitt starts venting the roof.

Ben lets Maya know the patient is stable enough to be transported to Grey Sloan for further treatment. She tells him Pruitt is up on the roof. Ben rushes out of the PRT. He sees Maya staring at Pruitt, who keeps hitting the roof with his axe. Moments before everyone has lost consciousness, he falls through the roof into the fire.

As Maya asks for a rapid intervention team to recover a firefighter, Captain Lawrence asks Irwin to prepare to sound out 20 bells for a firefighter. Irwin says Pruitt was retired. Lawrence says he was an active firefighter when he died.

Inside, the firefighters slowly recover and make their way out of the building. Dean comes across Jack and takes off his mask, making him regain consciousness.

Andy and Sullivan hear the bells as they head for the exit.

Everyone makes it out at the same time. They notice that Vic, Ben, and Maya look lost. As the sound of bells sink in, Andy sees Pruitt's hat on the engine.


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Storage Facility Fire[]

Station 19 was called out to rescue three people who were stuck in a storage unit. They arrived at the facility and didn't know which unit they were in so they began searching. They finally found the unit and were surprised that the men said they couldn't breathe because the units weren't airtight. They opened the unit and discovered a fire inside. They evacuated Jimi, Sting Ray, and Neal and treated them for smoke inhalation, then brought in extinguishers to put out the fire. The fire was extinguished easily, but they discovered that it had already spread to neighboring units. They ran hose lines into the unit and started evacuating everyone from inside the facility. They also tried to ventilate the roof, but it was too fragile to support anyone's weight and could collapse as soon as they got through. Instead, they started working on ventilating from the sides, which was complicated by concrete walls. They then learned another person was inside, they went back in to find him. At the same time, they found propane tanks in one of the units. Once he was out and into the PRT for treatment, Sullivan ordered evacuation as the building was clear of all people except firefighters. Jackson and Ben started treating Luke in the PRT and called Maggie in to help when he developed a cardiac issue. Inside the building, the firefighters struggled to find the exit due to low visibility. Andy and Jack tried to block off the unit with the propane tanks, hoping to minimize the damage when they exploded. However, the tanks exploded before they could close the unit door. Andy and Jack were unresponsive after the blast, but eventually regained consciousness and replied, though they were separated by flames. They continued searching for the exit as the teams outside continued to try to ventilate. Sullivan then decided to enter the building to look for Andy. He dragged a line in with him to help them find their way back out. He found Andy, but the hose line was cut off by the fire, forcing them to look for another way out. Ben and Jackson were able to stabilize Luke and he was ready for transport. Hearing over the radio that firefighters were trapped inside, Pruitt came to the scene and went up to the roof to ventilate. He used an ax to break through the roof, ventilating the building and clearing the air enough that they could breathe and find their way out while simultaneously killing him.


Song Performer Scene
"Walking Around" Pierce Fulton (feat. Noosa)
  • Vic finds Jackson working out at the station.
  • They talk about Jackson working with the PRT and their relationship.
  • Vic adds weight to the bar and starts lifting.
  • Emmett tries to talk to Travis.
"Truth Is" Headband
  • The team gets called out.
  • They arrive and talk to the employee.
"Time's Running Out" VG Lucas
  • Pruitt walks Andy down the aisle.
  • Pruitt talks to Maya and then prepares to go in.
  • The vets back at the station call Pruitt a hothead.
  • Pruitt vents the roof.
  • Ben updates Maya on the patient and realizes something's wrong.
  • Pruitt continues to vent the roof.
  • Inside, the others start to pass out.
  • Pruitt falls into the building.
"Make You Feel My Love" Sleeping at Last
  • Slowly, Travis and Emmett get up and walk out.
  • Dean and Jack also exit.
  • Sullivan and Andy walk out together.
  • Ben kicks the ground in anger.
  • Those trapped inside realize what Pruitt did.

Notes and Trivia[]


Station 19 3x12 Promo "I'll Be Seeing You" (HD) Season 3 Episode 12 Promo

  • This episode scored 7.56 million viewers, a series high.
  • This episode features the first time Travis Montgomery climbs the ladder on screen, which Jay Hayden was really excited about doing.
  • While filming the scene where the band is freed, the door to the storage unit actually got stuck and the crew had to cut it open to free the actors.


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