I'm Fine is the ninth episode of the sixth season and the 107th overall episode of Private Practice.

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During a dark moment in his life, Sheldon finds happiness with a new woman. Meanwhile, he becomes increasingly suspicious about his patient Nick's involvement in Sarah's disappearance.

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Sheldon is lying in a radiation machine. A man tells him over the intercom that it's just one more minute.

Sheldon is dancing with his ex-wife at a gala. She wonders where he got to be so graceful. He jokes he's been watching Dancing with the Stars for pointers. Laura laughs. She suggests they go to Buenos Aires for their next trip to learn how to tango, but he says he probably won't be travelling for a while. She asks why not, but he says to keep dancing. Laura's worried. He then confesses he has prostate cancer. They leave the dance floor and she asks about the prognosis. He says the biopsy was positive and it hasn't metastasized. She asks what happens next. He says he hasn't decided and that he said they should've just kept dancing. She says it's kind of a shock. For him too, he says. He says she can come to L.A. regardless of what he decides to do so they can check out those five star hotels, but she says she can't come to L.A. every week. Her practice is in New York and she doesn't know if she can pack up and help him through this. He says he didn't ask her to. He only asked her to pack up and join him poolside. Laura says that's not what this is anymore. He understands that this bit reality ruins their getaway. She replies that these weekends were supposed to be a getaway from real life, nothing more. He sarcastically apologizes because his cancer ruined her vacation. Sheldon gets a call from the hospital. She says she'll go find a hotel. He walks off.

Charlotte finishes talking to a security guard. Sheldon comes over and asks if there's any updates on the girl. She says no, but it's a big hospital. He asks if he can help, but she says no and tells him to get back to whatever the tuxedo was for now that his patient is stabilized and discharged. 

A woman has some problems at the vending machine and Sheldon offers her to help out. He knocks on the vending machine, but the candy bar doesn't move. He then inserts now money and explains he's having a bad night, and that cheering someone else up cheers him up too. She thanks him for the chocolate and says it's one of the few things she can still hold down.

Sarah Nelson: missing for 37 days

Sheldon is seeing a therapist, who tells him it's been five weeks. His fascination with this subject is bordering on the obsessive. Sheldon says it's his responsibility to help his patient, but the shrink says only if he wants his help. Since Nick has been avoiding him, he clearly doesn't. Sheldon says that's his fault. He needs to win back his trust. Diana, the shrink, says Nick knows what Sheldon thought, so the shrink says the only thing he can do is use this session to figure out how his own issues got in the way. Sheldon claims he doesn't have any issues. The shrink says most people would consider cancer an issue. But they don't have his incredible optimism and sunny disposition, Sheldon says. He then admits it's an issue. There are a number of options. There's the prostatectomy, there's active surveillance, and there's radiation, five days a week for eight weeks. The shrink asks what Laura thinks. Sheldon says she's gone, as cancer didn't fit into her plans. The shrink says not everyone has the strength of character to go through that with someone. Sheldon doesn't want to talk about Laura. The shrink asks if there's anything else he'd like to not talk about, besides Laura and the cancer. Sheldon says no.

Sheldon enters the waiting room, wearing the patient gown. The woman from the vending machine is there as well. Sheldon sits down and picks up a magazine. He says the woman's lucky to get to wear pants. She says that is because she has breast cancer. He says he's sorry. He's nervous. She says he'll be fine. 

Sheldon is receiving radiation. The voice asks him to hold still.

Sheldon enters the kitchen and Amelia asks if he slept through his alarm. He lies and says he joined a gym to get some exercise. Jake asks if that's Sam pressuring him to stay healthy. Sheldon says he knows how to care of himself. Amelia then notices Addison's engagement ring. Amelia asks why she didn't tell them. Addison says they didn't want to make a big deal. Sam says it's great news and congratulates them. Sheldon congratulates them too and says he loves weddings, because they're so full of love you can convince yourself the whole world is about that. But it's not, and there's no loyalty at all. He's thrilled for them, though.

Nick enters Sheldon's office. Nick got his messages but he didn't know if he should call him back or get a restraining order. Sheldon explains he was worried. Nick knows Sheldon thought he took the girl. He's grateful Sheldon helped him through his suicidal period. Sheldon says he was wrong to rush to judgment. Nick says he didn't take the girl. Sheldon knows, and he wants to continue to help Nick. Nick sits down and says he's doing well. He got a promition and he's been finishing chores around the house. He's been managing his urges by avoiding triggers. He's keeping busy with a new friend. He met Alyssa and she's great. They're into the same music and TV shows and she's kind and pretty. He's never felt this way before. It's nice to connect with somebody. Sheldon concludes it's romantic then. Nick says he wants it to be. Sheldon has to ask how old Alyssa is.

Sarah Nelson: missing for 52 days

Sheldon tells Diana Nick said she was 25, but he hesitated. Diana says that doesn't mean he was lying. Sheldon says he was euphoric. Not uncommon when the S.S.R.I.S. start to work, Diana says. Sheldon is still afraid he took Sarah. He doesn't know how he could have taken Sarah, but he can't imagine Nick would be so excited about having a relationship with an age-appropriate woman. This his nothing to do with finding pedophilia repugnant, Sheldon assures her. Diana suggests it's cognitive dissonance. She suggests he's overwhelmed by the guilt he got after blaming Nick. He can't believe she's saying he holds on to this scenario just because of his guilt. Sheldon wouldn't do that. His willingness to accuse Nick without any evidence worries Diana. Sheldon says Sarah's life is at stake. Diana thinks it's about his life.

Sheldon is reading in the waiting room. Now the woman recognizes him as the tuxedo guy from the ER. Sheldon hadn't recognized her before either. She explains she had a wig on back then. She apologizes for having been rude to him before, but she's been through this before. You bond with people in chemo and then one day, they don't show up anymore. You really want to tell yourself she's in remission, but then their spouse calls you to tell you that they've died. Sheldon is sorry to hear that. She says they can chit chat as long as they're in here together, but it doesn't go beyond that. Sheldon brings up the weather. The technician calls her in, revealing her name is Miranda.

Sheldon is getting another dose of radiation.

James enters Sheldon's office to apologize. The cops arrested someone and it's not Sheldon's patient. They haven't found Sarah yet, but that's just a matter of time. It was a contractual worker at the janitorial staff. He wasn't a hospital employee, which is why it took them so long to connect the dots. He's a registered sex offender. James apologizes for being a jerk back then. They shake hands. Sheldon thanks him.

In the waiting room, Sheldon is writing down a shopping list. Miranda mocks the fact that he writes "whole cumin" instead of just "cumin". They talk about this for a while until the technician calls her in.

Sheldon is getting radiation.

Nick tells Sheldon he thought about canceling today because he's really good. Nick came anyway because he wanted to share his happiness with him because Sheldon knows what it took from him to get there.

Sheldon asks Miranda what she does. She tells him to guess. He guesses musician. She says he's right. She teaches and plays violin. She wonders how he guessed that. He saw the violin on her keychain that night at the ER. Sheldon explains it's an important part of his job to pay attention to detail. He reveals he's a psychiatrist. She asks if he takes naps on his couch. He says he lately does. She has to take naps regularly too. Miranda is called in.

Sheldon receives more radiation. He's smiling this time.

Nick tells Sheldon he doesn't to discontinue therapy anymore because he likes coming here. When he feels good, he can't help but wondering if it's just a crutch. Sheldon says there are a lot of people who have more difficulty handling happiness than trouble, because they feel like they haven't earned it. Nick gets that. He has everything a normal person could ever want, but he wonders if he deserves it.

Sheldon tells Miranda about his marriage. Her husband asked for divorce through email. All she misses about him is sleeping next to him. Sheldon doesn't miss Laura, because she could never be still. They agree it's better to have someone you can just be alone with. They smile at each other before the technician calls her in.

Sheldon receives another dose of radiation.

Sarah Nelson: missing for 80 days

Sarah's missing person posters are starting to get covered up by other posters.

Nick tells Sheldon he and Alyssa are taking it slow physically. He wants to be closer to her, but liking to someone and being attracted to someone is one thing, but sex takes it to a whole new level. Sheldon says their culture pressures into believing sex is the ultimate expression of love, but that's not always the case. Taking it slow is healthy.

Sheldon sits down next to Miranda, who tells him he's got the most boring sock collection in the world. He decided not to let the cancer change him, not even his socks. She asks what his shrink said about that. He replies they don't talk about socks. Miranda asks him why all psychiatrists take their vacation in August, since people's issues don't just go away for a month. Sheldon says he takes his in May and he doesn't discuss his cancer with his therapist. She asks who he talks to then. He honestly replies he talks to her. He doesn't want his colleagues to look at him differently. She understands that. She tells him about this moment in violin teaching where noise becomes music and says she's gonna miss it. Her cancer has metastasized and it's in her brain. The radiation is just to buy her some more time, delaying the inevitable. She's terminal, so he should probably find someone else to talk to. The technician calls her in.

Sheldon lies in the radiation machine again.

Sheldon is sitting with Charlotte and Mason. They talk about the Trendelenburg position. Mason goes to the vending machine. Charlotte tells him to come right back. Sheldon asks how she's been holding up. She says she's jumping out of her skin already and it hasn't even been that long. She has to lie her for two more months. It's no fun, staying in one spot and contemplating every bad thing that could happen. Sheldon says he gets that. She asks how he could possible imagine what this is like, despite his abundance of empathy. Sheldon wants to tell her about the radiation, but then sticks to his excuse of the gym, saying stationary bikes aren't going anywhere no matter how hard you pedal. He's not losing any weight either. Sheldon says she is the strongest person that he knows, and being around her gives him strength too. 

Sheldon enters the waiting room. Miranda says he's late. He blames traffic. She says she's going to try a restaurant where they serve salads with motivational names down the street. He asks her to let him know if it's any good. The technician calls her in.

Sheldon has a worried look on his face as he receives more radiation.

Diana asks why Sheldon didn't go to lunch with her. He says their friendship doesn't go outside that room. Diana says it's already out of that room, and he knows it. Sheldon says she's terminal. Diana repeats that not everyone has the strength of character to go through this with someone. Sheldon says he's not Laura, who he deems selfish. Diana says she also could have been scared, because getting close to someone who's sick can be terrifying. Sheldon says it's not the same thing. Laura and he have 20 years of history, his friendship with Miranda is only three hours old. Diana says that their experiences together create a deeper bond with someone than normal. Sheldon likes Miranda, but he can't take the next step. He's afraid of everything.

The colleagues at the practice are talking about Ron and Dana. Their imaginations are running wild, Violet says. She also says people are stronger than you think and kids can survive almost everything if they get the right kind of help. Amelia says they actually still need to find Sarah alive for that, and they don't even know the guy in custody is really the one who took her. Cooper thinks the guy should be tortured. He's checked the registered sex offender list and there are six of them who live in a 5-mile radius from their dream house. Sheldon says Cooper is right to think like that, because it seems that there are more pedophiles right now. They come to them to ask them for help, to hear that God didn't make them wrong, but there are some maladies that are simply contrary to nature. He thinks that pedophiles are the kind of people no loving God would put on this earth unless to show them there's a limit to humanity, which further justifies his utter lack in faith. The only life some people deserve is a life sentence and yet they help them live freely, all the while they're still supposed to sleep at night.

Sheldon asks Nick if he's all right. Nick mentions how reality can destroy what you've imagined. Sheldon asks if it's about Alyssa. Nick thought it was love, but real love is supposed to grow over time. One hopes, Sheldon says. Nick says it's not growing for him. Alyssa doesn't seem happy, no matter what he does. Maybe it's not meant to be. Sheldon says every relationship is exciting at first, but when the novelty fades, you sometimes have the relationship time to really know if it's for you. Nick thinks maybe love isn't in the cards for him. Sheldon says he's a young man. Nick thinks he has to end it with Alyssa, but he doesn't want to hurt her. 

Sheldon enters the waiting room, only to find it empty. 

Sheldon lies in the radiation machine.

Sheldon is at the LAPD, talking to Detective Price. Sheldon says he thinks they got the wrong man in custody. All they got on the man is the fact that he did it once and that it was the same type of girl. Four witnesses saw him in the ER mopping floors right before Sarah disappeared. That was 10 minutes after his shift ended. Sheldon says the man hasn't confessed yet, but Price wonders why he would. They got him on felony possession of child pornography and parole violation. He's not going to confess to add more on top of that. Sheldon says he's breaking the law and he could probably lose his license by saying it, but he tells Price about Nick. Nick is too smart and he knows the rules and he was in love with someone, but now he's having mood swings. Sheldon thinks he's getting ready to hurt her. Joe says a feeling is not a lot to go on. Sheldon tells him he has to do something. Joe says the best they can do right now is find her body so the parents can bury her. Sheldon says Joe can't give up on Sarah. Joe apologizes, but there's nothing more he can do.

Sheldon meets Nick in the waiting room and thanks him for having come. He says he has to leave town next week and he didn't want to miss an appointment. Sheldon asks him if he had trouble with traffic. Ron and Dana Nelson come in as they talk. It's obvious Sheldon planned this. Nick watches them walk by. Sheldon suggests Nick wait in his office and says he'll be right there. Sheldon gives a paper to the receptionist and asks her to make this call in 15 minutes, adding it's important.

Sarah Nelson: missing for 95 days

Only Sarah's eyes are still visible from the posters on the board.

Sheldon asks Nick how's it going with Alyssa. Nick says the same, he didn't end it yet. Sheldon apologizes, but he's distracted because of the couple in the lobby. Nick asks why. Sheldon says they were the parents of the little girl that went missing in the ER. Nick says they're still her parents if Sarah's okay. Maybe she's doing even better. He was there that night, and these parents were awful fighting like that in front of her. Kids need to be loved. Sheldon agrees to that. He asks if Nick thinks Sarah's still alive. Nick thinks she's okay, yes. 

Ron and Dana are in Violet's office. Ron says he can't just sit around the house anymore all day. Dana says she can't just pretend they don't have a kid, but Ron says that's not what he's doing. Violet says this is not helping and asks them what's going on. Dana says Ron went back to work. Sarah is missing and he's treating it like it's a regular day. Violet says they discussed this. People may experience grief a different way even though they suffered the same loss. Ron says he can forget for the few hours a day he's in court. Dana says she can't, and she won't. Ron says Sarah is dead. Dana is furious he can say it. He says he can't walk around on eggshells anymore and pretend to hope. He's not hopeful. Dana turns to Violet and asks her to tell him she's wrong. Violet says they just don't know. Dana knows Sarah is still alive. A mother always knows.

Sheldon says he feels like there's something Nick is not telling him about his depression. Nick says he's not depressed, his relationship is just not working. Sheldon reminds him Nick came to him in the beginning because he doesn't like who he is. Nick says Sheldon told him it's not his fault. Sheldon says the urges aren't, but acting on them would be his responsibility. Nick asks if he's accusing him. Sheldon says not, but he asks Nick to be honest because that was their deal after Sheldon saved his life. Nick says he didn't ask Sheldon to save him, but Sheldon asks what else he thought was going to happen when he took a bottle of pills and went to a doctor's office. Nick says he thought he wouldn't be alone when he died. Nick insists he's been honest. Sheldon asks who Alyssa is, where she's from and what she does. Nick says she's from L.A. and he hesitates before saying she's a waitress. He says he doesn't need to keep answering these questions. Sheldon asks where she lives. Nick says Venice. Sheldon asks if he has a photograph, but Nick says no. Sheldon says there is no Alyssa, only Sarah, and he took her. That's how Nick knows she's still alive.

Ron says Violet encourages Dana to keep hoping Sarah is still alive. Violet says she doesn't know that. Ron says they have the guy in custody, and the detectives said that if they didn't find her in a few days, she'd most likely be dead. Dana says the detective doesn't know them or their baby, it's just a job to him. They are the ones who're supposed to keep caring. Dana says she's the only one who's caring, but Violet says Ron is caring too. Ron asks if she even knows what it means if Sarah is alive, what he must have done to her. All these nights Dana took pills, Ron was awake, imagining all the things the man was doing to his little girl. While Dana dreamt about baking cupcakes with Sarah, Ron was thinking about Sarah screaming to come save him. Ron breaks down.

Nick says Sheldon is wrong. Sheldon says that Sarah most likely went outside because of her parents fighting and when Nick went outside, he found her there. Sarah was upset, scared, probably hiding from the rain. Sheldon asks if Nick charmed her or bought her something to get her to go home with him. Nick says he's crazy. Sheldon understands Nick wanted to give Sarah a better life. Nick says it wouldn't make any sense for him to keep coming here if he took her. Sheldon says he'd do that because he wants to tell Sheldon, just like he wanted to share his joy, and now he wants to confess because his urges are getting too much. Nick says Sheldon never thought he could help him. Sheldon says Sarah doesn't love him. She's a child and she doesn't want to be with him. Maybe Nick couldn't be a man with her, maybe he couldn't perform, and is that why he's depressed. Nick yells that Sheldon is guessing. He thinks he's so smart, but Sheldon doesn't know anything. Nick says Sheldon is powerless and weak. Sheldon asks where Sarah is. Nick says he can't help Sheldon and he walks out, only to find police officers standing outside. Sheldon tells them Nick is acutely suicidal and combative. He's paranoid and externalizing, so they can expect accusations of persecution. Sheldon tells Nick they're putting him on a 5150 psych hold for his own safety. Nick yells he hasn't done anything. 

Sheldon is at the police department again. Joe Price is just about to go home, but Sheldon insists that Nick has Sarah at his house. Joe asks if he's got some proof this time. Sheldon says he knows, because Nick confessed. Joe asks if Sheldon knows where Nick is. Sheldon says he's in 5150 as he was in danger of hurting himself or someone else. Joe says that's probably cause. "Let's go," Joe says.

Armed police officers bust the door of Nick's house. They enter, followed by Joe and Sheldon. They search the house, but every room is clear. Sheldon tells Joe Sarah has to be here. One of the officers discovers a basement. They go in and find a locked door. They cut the lock and open the door. It's a children's room. Joe lies down on the ground and finds a crying Sarah under the bed. Sheldon takes his place and says they've come to take her home. Sarah asks if Nick's coming back. Sheldon says no. She's safe now. Sarah asks where her mommy is. Sheldon says her parents are on the way. Sarah doesn't want to come out yet, but she doesn't want Sheldon to leave her. Sheldon gives her his hand so she can hold it. He tells her her parents have been looking for her all this time. Sarah says she's been bad because she ran away. Sheldon says that's okay. Sarah wants her mother to sing for her. Sheldon suggests he sing for her until her mother gets there. Sheldon sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for her. Sarah takes his hand.

Sheldon carries Sarah out of the house. A police car arrives and Dana and Ron rush out of it. They run towards their daughter and take her from Sheldon. As they cherish and comfort her, Price pats Sheldon's back. 

Sarah is in an exam room at the hospital, with her parents by her side. Violet leaves the room and closes the door. She can't believe they found Sarah. The whole time, she was less than a mile from here. Violet hugs him and says he saved her. He found her. Sheldon says he should've found her months ago.

Sheldon enters the waiting room, and again, it's empty. He sits down and holds his head. The door opens and Miranda walks in. She compliments his socks. He says she wasn't here yesterday. She mentions something about her car, but can't finish her sentence as Sheldon kisses her. She kisses him back and asks him what he's doing. He wants to see her outside this room, because she lights up this room and he wants that light everywhere he goes. So, he's gonna take her to lunch and then dinner, and lunch again tomorrow and every day after that. He asks her to say yes to that. She reminds him she's dying. He says not today. They kiss again.

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Medical Notes[edit | edit source]

Sheldon Wallace[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Prostate cancer
  • Doctors:
    • Oncologist
    • Diane (psychiatrist)
  • Treatment:
    • Radiation
    • Talk therapy

Sheldon had radiation treatments to treat his prostate cancer, which hadn't metastasized. Sheldon was also seeing a therapist, to whom he spoke about Nick Calhoun, Miranda, and his cancer.

Miranda[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Breast cancer
  • Doctors:
    • Oncologist
  • Treatment:
    • Radiation

Miranda was receiving radiation at the same place as Sheldon. She told Sheldon her cancer had spread to her brain and the radiation was just to give her more time.

Nick Calhoun[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pedophilia
    • Depression
  • Treatment:
    • Anti-depressants
    • 5150 psychiatric hold

Nick stopped coming to his sessions with Sheldon, which concerned him. He convinced Nick to start seeing him again. He became concerned when Nick talked about a new friend, Alyssa, whom he'd been seeing. He later became downtrodden because he didn't think Alyssa liked him. After a few more sessions of him talking about Alyssa, Sheldon confronted him, saying he knew Alyssa wasn't real and it was just Sarah. He had Nick placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, saying he was suicidal.

Charlotte King[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • Trendelenburg

Charlotte was inverted on her bed, waiting for the time to come that she could deliver the other two babies.

Ron and Dana Nelson[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy

Ron and Dana spoke with Violet about their daughter's disappearance. Ron had gone back to work, which upset Dana because she felt like he was giving up.

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Performer Scene
"Violin Sonata No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1005" Johann Bach
  • Sheldon receives his first radiation treatment.
"High Definition" Fort Lean
  • Sheldon receives more radiation.
  • Sarah's missing for 80 days.
  • Nick talks to Sheldon about Alyssa. He wants to take it to the next level. Sheldon says taking it slow is healthy.
  • Sheldon meets Miranda in the waiting room.
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" Cast: Brian Benben
  • Sheldon sings to Sarah
"God Only Knows" Bonnie Raitt
  • Sarah takes Sheldon's hand. He carries her outside, where she's reunited with her parents.
  • Violet hugs Sheldon and tells him he saved Sarah.
  • Miranda shows up in the waiting room. He kisses her and tells her he wants to see her outside this room.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode scored 3.87 million viewers.
  • This episode focuses on Sheldon.
  • This is the last episode to feature Detective Joe Price, a recurring character who made his debut in the fourth season.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Amelia: What the hell is that? Look at that rock!
Jake: She's like a heat-seeking missile.
Amelia: Jake, I'm a woman and you could see that ring from space.

Sheldon: I love weddings. They're so full of love and joy and promise, and you could fool yourself into thinking that's what the whole world is like, but it's not. It's fraught with danger and disease, and there's no loyalty. None at all. I'm thrilled for the both of you!

Sheldon: You light up this room, and I want that light everywhere I go, so I'm gonna take you to lunch, and then dinner, and lunch again tomorrow, and every day after that. So just say yes. Say you'll go out with me. Why aren't you saying yes? Just say yes.
Miranda: But, Sheldon, I'm dying.
Sheldon: Not today.

Sheldon: I don't have any issues.
Diane: Really? Because most people would consider cancer an issue.
Sheldon: Well, most people don't have my incredible optimism and sunny disposition.

Miranda: You have the most boring sock collection in the world.
Sheldon: I made a decision not to let cancer change me, not even my socks.

Miranda: Here's something I've never understood: why do all psychiatrists take off the month of August? There must be a rash of suicides then. People can't just put their issues on hold.

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