Paranoia gives you an edge in the OR. Surgeons play out worst-case scenarios in their heads. You're ready to close, you got the bleeder. You know it but there's that voice in your head asking. What if you didn't? What if the patient dies and you could have prevented it? So you check your work one more time before you close. Paranoia is a surgeon's best friend. We're all susceptible to it, the dread and anxiety of not knowing what's coming. It's pointless in the end, because all the worrying and the making of plans for things that could or could not happen, it only makes things worse. So walk your dog or take a nap. Just whatever you do, stop worrying. Because the only cure for paranoia is to be here, just as you are.

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me is the third episode of the sixth season and the 105th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

Several weeks after her near-death experience, a recovering Izzie returns to work. Meanwhile, nervous that there will be layoffs in the hospital in the wake of an announcement from the Chief, the Seattle Grace residents compete to survive the cuts, including Cristina, who attempts to work alongside Arizona in pediatrics. And Bailey and Alex's patient's already complex case is further complicated by her schizophrenic son.

Full SummaryEdit

While Owen and Arizona wheel a patient into the ER, Cristina keeps on talking to Arizona about how she's suddenly realized that peds is a great specialty because she can do it all there. She'd like to be on Arizona's service. Arizona says you gotta like kids for that, but Cristina claims she loves them. Arizona then says she'll see her on rounds.

Cristina enters the crowded trauma room where Alex and Owen started working on the patient. There are other residents and interns lining up in the room to help out. Cristina explains to Owen it's the merger; everyone is afraid to go home. When Owen asks to get as much type-specific blood as possible, Lexie rushes out to get it, followed by a bunch of others.

Cristina and Meredith get on an elevator. Cristina's heard from Callie that the Mercy West residents don't suck. Izzie's safe because of her cancer, Meredith because of Derek, Alex is Bailey's new favorite, and even George would've been spared because he was Owen's guy. Cardio has been a revolving door around here and nobody's got Cristina's back. So Arizona, who merger-proof because she keeps little kids alive, is her cover. Plus, the kids are under anesthesia half the time, so how bad can it be?

Alex asks nurse Olivia to go get Mark and Derek before they can leave. She asks him to keep her updated on the merger, because the nurses are always last to know, first to go. She runs off as they wheel their patient around a corner. There's Izzie, wearing a wig. She's coming back to work now, or she won't have a job to come back to after the three weeks she was supposed to rest. She needs to show people that she's not gonna die, which she'll do of boredom if she stays in that trailer. She asks him if the wig looks real, but he walks off without answering.

In the OR, Alex informs Mark and Derek about their patient. Alex goes to scrub in. While doing a neuro exam, Derek talks to Mark about how Richard shut himself in his office all day. Mark sees no problem in the merger, as it won't affect them. However, Derek is not about to lose all the good personnel. Derek finishes up and says he'll write out a consult later. Now, he's going to talk to Richard.

Mark is following Derek, trying to prevent him from going to Richard because he knows Derek will say things he'll regret. Mark suggests he get out for a walk with Meredith, but Meredith won't leave the hospital. Like everyone else, she's waiting from word on high. Lexie comes running over with the blood for the patient, but falls to the ground on top of all the blood. Mark then agrees that Lexie is worried about the merger too.

Lexie's cleaned herself up in the bathroom. Mark teases her about the blood thing, but it worries her. He tells her to stop worrying; it's all in her head. She then names previous hospitals mergers and how many residents were let go. He tells her to pull herself together, because she deserves to be here. She has to act like it. Now calmed, she kisses him and returns to work, although he meant that she should get some sleep first.

In the ER, Meredith asks Cristina to get some sleep before rounds, but Cristina replies sleep is for wimps. She wants to squeeze in another trauma instead. Alex rushes up to them and asks them not to say anything about the wig. Izzie then appears, saying she's back, and because she's been gone for so long, the first trauma that comes through these doors is hers. Meredith and Cristina stare at the wig. They claim it's so real they didn't even notice. Izzie's always wanted to try being a redhead, so now's the time. Her own hair is chemo hair. While she and Alex discuss this, Meredith and Cristina agree she looks like a Stepford wife. Bailey appears and asks who's available for her MVC. They all raise hands and start arguing, but Bailey picks Alex. Some residents appear and they're glad she's back. They also pretend to like the wig.

Derek storms into Richard's office and demands that if Richard is making cuts in his department, he needs to be consulted. Derek reminds Richard he saved Richard's ass when Jennings came to him, but Richard thinks he only did that to look like the good guy. Derek once again asks if there will be cuts. Richard yellingly replies that if he is ready to tell his staff about his decisions, he will. He's still the Chief. "Then start acting like it," Derek says before leaving.

Paramedic Nicole brings Jodie into the ER, a car crash victim. Jodie's son says that it was "them" who caused the accident. Alex wants to take him away to check him, but Jodie says he needs to stay with her, because he's a paranoid schizophrenic. Bailey agrees to let him stay. In the trauma room, she and Alex start working on Jodie while Tom whispers to his mother that "they" are trying to get to him through her. Jodie reminds him that they are not real while Bailey feels a mass on her abdomen. Tom's done listening to his mother's calming words and yells that aliens have impregnated his mother. Bailey lifts Jodie's shirt and sees the mass is pulsating. 

Cristina has residents briefing her on the Chief's actions. She walks up to Arizona for their rounds. While Cristina tells the residents to keep up their work and update her on further developments, Arizona watches Cristina and decides that she does not look ready. She pins a little bear to Cristina's labcoat to make her ready. 

Bailey asks Jodie about the mass, but Jodie wants somebody to cover the clock first because the number 5 bothers Tom. Tom then starts suspecting that there are cameras. Jodie tries to distract him by asking what kind of fruit they need from the store. She asks someone to give him a pen and a paper to make a list, as he needs something to distract him from the voices. Jodie then says she's been meaning to get the mass checked, but Tom's illness is fulltime job.

Outside the room, Bailey asks Alex to have Tom's wrist x-rayed while she takes Jodie up to MRI. Alex wants an intern to do it as he wants in on Jodie's case. Bailey initially refuses, but Lexie points out that Tom, who's paranoid and hypervigilant, will pick up on the fact that Alex doesn't want to be with him, which he may interpret as Alex being out to get him. She aced her psych clerkship.

In the staircase, Derek tells Meredith that Richard's not talking to him. Richard's not himself anymore and hiding out. Meredith's been up for 48 hours, but she feels good, like it's all going to be okay. Her unstable childhood makes her stay calm in a crisis, she explains with a smile. He doesn't know if it's a crisis, because he has no idea what this is.

As Arizona and Cristina walks into Sage's room, a giggling Sage hides under her blanket. She plays hide and seek. While Arizona updates the mother, Cristina is forced to play along, until she's had enough and pulls aside the blanket. Cristina tries to check on Sage's incision, but Sage won't let her. Arizona suggests that Mr. Bear would like to see it. "Yes, I would," Cristina says with a deep voice while moving the bear, not impressing the other people in the room. 

Derek is surprised to see Izzie back at work so soon. She's feels good and ready to go back to work. They talk about their patient. Steve Mostow asks him about the merger, because he's having a baby, but Derek wants to focus on the patient now. Steve should too.

While Lexie is bandaging up his wrist, Tom says he just got a haircut. She compliments it, but he thinks a nurse outside the room is laughing at him because his ears are now sticking out. Lexie finishes up. He feels like his hand's about to fall off and suspects "they" put something in there. He then notices Lexie doesn't have a name tag, unlike other doctors. She explains she had to change her labcoat, but he thinks she's working for "them". He throws her onto the ground and rushes out of the room.

Nurse Olivia tells Lexie that security is on their way. Lexie asked her to page psych an hour ago and she wants to know how a paranoid patient can manage to get out of the ER. Olivia stepped away from her desk to deal with a patient. Normally, being a punching bag for the doctors is part of the job but with their jobs on the line, Olivia refuses to go down for a mistake that wasn't hers.

Izzie informs her patient that the surgery will be simple, but she needs to go over the complications with him. Before she can do so, Alex comes in and forces her to have a word outside. Izzie excuses herself.

Outside the room, he wants to know how she's doing. She still has to take her meds, so he orders resident Steve to get them from her locker. Izzie doesn't want him to and stops Steve, but Alex threatens to hurt him if he doesn't do it, so Steve runs off. Izzie says he can't treat her like a sick person because her patients need to have faith in her. He rightens her wig and promises to stop hovering if she stops acting like an idiot. Her next pill is at 2 o'clock and she can't take it on an empty stomach. He kisses her and leaves.

Cristina is presenting a case. However, contrary to what Cristina thinks, they won't operate. Arizona informs her there was no blood in the urine this morning, so they won't operate since the kidney stones may have passed on their own. Cristina delivers the "good" news, but she's clearly disappointed that they won't operate. In that case, the kid wants to eat. Arizona says Dr. Yang will get him something.

Looking at Jodie's scans, Bailey diagnoses a huge abdominal aortic aneurysm with a 75% chance of rupturing. It's miracle she's up and walking, and even still alive. They need to get her in the OR asap. As Bailey finishes informing Jodie through in the intercom, Lexie walks in to tell Bailey she's lost Tom. She thought Jodie might have an idea where he'd go, but Bailey says the last thing the mother needs right now is to know that her mentally ill son disappeared. Lexie starts talking about how she knows that this is bad, but Bailey stops listening because her words are hurting her. "Find him!" she says.

Mark sees Lexie looking in every possible place. He says she looks crazy. She claims he's partially to blame, because she want and acted like she deserved to be here, like he told her to, and now she's lost the schizophrenic. Now she'll be fired if she doesn't find him because she's not amazing yet. He says she's crazy now. He wants the normal Lexie back. She calms down, but then hears Tom screaming. They rush to the lobby where they find Tom running up the stairs. A security tries to stop him, but Tom backs away and ends up falling down the stairs.

Owen takes Tom to radiology. Bailey follows him with, pushing Jodie in a wheelchair. Owen explains Tom may have suffered injuries from the falling, but they don't expect them to be that severe. While they do tests, he needs her to wait here until they're done. Jodie regrets having come to the hospital. Bailey then tells her that Jodie needs surgery right now, because she'll die if the aneurysm ruptures. Jodie says she can't have surgery right now, because she can't leave her son. It'll have to wait. There's no one she can call. It's only her and she can't just leave him with a stranger. She needs time to hire someone and train them to teach them about all of Tom's behaviors and things that upset him. The list goes on, and on, and on. She needs time. Bailey's not sure Jodie has another week. She needs Jodie to think about herself right now, but Jodie says she doesn't get to do that anymore.

Arizona sees Callie walking by with old patient files. She came to pick them up because there's a job opportunity in Portland. The Chief already got rid of her once, so she thinks it's best to change jobs now so the Chief can't fire her during the merger. Arizona non-convincingly says that's smart of her and tells Callie that she's working with Cristina, who's interested in peds. Callie laughs and says she isn't. She doesn't want to say anything, but since girlfriend thrumps roommate. Callie suspects Cristina is just sucking up to her to get through the merger. She asks if Cristina is good with the kids. Arizona overthinks this and is now convinced Cristina is sucking up.

Meredith joins Cristina in the cafeteria and compliments her bear pin. While Cristina eats a chocolate pudding, she says her kid wants chocolate pudding really badly. And this cup is the last one. Alex sits down and wants to know if they have surgery he can get in on, because the surgery to fix Jodie's triple A got cancelled. Cristina proposes Meredith uses her dead mommy connections to get some answers from the Chief. Meredith says they don't need dead mommy because they're going to be fine. Lexie sits down too and tells about how she's screwing up everything. Shepherd's surgery even went bad when she entered the gallery, so they had to turn it into an open craniotomy. Alex says Izzie can't handle a surgery that long and rushes off. In case she gets cut and won't have the chance to say it anymore, Lexie tells Cristina she really admires her and that she's really pretty. Cristina offers her the rest of her chocolate pudding and leaves. 

Alex enters Shepherd's OR and asks to speak with Dr. Stevens. Izzie refuses to go outside and asks Shepherd for support, but Alex insists that this surgery is too much to handle. Izzie objects and Derek asks them to have this conversation outside of the OR. Izzie insists on not leaving, so Alex angrily does.

Cristina is watching Richard in his office from the bridge. Owen comes over because she paged him. She needs him to go in there and tell the Chief that he needs her. He doesn't really want to because he thinks she'll be safe, and if she hates peds that much, he suggests she just tell Robbins. She thinks Richard is making a list of who gets to stay and who has to go and she has to be on the stay list, comparing it to Schindler's List. She's Jewish, so she claims she's allowed to compare the merger to the Holocaust. He calls her irrational and she then gets paged. Since he won't do it, she walks off angrily.

Cristina enters Robbins's OR, where Arizona asks to page Mark. Dr. Elizabeth Chen explains to Robbins how she cut into the baby's arm while doing an emergency C-section. Arizona needs the umbilical cord and asks Cristina to get it.

Cristina finds the umbilical cord and while Arizona asks for 5 centimeters of it, Mark comes in. Arizona tells him what happened and that they'll use the umbilical cord to fix it. They get ready for the procedure.

Lexie checks up on Tom in his room, with Jodie sleeping by his bedside. He has an injured spleen and they're waiting for it to stop bleeding. She's glad he seems okay and says she should go, but he says it's okay. They put in the restraints so he can't hurt her, even if the voices told him to do it. Schizophrenia humor, he explains. He has a thought that he needs to get out of his head: he keeps thinking they put a camera in his belly during the ultrasound. Normally he would ask his mother to talk it out of him, but he wants to let her sleep. Lexie takes a monitor with his scans and explains what's on it. There's no camera. She'll leave up the image so he can see it's not real when the thoughts come back.

Izzie is sweating heavily in the OR. Alex knocks on the scrub room glass because it's 2 o'clock. Derek tells her to go deal with it. Izzie tells Alex she hates him. He gives her the pills and offers her some water, followed by a banana. She thanks him. He kisses her and tells her to get back to work.

Lexie finds Bailey looking at scans and asks her if Jodie agreed to the surgery. No, she'll go home and die, Bailey says. Lexie blurts out Tom needs surgery, even though she knows they don't operate if there's not an active bleed, but it's so close. If they operate on him, maybe Jodie will let them operate on her. That way, they can be together through the entire process. Lexie keeps rambling about how it may be a bad idea that might get her fired, but Bailey shushes her again. This time, not because Lexie's words are hurting her, but because it's a good idea.

Mark questions how this could've happened. Arizona says Chen just made a mistake, which Cristina comments is the wrong time to do so. Mark tells them people with the doom scenarios. She comments the elective surgeries went down with 13% last quarter, which he interprets as plastics procedures. She thinks nobody is safe, not even him. He's sure he's safe. Arizona urges them to focus on giving the baby girl a normal life.

Bailey and Lexie have pitched the idea to Tom and Jodie, but he refuses to be cut open, fearing they'll put a camera inside him. Jodie supports him. Lexie says he'll feel better after the surgery and his mother's surgery will save her life, but he still refuses. Bailey urges him to look at her and tells him she's not an alien and not one of them. She tells him she has a son, for whom she'd do everything, just like his mother would do everything for him. Now she needs him to do this for her, or she will die and then he will be alone. He still is reluctant. She takes a needle and pricks her finger. She shows him she has red blood, which means she's human. She's a doctor and she wants to help them, but he'll have to trust her. He then finally agrees.

Arizona and Mark are done. If the tissue pinks up, they've done their job right. They release the clamps and after a few seconds, the arm pinkens up. Mark tells Cristina this is how he knows his job is safe. He leaves and Arizona tells her it's not a good idea to piss off her attending. Cristina says she'll apologize to him, but Arizona wasn't talking about Mark. Arizona likes kids and their parents, and she likes seeing them smile, so she likes playing games and getting them pudding. It makes her job way more fun. She doesn't like being used. Cristina claims she wasn't, but Arizona likes being lied to even less. 

Jodie and Tom are holding hands in the OR. She asks him what they need from the store while an anesthesiologist starts sedating him. When he's under, Jodie asks what'll happen if she doesn't make it. Bailey tells her to let her worry about that. Owen and Lexie enter and Bailey wheels Jodie out of the OR. 

Derek is still operating while Izzie is clearly having difficulties, but she refuses to scrub out. She assures him she's fine, but he points out she's dripping with sweat. Izzie then decides to have the nurses take her wig of, revealing her short "chemo hair". She then resumes assisting Derek.

Derek is in Richard's office, telling him that Isobel Stevens spent 5 hours standing in the OR today. Not because she was ready to, but because she was scared of losing her job and for showing weakness. It's fine if Richard doesn't want to talk to him, but Derek urges him to talk to his staff. They need to hear from you. Richard snaps Derek doesn't have to tell him about his people. He's been here for 30 years; he knows his people. He spent every hour of the past three days to save every job he could. Some tough choices had to be made. HR is sending out an e-mail to the first round of people that are being let go. He doesn't want to talk about it. He's tired and going home. 

Izzie, Alex, and Cristina find Meredith, who paged them. She tells them to check their e-mail, because they'll have an e-mail from HR if they got cut. While they all check their phones, Meredith says she will not stay calm if one them got cut. However, they're all safe. Meredith knew none of them would get cut, but a realistic Cristina points out there will be another round. 

Lexie enters the residents' lounge and starts talking to Steve about how Hunt let her repair the spleen on her own. She says that made her realize that if they just focus on their jobs and patients, they'll be fine. She doesn't notice that Steve looks depressed until she tells him that Megan got cut. He tells her about the e-mail and tells her that 3 quarters of their class got cut. He and Megan are having a baby. Lexie takes her phone to check her e-mail.

In the lobby, doctors and nurses are saying goodbye to colleagues who got cut. Megan wants to hear from Derek what she did wrong, so she can do better next time. He tells her she did nothing wrong; it's all about the money. Olivia says she's been here for 7 years. All her friends are here. She'll find another job, but it's just weird to say goodbye after 7 years. He offers to write her a recommendation. They hug. Derek and Owen want to go home to get some sleep, but Cristina thinks she's totally screwed now that she got kicked off peds. She can't sleep. If Cristina's not leaving, Meredith won't leave either.

Lexie is crying. Mark sits down with her to comfort her and offers to go talk to Chief to tell him how good she is, but Lexie is safe. She didn't get cut. He takes her into his arms.

In Callie's apartment, Arizona tells Callie that she hates this merger because she hates long-distance relationships. She just doesn't believe in them. So, Callie can't move to Portland. Callie says Arizona didn't seem to mind when she told her this afternoon, but Arizona says she didn't know she was allowed to mind. She didn't know if they were girlfriends, but then Callie called her her girlfriend so she needs to know if she's Callie girlfriend. Yeah, Callie says. Good, Arizona says, then she's not moving to Portland. What she does have to do is to go to the Chief and beg him to give her her job back. 

Alex lies down in bed with Izzie. She forgot George was dead today. In surgery, she forgot George was dead and that she has cancer. Alex says that this is the reality. He wants her to keep doing what she loves and she has a fantastic future ahead of herself, but she has to step up and take care of herself, eat and take pills. He can't be her nurse. She pulls him closer and kisses him.

Lexie, Meredith, Cristina, Mark, Owen, and Derek are on the baseball field. Cristina wants to go back to the hospital and Meredith supports her. Derek says they're not going to talk about the hospital. They're here to play baseball. They all take a beer, but Lexie's not in the mood because a lot of her friends got fired. Cristina leaves, but Owen stops her. He puts a helmet on her head. He gives her the bat and tells her to hit the ball. She doesn't want to. He tells her to stop worrying about what's gonna come, and focus on what's right in front of her, like the ball. The machine shoots another ball at her and she hits it. They all cheer. While Cristina hugs Meredith, Lexie takes her place and hits a ball as well.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Izzie Stevens
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Mark Sloan
  • Lexie Grey
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Jodie Crowley
  • Tom Crowley
  • Olivia Harper
  • Steve Mostow
  • Steve Mostow, Graciella Guzman, and Claire
  • Kelly
  • Julia Lee
  • Elizabeth Chen
  • Dani and Laura
  • Leo Byrider and Pierce Halley
  • Megan Nowland
  • Dani
  • Paramedic #1 (female)
  • Paramedic Nicole (#2)
  • Sage
  • Tyler Lee

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Medical NotesEdit

Arizona's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Torn cheek
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

A patient, 16, came into the ER with his cheek torn down to his mandible. He was taken directly into surgery. He'd been in a dirt bike accident. Derek determined he was neurologically intact and Mark checked out his cheek.

Mr. TrinidadEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Shunt revision
    • Open craniotomy

Mr. Trinidad was in the hospital to have shunt revision. In surgery, the shunt went south and had be be converted to an open craniotomy.

Jodie CrowleyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Jodie, 60, came into the hospital after she passed out and hit a parked car while driving. She had abdominal pain. Bailey felt a mass in her belly and then they noticed that it was pulsating. She said she'd had the mass for a while, but couldn't get it checked because she's a caretaker for his son. She had an abdominal aortic aneurysm and they planned surgery, but she wanted to wait because she didn't feel she could leave her son while she had surgery. They ended up taking him into surgery at the same time as her so she would agree to have the surgery. The surgery went well.

Tom CrowleyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Paranoid schizophrenia
    • Wrist injury
    • Splenic bleed
  • Treatment:
    • Bandaging
    • Surgery

Tom had paranoid schizophrenia. He was in a car accident with his mother and his wrist was injured. Lexie wrapped his wrist. When he noticed that she didn't have a name tag on her coat, he attacked her and ran out of the room. When confronted by security, he fell down the stairs, causing a splenic bleed. They were just going to watch it to see if it stopped bleeding on its own, but in order to convince his mother to have surgery, they took him for surgery at the same time. It went well.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Tumor
  • Treatment:
    • Tumor resection

Sage, 6, had had a tumor removed from her abdomen. Her labs were good, so Cristina wanted to check her incision site.

Tyler LeeEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Renal colic
    • Kidney stones
  • Treatment:

Tyler, 9, was supposed to have a shock wave lithotripsy for his kidney stones. However, he had no blood in his urine, so they cancelled it because they believed his stones had passed on their own.

Izzie StevensEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Stage IV metastatic melanoma
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Oral medication

Izzie took oral medication as part of her cancer treatment.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Severed arm
    • Prematurity
  • Treatment:
    • Arm re-attachment

Elizabeth Chen was doing a crash c-section on a 32-week fetus. She cut too deeply and almost severed the baby's arm. Arizona and Mark used the umbilical artery to re-attch the baby's arm.


Song Performer Scene
"Pop Goes the World" Gossip
  • Arizona realizes Cristina is using her.
  • Cristina, Alex, Lexie and Meredith talk in the cafeteria.
"The Chain" Ingrid Michaelson
  • Jodie and Tom talk in the OR before they are operated on.
  • Izzie has to take off her wig during surgery.
"Brown Eyes" Rachael Yamagata
  • Lexie tells Steve about the surgery she has done.
  • Steve tells Lexie Megan and a lot of other people of their class got cut.
  • The fired staff says goodbye.
  • Meredith and Cristina decide to stay at the hospital.
  • Lexie is crying over her fired colleagues.
"In My Head" Until June
  • Arizona tells Callie to ask for her job at Seattle Grace back.
  • Izzie and Alex talk about their day.
  • Mark, Derek, Owen, Lexie, Meredith and Cristina play baseball.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 6x03 I Always Feel Like Somebodys Watching Me Promo

Grey's Anatomy 6x03 I Always Feel Like Somebodys Watching Me Promo

  • This episode's title originated from the song Somebody's Watchin' Me, originally sung by Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson.
  • This episode scored 15.69 million viewers.
  • This episode marks the first time Izzie is back at work after she was admitted as a cancer patient in Stand By Me, although with a wig to cover up her "chemo hair".
  • The brain scans rapidly shown during the voice over at the beginning of the episode are of Izzie.
  • Nurse Olivia gets fired due to Seattle Grace Hospital's merger with Mercy West Medical Center, making this Sarah Utterback's last appearance on the show until her guest appearance in season fourteen.
  • Cristina willingly tries another specialty than cardio, thinking sucking up on Arizona Robbins will get her through the merger.


Episode StillsEdit


Arizona: I hate hate hate this merger. Because I hate long-distance relationships. I don't believe in them. So, you can't move to Portland.
Callie: When I mentioned this afternoon you didn't seem to mind. You really was 'Move to Portland'.
Arizona: I didn't know I was allowed to mind. I didn't know if we were girlfriends. But then you said girlfriend, you called me your girlfriend. So, I need to know. Am I your girlfriend?
Callie: Yeah.
Arizona: OK. Great. So, yeah, no, you're not moving to Portland. No, what you are going to do is, you're going to the chief's office and beg for-
Callie: I'm not gonna grovel!
Arizona: Yes, you are! Seriously, you don't wanna mess with me.

Izzie: I forgot he was dead today. For a few hours in surgery, I forgot I had cancer and I forgot he was dead.
Alex: But, George is dead. And you do have cancer. I want you to keep doing what you love. You're a great doctor, and you have a fantastic future ahead of you. But, you've gotta step up and start taking care of yourself. You've gotta take your meds, you've gotta eat. You've gotta pace yourself, 'cause I can't be your nurse. I can't.

Arizona: You know, it's not a good idea to piss off your attending.
Cristina: Oh, I don't know, if he's upset, I'll apologize.
Arizona: I wasn't talking about him.
Cristina: Sorry?
Arizona: I like kids, and I like their parents, and I like to see them smile. So I like going to get them pudding and playing games with them. Because it makes attaching their arms way more fun. I don't like being used. And I like being lied to even less.

Derek: Isobel Stevens spent 5 hours on her feet in surgery today. Not because she was ready to go back to work, but because she was scared. She's scared for her job and she was scared to show weakness. You don't have to talk to me, that's fine. But, you need to go out there and talk to your people. They need to hear from you.
Richard: Don't tell me about my people. I've been here for 30 years Derek. I know my people. I've spent every hour of the last 3 days saving every job that I could, but some tough choices had to be made. HR is sending out an email to the first round of people to be let go.

Cristina: I talked to Callie last night about the residents at mercy west. She said they don't suck! You're safe 'cause of Derek. Izzie's safe cause of cancer. Alex is Bailey's new favorite. You know even George would have been spared 'cause he's Owen's guy. Cardio has been a revolving door around here and no ones got my back.
Meredith: So, Arizona is your cover?
Cristina: She's merger proof! She keeps little kids alive. No one likes a dead kid. Plus, they're under anesthesia half the time. How bad can it be?

Cristina: That list is everything. It is my future. It is my salvation. The list is life.
Owen: You're comparing the merger with Schindler's List?
Cristina: I'm Jewish. I'm allowed.

Meredith: Nice pin.
Cristina: His name's Mr Bear. He eats children.
Meredith: Not having fun in peds?
Cristina: Well, my kid wants chocolate pudding really badly. This is the last one.

Cristina: Can't you go to the Chief and use your dead mommy connections to get some answers?
Meredith: We don't need dead mommy. We are going to be fine.

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