Here's what I learned the first day at medical school: think long and hard before choosing to become a surgeon. It takes 100 percent commitment. You have to be on your A game every time you walk into that OR. When patients are lying on your table, completely at your mercy, they need to know that when you make that first cut, you know what you're doing. No other specialty requires the time, the focus, the complete dedication, except maybe being a mom. What if your focus splits? What if you can't be all in? Are you left with nothing at all? Maybe you just need to find a different path. Here's what horrifying: what if you can't give a 100 percent? Maybe you just need to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

I Bet It Stung is the fifth episode of the tenth season and the 201st overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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Meredith jumps back into work but finds it hard to excel at both motherhood and being a surgeon. Stephanie tries to make a good impression on Jackson's mom, and Jo finds herself overly involved with her new patient. Meanwhile, Callie and Owen deal with an emotional situation regarding a patient.

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Callie is woken up by her alarm clock, and so are Meredith and Derek. It's their fourth day back to work, and Meredith doesn't know how they survived the previous four. "Coffee's on!" Callie yells from the kitchen. "That's how," Derek says. They get out of bed, and Meredith picks up baby Bailey, Derek takes Zola out of her bed and Callie does the same for Sofia. They all dress the kids, and give them cereal for breakfast. Before leaving for work, Meredith promises Zola that they'll have a princess tea party when she picks her up from daycare. "We're good at this," Meredith says as Derek kisses her goodbye, and she walks off to door. Callie reminds her to take her pump with her, and hands it over. They then accidentally also kiss each other goodbye. "Maybe we're too good at this," Callie says.

Jo is presenting James Evans, Alex's dad. He's charming her. Cristina informs him that Jo is going to do a treadmill stress ECG, after which he'll be discharged. Cristina gets a message that UNOS has a possible match for one of her transplant patients, and asks Jo to page her with James's results. Jo notices Alex, and she tries to get him to talk to his father and tell him who he is, but Alex is afraid that he'll pick up where they left off, which was him punching his father's face.

Meredith finds Cristina and asks her about the heart-liver transplant on Samantha Calder. She correctly diagnosed Samantha before going on leave, so she asks Cristina to let her take the liver. Cristina thought she was going to ease back into surgery, but Meredith says she doesn't ease back in, she jumps in the deep end and swims. Cristina asks her if she's read the Cleveland article on simultaneous heart-liver transplants under CPB. Meredith didn't know it was different from a regular heart-liver, but she promises she'll read the article. Bailey, who was paged by Cristina, comes over to ask about the surgery, but Cristina informs her that Meredith will take the liver. "You stole my liver?" Bailey asks Meredith. "I deserve this, I've been on the bench for months," Meredith defends herself. "You deserve nothing!" Bailey says. "I named my son after you, you can't be mad at me," Meredith says with a smile as she walks away. "Your son is the Devil's spawn, he drinks the milk of a liver thief!" Bailey yells.

A smililng Leah greets April and Arizona, and gives Arizona a cup of coffee, thinking she could use before her big surgery with Shepherd. Arizona asks what she did to Leah. "Something nice apparently, I didn't get a coffee," April says. Arizona thinks she may have brought Leah back to her apartment the night of the gala. She only has a vague memory, as she was drunk that night. She thinks she may have slept with her. April tells her how she woke up in the bathtub with her spanks still on. "At least we know you're good," Arizona comments. Callie comes by, and Arizona gives her the mortgage payslips for the apartment. "You're welcome," Arizona says when Callie walks away without saying anything. Callie reminds her that it's her apartment that Arizona is living in, and Arizona replies that if she wants her to move out, she just has to tell her. Callie says she doesn't want to live in the apartment she shared with her cheating wife.

Stephanie enters an on-call room, where she asks Jackson what he thinks about her shirt. She chose it carefully because she will meet Jackson's mother, and practices what she's going to tell Catherine. "She's gonna love you," Jackson says as she sits down next to him on the bed. He starts kissing her.

Without asking, Callie takes a piece of the banana bread Owen is eating. "Help yourself," Owen says, and Callie says that she was too busy feeding her family this morning, mentioning her sister-wife. She explains that she, Meredith and Derek are in some sort of a relationship now. Callie mentions that she used to dance in her underwear, and instead of getting back to that now that she left Arizona, she's now rebounded to the McDreamies. They get paged to the ER, as Owen says that Emma made him the banana bread. "You're rebounding too!" Callie smilingly says.

They meet April, who's already working on the patient and updates them. Donna, the patient's sister, and Reese, the patient, start arguing. Donna doesn't want to watch her sister try to kill herself again and tells the doctors all the injuries Reese ever had. Owen tells them that they need to take her up to CT.

Bailey and Catherine are in Richard's room. Richard manages to stand up and walk to the chair in the room, and refuses to let Bailey help him. They cheer him on, as Shane and Leah come in. They need to strip his JP drain, but they doubt if this is a good time. Catherine says it is, as she needs to talk to Bailey. Leah and Shane then help Richard to get back in bed. Outside the room, Catherine tells Bailey that she was expecting more. Bailey says that all he needs is support, and she wants to go get some more pillows. Catherine apologizes and says she's here to help.

As Catherine enters an on-call room to get the pillows, she sees Jackson and Stephanie kissing on a bed. Stephanie's shirt is open, and they awkwardly get up. Jackson then introduces Stephanie to his mother, who asks her to hand over the pillows from the top bunk. She hands them over to Catherine, who hums as she leaves the room. "I don't think she liked my shirt," Stephanie says.

Jackson follows his mother back to Richard's room while arguing over what happened. As they enter the room, Jackson says he meant to lock the door. Catherine makes some comments about Stephanie's mind not being on patient care, and Richard tries to come to Jackson's defense. As Jackson leaves the room, Catherine yells she's only looking out for him. 

Meredith enters Samantha's room, and she informs her that her baby belly has turned into a baby boy. She jokes she'd show her a picture, but he's so cute it may cause her to have another heart attack. "She's had several," Cristina says, and Samantha and her husband discuss the yoga music that helps her not to have heart attacks. Sam says that after she has a new heart and liver, she wants to have a baby like Meredith. "Or be a groundbreaking surgeon like Dr. Yang," Shane says with a smile. Meredith says she's a surgeon too, and Cristina says Dr. Grey does it all. Sam says she doesn't know how Meredith can keep doing all that together, and Meredith confesses she doesn't know either sometimes. Cristina reminds her that she might want to examine the patient.

In the ER, Stephanie is asking questions to a man with an extremely swollen penis. He says it was caused by several bee stings, 25 or 30. He tells her some weird story about having spilled some honey on his penis while he was naked and making a honey sandwich, after which he fell asleep. He says he thinks the bees caught the scent. As Stephanie says that they'll put in a catheter so he can pee again, he asks her if it would make a difference if it were hornets.

Derek is talking to other neurosurgeons in a conference room, and Meredith beckons him from the hallway. She tells him about her surgery with Cristina, and asks him to pick up the kids in the afternoon. Derek cannot do so, because he has to talk to the neurosurgeons who are visiting to see his AVM surgery. When Derek suggests Callie pick them up, Meredith objects that she promised Zola a princess tea party, which has to be with either her or Derek. Meredith wants Zola to know that she has not been replaced in their hearts by a baby brother or a multiple organ transplant. "It's an overdetermined tea party," Derek says, and Meredith gives in, and she says she'll talk to Callie.

James is doing the treadmill ECG test. He wants to do anything to get out of the hospital as soon as possible, and Jo asks if she can call any family member to come pick him up, but he says he's good. Jo then proposes to call a rehab clinic, but he refuses. Jo then blurts out that she thinks that his family abandoned him. She says that he's on methadone now, which is a big step towards recovery, and she asks him to keep it going. He says he's only a musician, so he cannot afford the good places. Jo then says she'll make some calls for him, and he calls her both persistent and annoying.

While Meredith is waiting for Callie to call her back, Cristina is informed by UNOS that they'll open up the donor in 2 minutes. Meredith then sends Shane to the ER to ask Callie to pick up the kids, and to remind of the princess tea party, which has to be today. "That's cool," Cristina says, and Meredith smilingly starts talking about the tea party while touching her boobs. "Not the tea party. You and me, doing groundbreaking surgery. That was the idea when we started," Cristina says. Meredith agrees it's pretty cool, while still touching her boobs. Cristina asks if she needs to go pump, but Meredith does not want to spoil the moment they're having. "Mer, your boobs are exploding. Go pump," Cristina says, and Meredith thanks her and runs off.

Callie and Owen are talking to Donna, who would like to hear the worst-case scenario. Owen says that Reese might need a kidney, so they have to start looking for a donor. "Okay, well, that's me!" Donna says, who informs them that she has donated several things to her sister before. "What's mine is hers," she says, and she explains that her sister started to do the dangerous activities when she went into remission. Her sister was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, and Owen remarks that Reese is lucky that she's a match. "It wasn't luck. I'm a donor baby. My parents only had me to save her," Donna says.

Stephanie is trying to put in a catheter into Mr. Samuels's penis, but the penis is too swollen to find access. Jo advises her to get someone from urology, and Stephanie says that the urology guy is still 20 minutes away as there was an emergency in an on-call room. The patient says he feels like he's going to explode, and Jo says he doesn't have 20 minutes.

Stephanie enters Richard's room, where Catherine tells her that there's nothing she can say after this morning to get her good graces. "I have a giant penis," Stephanie says. Catherine and Richard give her a strange look. "Not me! I don't have gia... I'm a girl!" Stephanie corrects herself, and she informs her on the patient. After some nervous babbling, she says she needs a consult. 

Owen, Callie, and April are operating on Reese Woods, and Callie starts teasing Owen about his girlfriend. "You're practically engaged," Callie says, reminding him of the banana bread she made him. "Matthew brought me breakfast burritos and now we're getting married. Just saying," April says. Owen says the sister has to be prepared to donate her kidney, and Callie says the sister can't so no. Shane comes in and tells Callie what Meredith asked him to tell her. Callie says she'll be out at 6, and Shane leaves. "So she can't say no?" Owen asks, and Callie realizes he's right, saying she needs her life back. She thinks she might need to kick Arizona out after all, but April comes to Arizona's defense until Owen needs her help with the kidney.

In the attendings' lounge, Jackson is talking about Stephanie and his mother to Alex, who's trying to get a coffee. Meredith, who's pumping, says he needs to step up for his girl. Jackson says he's not going to do anything, as it'll work itself out. Alex is knocking on the broken coffee machine, and he angrily leaves without a coffee. Bailey comes in with her mug, and Meredith tells her that Alex broke the coffee machine. "You're dead to me," Bailey says, and she tries to get her coffee. Shane comes in to talk to Meredith, and he awkwardly turns his back to her when he sees what she's doing. Cristina comes in and tells her that the organs are ready, but Meredith says she still needs 10 minutes before she's ready. Shane tells her about Callie, and Meredith is disappointed because tea time is at 4 o'clock, not at 6. Meredith confesses to Bailey that she's scared of becoming like her mother, and Bailey then gives her tips for pumping. 

While Arizona is performing the surgery with Emma observing, Derek is informing the neurosurgeons on what she's dong. Leah comes in to help out Arizona, who doesn't remember that she told Leah to scrub in at the night of the gala. Leah starts talking about the night of the gala at Arizona's house, and assures her she won't tell anyone. Arizona says it's a little tight in the OR, so she tells Leah she's more useful managing the patients on the peds floor. Leah leaves.

Alex is taking care of a baby girl, and Jo joins him. She tells him his dad will be discharged, and Alex says it's good. Jo is surprised by his comments, and she doesn't get that he doesn't want to talk to his father, while she has spent her entire life imagining having a father. Alex says his father is a dirtbag. "Just discharge him," he says and leaves.

Catherine doesn't buy the story Mr. Samuels told Stephanie. "Young man, did you put your penis in a hornets' nest?" she asks the patient, and he confesses. She starts taking care of the catheter, and she says they have to pray that they're not too late. "What happens if we are?" Stephanie asks, when the patient says he suddenly doesn't feel like he has to pee anymore. "That. The bladder burst is a moment of relief. And then..." Catherine says, as the man suddenly screams in pain. "Book an OR," Catherine says, and she asks Stephanie to ask Owen to extend her privileges.

Catherine enters Richard's room, and she tells him that Edwards let a man's bladder explode. Richard says Stephanie is not dumb, and Catherine agrees, saying that Edwards is strategic and that Jackson is dumb. She says she's now going to save the patient's manhood, after which she wants to have a serious conversation with him about him coming home with her. Leah comes in to check on his drain output, but she soon leaves when she sees they were talking. Catherine then says he's not progressing in this hospital, as they're coddling him because they love and fear him. "Very sweet, but ultimately a disservice," Catherine says, adding that he needs to be pushed. They kiss, and before she leaves, she asks him to think about it.

As Meredith is done with the pumping, she gets a call from the daycare center, where Zola took a fall and now needs a few stitches. She tells Bailey what happened, who tells her to go to her daughter. "Tell Cristina to talk to Samantha without me and that I'll meet her in the OR," Meredith says. 

Stephanie is preparing for the surgery, and Jackson sits down next to her, telling that he'll consult on the penis too. Jackson advises her to ask medical questions, which will make his mother forget about them. "How nice to see the two of you together again, and all dressed this time," Catherine says as she sits down too.

James is packing his stuff, as Jo comes in with to tell him that she got him a place in a great program. He asks why she's all doing this for him. Jo says that he told her that he'd go if she set it up for him, but he swears he didn't as that is against his policy. "You tell someone you gonna do something, you set them up for disappointment. That's how you lose your home, your family, make your children hate you," James says. He then says he doesn't want to let her down too. She tries to talk him into it again, but he interrupts her. "Take care now," he says, and she leaves. Outside his room, Jo informs Alex that James is full of regret and she thinks that this might be their last chance to talk, as James is going to use again and he will die eventually because of it. "Don't talk to me about this, ever," Alex says.

Bailey tells Cristina that Meredith is stitching up Zola and that she'll be back in time for the surgery when Samantha's husband yells that it's happening again. Bailey gets ready to intubate, while Cristina informs Shane that Samantha has gone into heart failure again and she orders him to book an OR. 

Stephanie and Catherine are operating and Jackson comes in to take a look at the penis. He signals at Stephanie to get her to ask his mother some medical questions, so she asks Catherine to elaborate on some of her most interesting cases, as she claims to be fascinated by all things penile. "Yes, I saw evidence of that earlier this morning," Catherine snaps. Jackson says he will be able to repair the penis so it can be stuck in all types of insect nests again. "I find it that men often put their penises in places that they don't belong. Suction, dear," Catherine tells Stephanie.

Alex is stitching up Zola, who's being held by Meredith. Meredith gets a text that her patient is going into the OR right now, and Alex tells her to leave Zola with him. Meredith thinks it sounds a bit like her mother to leave her kid to go to a surgery. Alex assures her that she's a good mother, and since he had crappy parents, he definitely knows the difference. "Besides, she's not going to be alone, she's going to be with me, who she loves more than her own parents," Alex says, convincing Meredith to leave.

Callie is talking to Donna, who knows that Reese needs her kidney. Callie says that Reese can also be put on dialysis until they find a donor. "You don't need to be spare parts of your sister anymore," Callie says, and Donna lists all the things she has wanted to do her whole life. She's not sure she can not be spare parts for her sister anymore. "Can I say no?" she asks, and Callie assures her she can. Callie says she should do whatever she wants, and adds dancing in her underwear to Donna's list. They get up, feeling that saying no feels good, and they start yelling no together.

Doris Samuels enters her husband's room, and she asks Stephanie what happened. Stephanie tells her what happened, and his wife says she knew she should've had the hornets nest removed. "So this is something he's done before?" Stephanie asks, and the wife explains that he likes a little pain with his pleasure, any kind of sting really. She says that it took him so long to come in because he was ashamed, and she adds that she doesn't understand it either. She does defend him though, saying that there are 500 other things about him that are more interesting. "That is not possible," a nurse whispers into Stephanie's ear as she leaves the room. 

Meredith runs into the scrub room, where Bailey and Cristina are getting ready for the surgery. Cristina informs her that Bailey is doing the liver, but Meredith says that she's doing the liver and starts explaining what happened to Zola. "I don't care about Zola, I'm thinking about the patient," Cristina says, explaining that she knows that Meredith will be worried about a lot of other things during the surgery. She asks if Meredith has read the article, and Meredith stays silent. Cristina then says that Bailey is scrubbing in on her patient as she does know the procedure. "Sorry," Bailey says.

Leah is looking at Richard's labs, and she wants to start him on antibiotics as there's a white blood cell elevation. He asks her to examine him to find out what's causing the elevation, and she barely dares to touch him. He says that the coddling makes her a bad doctor, and he tells her to buckle up, lift his gown, and give him a proper hands-on exam. Leah does so, and as Catherine listens from the doorway, Leah comes up with a correct diagnosis. He tells her what to do next, and as she leaves, Catherine comes in. "There's the bossy Richard I know and love," Catherine says. He says the interns will have to learn to look him in the eye and answer his questions. He says he's not coming with her as they need him in the hospital. "What if I need you too?" she asks, and he asks her to come closer. "You got me, I'm right here," he says.

Owen meets Callie in the hall, and he tells that the Donna decided to donate a kidney after all.

James and Alex are standing in an elevator together. Just as Alex wants to say something, James tells him take it easy and he leaves the elevator.

Cristina leaves the OR, and Meredith has been waiting for her. Cristina updates her on the patient's condition. Meredith blames her for having stolen the surgery, while Cristina apologizes and says that she really wanted Meredith to be in there with her. "I work my ass off to do that surgery with you, and you stole it from me. That was low," Meredith blames her. "Meredith, you were unprepared, you were unfocused and you were late. I didn't stole that surgery from you, I rescued that surgery from you, because you couldn't do it," Cristina says. Meredith says that she's an as competent and talented surgeon as Cristina is, but Cristina says she isn't. "I'm sorry, but you're not, and that's okay. You have different priorities now. You cut back on your clinical hours, you log in less time in the OR, you don't do research, and I get it. I mean, you have Zola and baby Bailey, and you wanna be a good mom," Cristina says. Meredith is hurt because Cristina tells her that she can't be a good surgeon and a good mom, but Cristina says that's not true, as Bailey, who's a mom too, was fantastic in the OR today. "Then what are you saying?" Meredith asks. Cristina says that neither Bailey, nor Callie, nor Ellis Grey ever let up after having started a family. "I know you don't want to be your mother. I'm saying you and I started running down the same road at the same time, and at a certain point, you let up," Cristina says, and she adds that she supports Meredith's decision to slow down, as they are valid choices. "But don't pretend they don't affect your skills. You are a very good surgeon. We're in different places now, and that's okay," Cristina concludes. 

The neurosurgeons are in the bar, and so is Arizona. She tells the bartender that they're the top 12 of neurosurgeons, and that they need a drink. Callie comes in, and she tells Arizona that she needs her place back. She wants to stop taking care of other people, and now that Arizona is not sick anymore, she can kick her out. She needs to move back into her apartment tonight, as she'll otherwise change her mind. She tells Arizona she'll have an intern pack up her stuff tomorrow and then leaves. Leah overheard this, and she tells Arizona that she can stay at her place. Arizona then asks her to tell her what they did the night of the gala, because she cannot remember. Leah says that she called her to see if she made it home, and because she didn't answer, Leah went to Arizona's apartment where she found Arizona lying passed out on the hallway floor. Inside, Arizona insisted on having a dance party, after which they made grilled cheese sandwiches to eat while watching videos of Derek performing an AVM surgery. "It was the first time I felt like I found somebody around here who got me," Leah says, and then asks if she really doesn't remember anything. Arizona says she only vaguely remember the grilled cheese. "Let's go back to the part where you said I was pretty," Leah says. 

Catherine enters the bar too, and Stephanie sits down with her. "I'm sure we got off on the wrong foot," Stephanie says. "Your feet were not the issue, dear," Catherine remarks. Stephanie says that even though the quicky with Jackson in the on-call room suggests she has no self-respect. "It suggests that I like much of my generation, and don't understand that where we choose to have sex says a lot about what we think of ourselves, and a lot of the work you did to break down barriers for women, in particular women of color, is a whole lot of wasted effort," Stephanie says, and Catherine is now willing to listen to hear her out. Stephanie says that she really cares about Jackson, and that meeting his mother was a big deal for her. She says that even though the shirt that came off in the on-call room is the only thing that Catherine will think about when she thinks about Stephanie, there are 500 other things about her that are more interesting than that. "Well, I will also think about the fact that you didn't put in a catheter until the man's bladder..." Catherine begins, but Stephanie says that she didn't have all the information to come up with a correct diagnosis. Catherine proposes to forget about it, when Jackson comes over. Stephanie wants to leave, but Catherine wants her to stay for a drink.

Callie just put Sofia down for the night, and she her iPod catches her eye. She takes off her pants and puts in her earphones and starts to move.

Derek comes home, and he asks Meredith how Zola is doing. Meredith says she didn't get her princess tea party, and that Callie, who was supposed to do the food shopping, moved out, so now there is no food. "Why are you yelling at me? I had a big surgery," Derek says. "So did I!" Meredith yells, and she blames him for having missed out on the surgery because he didn't pick up his phone when Zola needed stitches, which is why she had to go. "I'm sorry, but that is not my fault," Derek says. They continue arguing, and Meredith says she shouldn't have to choose between being a good surgeon and being a good mother. "Never have I asked you to do that," Derek says.

While Meredith's voice over says that it sometimes may be necessary to start all over again, Callie finally dances in her underwear again.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • James Evans
  • Mr. Samuels
  • Donna Woods
  • Catherine Avery
  • Doris Samuels
  • Samantha Calder
  • Davis Calder
  • Reese Woods
  • Teacher Karen
  • Nurse Liz McKee
  • Neurosurgeon #1

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Medical NotesEdit

James EvansEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Drug Addiction
  • Treatment:
    • Methadone

James was post-op day six from his emergent tricuspid valve replacement. He was insistent that he leave the hospital, but Jo wanted to get him into a rehab facility instead. She found a facility and got him 28 days there, but he refused to go.

Samantha CalderEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Familial hypercholesterolemia
    • Repeated heart attacks
  • Treatment:
    • Heart/Liver Transplant
    • Yoga Music

Samantha was a patient of Meredith's before she went on leave. Meredith diagnosed her with familial hypercholesterolemia and she needed a heart/liver transplant. Cristina asked Bailey to scrub in on the surgery, but Meredith reminded her that Samantha was originally her patient. Cristina asked her if she read on a new method for heart/lung transplants and Meredith agreed to go read it. Samantha had repeated heart attacks, though she said yoga music helped with that, because it kept her calmer. Before her surgery, Samantha went into heart failure while waiting to be prepped, so they took her immediately into the surgery, which was performed successfully by Bailey and Cristina.

Reese WoodsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Open tibia fracture
    • Abdominal pain
    • Aplastic anemia
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Kidney Transplant

Reese was hang gliding and got into an accident. She had an open tibia fracture, but when Callie examined the break, she noted that it wasn't bone, but a rod. Reese's sister, Donna, informed her that the rod had been placed in March, after a skiing accident. She also listed off several other previous accidents. Owen and Callie warned her sister that Reese might lose her remaining kidney, calling on Donna to be a donor. Donna told them that she was conceived to save Reese's life after she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at age two. Callie later revealed to Donna that Reese would need the kidney, but insisted that Reese could be on dialysis while they looked for a donor. Donna initially stood up for herself and refused to donate the kidney, but she later recanted and donated.

Richard WebberEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Elevated white blood cell count
    • Pancreatic leak
  • Treatment:
    • Compression socks
    • Antibiotics

Catherine Avery was upset about the lack of progress in Richard's recovery. Catherine noted that the other doctors were too timid around him. Leah discovered that he had an elevated white blood cell count, but she was reluctant to examine him. He finally talked her into it and she saw that his abdomen was tender. She diagnosed him with a pancreatic leak and he told her she needs to unclog his drain so it doesn't happen again.

Mr. SamuelsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Multiple hornet stings
    • Swollen penis
    • Burst bladder
  • Treatment:
    • Benadryl
    • Steroids
    • Catheter
    • Surgery
    • Skin Graft

Mr. Samuels came into the ER because he'd been unable to urinate due to a swollen penis. He said he'd been in his backyard without his pants and he made a peanut butter and honey sandwich and he must have gotten some honey on his penis because he fell asleep and woke up with multiple stings on his penis. Later, he admitted that that wasn't true. He actually stuck his penis into the hornets' nest. His bladder burst. Jackson consulted on the case and noted that he'd need a skin graft. After his surgery, his wife informed Stephanie that her husband gets sexual pleasure from being stung.

Derek and Arizona's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Spinal AVM
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

A group of neurosurgeons from around the world came in to watch as Arizona and Derek operated on a 12-year-old with a spinal AVM.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Unknown
  • Treatment:
    • Unknown

Alex was seen drawing blood from an infant.

Zola Grey ShepherdEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Laceration on forehead
  • Treatment:
    • Staples

Zola fell and got cut on her forehead while in daycare. Meredith picked her up and had Alex take care of the wound, which required two staples.


Song Performer Scene
"Ukulele Anthem" Amanda Palmer
  • Callie, Meredith, and Derek wake up.
  • They dress and feed the kids.
  • Meredith and Callie accidentally kiss as Meredith leaves for work.
"Let's Go" Vassy
  • Stephanie enters Richard's room to ask Catherine for a consult.
"You Know You Like It" AlunaGeorge
  • Leah is being talked through her exam by Richard and finally diagnoses him with a symptomatic pancreatic leak. 
  • She passes Catherine as she storms out.
  • Owen tells Callie that Donna decided to donate her kidney after all.
  • Alex is in the elevator together with his father.
"The End" Fitz & The Tantrums
  • Arizona is at the bar, when Callie comes in to tell her that she's kicking her out of the apartment.
  • Leah overheard this and offers Arizona to spend the night at her place.
  • She recounts the night they spent together after the gala.
"Lose It" Little Jackie
  • Callie spots her iPod, takes off her pants, and puts in her earphones.
  • Meredith yells at Derek for having to choose between being a good surgeon and a good mother.
  • Callie dances in her underwear.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 10x05 Promo "I Bet It Stung" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 10x05 Promo "I Bet It Stung" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song I Bet It Stung, originally sung by Tegan and Sara.
  • This episode scored 8.78 million viewers.
  • Callie finally dances in her underwear again, something she had wanted to do since Seal Our Fate.


Episode StillsEdit


Stephanie: Dr. Avery?
Catherine: Save your breath, there's nothing you could say after this morning to get my good graces.
Stephanie: I have a giant penis. Not me! I don't have a gia... I'm a girl! Uh, I have a patient, and he has a giant penis. It's the biggest one I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of... You make me nervous, I need a consult.

Bailey: You stole my liver?
Meredith: Come on, I deserve this. I've been on the bench for months.
Bailey: You deserve nothing!
Meredith: I named my son after you. You can't be mad at me.
Bailey: Your son is devil spawn. He drinks the milk of a liver thief!

Cristina: Do you need to go pump?
Meredith: No, I'm fine.
Cristina: You're holding your boobs.
Meredith: But we're having a moment. I don't wanna spoil it.
Cristina: Mer, your boobs are exploding. Go pump.
Meredith: Thank you!

Catherine: Let me see. Did I miss anything else?
Stephanie: I don't see anything.
Catherine: That's what's called a rhetorical question, my dear.

Stephanie: Dr. Avery, can you elaborate on some of your more interesting cases? I'm fascinated by all things penile.
Catherine: Yes, I saw evidence of that earlier this morning.

Jackson: Yeah, he'll be able to stick it in a hornet's nest, an ant hill, tarantula's... wherever they live.
Catherine: (looking at Stephanie) Well, I find it men often put their penises in places they don't belong. Suction, dear.

Callie: Hey! I am going to need my place back. Look, I feel bad about kicking you out, but I need to stop taking care of other people. I took care of you for a year. Picked you up of the bathroom floor, took your abuse. But you're not sick anymore. Now you're just someone who cheated, and you did that to yourself, so I'm sorry, but I need my life back. I need me back and I need to do it tonight, or I'm afraid I'll change my mind.

Meredith: You stole that surgery from me.
Cristina: I'm sorry. I really wish you could have been in there with me.
Meredith: I worked my ass off to do that surgery with you and you stole it from me. That was low.
Cristina: Meredith, you were unprepared, you were unfocused, and you were late. I didn't steal that surgery from you. I rescued that surgery from you, because you couldn't do it.
Meredith: I understand that you think you are God's gift to surgery, but I am every bit as talented and competent a surgeon as you are.
Cristina: No you're not. I'm sorry, but you're not. And that's okay. You have different priorities now. You cut back on your clinical hours. You log in less time in the OR. I mean, you don't do research. And I get it. You have Zola and baby Bailey, and you want to be a good mom.
Meredith: I don't believe you! You are saying that I can't be a good surgeon and a mom.
Cristina: Of course not! Bailey's a mom, and she was fantastic in there today.
Meredith: Then what are you saying?
Cristina: I'm saying -- okay, Bailey never let up. She, like, lives here. Callie never let up. Ellis Grey never let up, and I know you don't want to be your mother. I'm saying you and I started running down the same road at the same time and at a certain point you let up. You slowed down. And don't say that I don't support that, because I do. You made your choices and they are valid choices. But don't pretend they don't affect your skills. You are a very good surgeon, but we're in different places now. And that's okay.

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