Before you run into a fire, you have to try to understand its identity. What caused it? Where did it start? How do we put it out? Otherwise, you'll find yourself ill-prepared and totally exposed. So we observe, identify, extinguish, done. If only it were ever really that easy. All of us struggle with our identity. Maybe we date somebody we shouldn't. Maybe we're related to someone we wish we weren't. Maybe we need rules. Maybe we shun them. Maybe we need to shake off who we always thought we were and try on something new. Maybe we should loosen up. Maybe we should take a leap. Because when we do, maybe we just might surprise ourselves.

I Fought the Law is the ninth episode of the second season and the 19th overall episode of Station 19.

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When Andy, Maya, and Dean respond to a call, they find an injured woman with amnesia. But soon into the treatment process, they realize there is much more to her story. Meanwhile, Captain Sullivan takes Ben and Jack on a house call that quickly becomes a close call for the patient they're treating, while Ryan may not have seen the last of his father, Greg.

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  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Ryan Tanner
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • Lucas Ripley
  • Oscar Delgado
  • Margaret Chen
  • Greg Tanner
  • Officer Conn
  • Reporter
  • Park Worker
  • Jason Chen
  • Nurse
  • Officer Hickson

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Song Performer Scene
"The Crown" FK & RQ
  • Andy wakes Maya and starts talking to her.
  • Andy wants to skip work, but Maya knows Andy just doesn't want to do her interview.
  • Maya doesn't want to go to work either, because Jack's back, so she's off to station 23.
  • Ryan knocks on the door and Maya sends Andy out to deal with him.
  • Andy goes to the kitchen and she and Ryan make out. She wants to go have sex to avoid talking about what they are.
  • She agrees to make some rules, but quickly decides she doesn't want to and leaves for work.
"Carry Me" Katie Garfield
  • Andy helps the cops.
  • Ryan tells Margaret she doesn't have much time.
  • Margaret sits down with her son and tells him she loves him forever.
  • She sees him off as he's taken for surgery.
  • Margaret holds out her wrists to be cuffed and Ryan cuffs her.
  • Andy finishes talking to the cops and watches as they head inside just in time to see Ryan bring her out.
  • Margaret is put into the car and driven off.
"Just Watch" Anna Mae
  • Andy takes Pruitt to see the whole team lined up.
  • He maintains that pole days have to be earned.
  • After some goading, he finally goes down.
  • The team starts to follow.
  • Maya tells Jack she's staying at 19.
  • Ben asks Dean if he thinks he'd be good for Medic One. Dean wishes him luck.
  • Vic tells Lucas she told her best friend. He assumes that friend is outside the department.
  • Ryan opens the storage locker and finds a box, full of money, which Greg wants him to use to help his mother.
  • Andy and Sullivan talk about their days. They both had good days.
  • Pruitt comes out of the office and goes down the pole again.

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Station 19 2x09 Promo "I Fought The Law" (HD) Season 2 Episode 9 Promo

Station 19 2x09 Promo "I Fought The Law" (HD) Season 2 Episode 9 Promo

  • This episode scored 5.02 million viewers.
  • The park where Margaret is found is named after writer Barbara Kaye Friend's cat.


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