Ice Ice Baby is the sixth episode of the third season and the 33rd overall episode of Station 19.

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When a blizzard hits Seattle, Travis must take a difficult call and members of the crew are forced to face their truths. Meanwhile, Ben has rising suspicions about a colleague.

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On the second night of a blizzard that has caused power to go out in some parts of Seattle, the firehouse has opened its doors to people who need a warm place to wait out this behemoth. Vic is on the phone with Jackson. They're having their first fight. She hangs up on him and asks Travis why men are such babies. Travis begs her to take over his phone shift but she refuses.

Jack and Andy are cleaning the aid car. Maya hasn't yet figured out that she can't make them scrub her shame away. Jack brings up their hook-up. She has no regret but it won't happen again. They're pals now. Maya comes up to tell them the toilet's clogged again. Jack leaves to take care of it. Maya then tells Andy it's weird not seeing her at home and asks her where she ended up moving. Andy says she found a place with Jack. Maya tries to chat but Andy leaves to go assist Jack. Pruitt watches her walk ofF. Travis figures he hasn't told her yet. Travis thinks he should stop hovering over her and instead tell her what's going on. The phone rings again. It's Pilar, who says she's been on hold with 911 for an hour and she's very cold. Travis briefly puts her on hold again. Ben and Sullivan return from a tour in the neighborhood. A Belgian Malinois slips inside behind them. He has a bloody shoe in his mouth. Moments later, in walks a man with a bloody foot. He accidentally chainsawed his foot off but he stapled it back on, and now he lost his dog.

Ben and Sullivan take the man to the aid car. They throw out a couple making out in there and get the man to sit down. He was trying to clear ice from the satellite on his five. He wanted to follow the game. Ben checks out the foot and finds he used both staples and duct tape. Bystanders start taking pictures. Sullivan orders them to step back. The man cleaned out the wound with whiskey. They get the man installed on the gurney. Ben plans on amputating the foot so they can clean it out good. The man wants to keep the foot attached since he read online it can be reattached at the hospital later.

Travis answers another call. It's his mother.


Travis and Michael are at Travis' parents' house. They have good news to share. They are getting married. Travis' parents stay silent. His dad walks away from the table and his mother, Nari, can't bring herself to congratulate them either.


Travis assures his mother he's fine but she insists he make chicken broth. Travis tells his mother he has to go and hangs up. Rose, a woman with Down's syndrome, comes up taking pictures of him with her camera. She tells him he could be her boyfriend. He breaks the news that he's gay. He invites her to help him with the phones. Photography is her new hobby. As a train of sports fools pass through the lobby singing and cheering, Travis realizes he left Pilar on hold. She tells him her car slid off a bridge. She's cold and she can't move. She thinks she broke her legs. Travis has to switch phones since he can't hear her properly due to the sports fans. He moves to Maya's office.

A man has installed himself there to arrange business transactions. Since his tax dollar pay Travis' salary, he finds he has the right to do that. Travis throws him out and picks up the phone.

Jack finds Dean making his special chili. He tastes. JJ yells from the break room that the baby needs chili. He makes her a bowl and admits to Jack that he's terrified. Andy comes up and comments JJ looks like she's about to pop. JJ then pops.

Ben and Sullivan are working on Jeff's foot. Sullivan is afraid of the dog. Jeff says there's nothing to be afraid of, unless you're trying to move narcotics across the border. Ben asks Sullivan to fetch him some supplies, including some Fentanyl. He tells him the code to the PRT supply closet.

Maya and Andy take JJ into the bathroom. Maya has been in touch with Carina DeLuca. She told them a warm shower might help JJ relax. JJ wants an epidural but they can't move her to Grey Sloan with the roads being closed. Andy leaves to see what supplies she can find to alleviate the pain.

Travis tries to get Pilar to remember pointers to her location. She remembers seeing signs for a park. She's not from Seattle so she's not sure. Pilar can't see anything. When she came to after the crash, her car was buried in snow. She thinks the exhaust of her car is trapped by the snow because she gets dizzy when she turns it on. Travis tells her that was a good call and requests a search and rescue team for a priority rescue.

In the break room, Rigo is among the people watching the basketball game. He asks Jack if he played back in the day. Jack didn't but Rigo did. Rigo says they should shoot hoops sometime. Jack agrees and leaves to clean something else.

Dean appears in the bathroom to help. JJ wants him to drive her to Grey Sloan. He can't due to the weather conditions. Andy returns with a yoga ball, which she read can speed the labor along. Pruitt comes in to check. He has delivered quite a few babies back in the day. Since the birth is hours away, Maya asks the men to give them some woman-space for a while. JJ insists on needing an epidural.

Travis asks dispatch for a list of Seattle parks with bridges. The dispatcher asks him to hold. Pilar is feeling very sleepy. She can't feel her fingers or toes. Travis asks what brought her to Seattle. She came for her boy, Simon. He'll be 32 in May. Travis has her honk her horn. He'll have her do that when the rescue team gets close. The dispatcher then lets him know there are 47 parks with bridges in Seattle.

Vic is entertaining kids with basketball in the barn. Dean comes up and tells her JJ is in labor upstairs. She needs her space and he has a better chance at survival upstairs. A girl asks if the two of them are dating. He says Vic is dating Superman, and he's Brown Hornet. Vic adds his girlfriend is having a baby right now. Dean's not sure she's his girlfriend. Vic says it's bad day for lovers. Vic says she's having her first fight with Jackson. She can't remember how it started.

Jeff is not sure amputating the foot again is the right way to go. Ben then notices people are still recording them. He climbs out of the rig to ask them for privacy. Jeff then closes the door behind him. He can't lose his foot.

To keep Pilar awake, he asks her about Simon. He's been angry with her because she took him away from his father, who used to get very angry and hurt her. She wanted to spare her son from that. She prayed to Jesus to give her the strength to get her boy out. She promised to serve him the rest of her days if he did. Travis rolls his eyes. Pilar talks about the night she took her son away. Simon never saw his father again and he's been mad at her ever since. Travis asks when that happened. Pilar says last week, after his birthday party. He turned 4 last Friday. Travis realizes Pilar is demented.


Travis is reading his favorite poem written by his mother. It's his favorite, as well as his father's. She wrote it when she was pregnant with him. It's been years since she's written anything. Travis says he and Michael would love for her to read the poem at their wedding. Nari says his father would love that.


Ben tries to get Jeff to open the door, arguing that he is losing blood by the minute. Sullivan opens the door with the key as he returns with the supplies.

Maya is FaceTiming with Carina, who tells her all they can do is make sure JJ is relaxed so nature can do what it does. Maya is not relaxed herself. Carina is confident it will work out seeing as it appears Maya is excellent at whatever she puts her mind to. Maya admits to being good at a lot of things. Maya wants to call her later and not talk about babies. Carina says they can talk any time, about anything.

Vic tells Dean that Jackson still hasn't called her. She thinks he's breaking up with her and ghosting her. Or he's just in surgery, Dean says. She hadn't thought of that. Dean is afraid he'll make a terrible dad. Vic asks about his father. Dean says he wasn't terrible and did his duties, but he's not sure he loved his children all that much. Vic can relate to that statement. She lists some of Dean's qualities that assure her he'll make a great father.

Rigo is having some kids try on some helmets in the turnout room. Jack comes in and Rigo says he's a Lieutenant, which means he bosses people around and pretend to be a Captain. He has the kids leave and tells Jack over on B, they give each other crap, but on A, they take everything so serious. Jack says it's all good. He apologizes for getting off on the wrong foot. Rigo shakes his hand and asks if he's ever been cheated on. He talks about how Eva likes to flirt, knowing she's hot. Sometimes, Eva takes it too far and makes the guy think he has a chance. She'll tell Rigo about it to get him mad so it gets rough in the bedroom. They both like that, but then sometimes, if Eva's drunk or bored or mad at him, she'll actually sleep with the guy. Jack asks how he copes with that. Rigo usually beats the guy to a pulp but it's tricky this time because he works with the guy. He doesn't want to get benched, but he doesn't like keeping the rage inside either. Jack thinks he should punch the guy. Rigo then punches him. Vic and Dean come in. Rigo says Jack tripped. Jack confirms and walks out.

Ben questions how an Iraq vet like Sullivan can be afraid of dogs. Sullivan doesn't remember telling him. Sullivan says they used to Belgian Malinois over there. He's seen what they can do to people. He administers pain meds.

Pruitt is checking out JJ's vitals. Maya says her OB friend suggested she masturbate to reduce the pain. JJ asks them for privacy.

Vic and Dean are checking out Jack's face. Rigo walks in so Jack and Dean walk out. Rigo asks Vic if she wants to know what Jack did. She doesn't. She leaves, too.

Andy and Maya are standing outside the bathroom. Maya tells Andy she can stay mad at her for however long she likes but Maya will continue to be her friend, because she knows Andy would have taken the job, too, had the tables been turned. One of these days, the Ryan grief will ease up a little and then Andy will see that, too. Andy says two men agreed behind closed doors that she couldn't handle the promotion that was promised to her and earned by her. She's not mad Maya took the job, she's mad because she did so without a single word of acknowledgement. If she had said she knew it was wrong and unfair, then at least Andy would know she wasn't a sociopath. Then she could enjoy a little more how Maya is wrecking this firehouse in a million different ways.

Travis tells Pilar they're narrowing down her location. Pilar never told Simon the truth. She regrets wanting to bury the whole thing in the past. She wants Simon to know she only wanted to keep him safe but she couldn't let him grow up with that man. She wishes he'd forgive her.


Travis is helping his father clean up after dinner. His father is upset for Nari. She feels like she can't show her face in town because she doesn't know what to tell people. Travis suggests she say she's happy for him for marrying an amazing guy. His father asks why they have to be so public about it. He suggests they elope and asks if he's not ashamed at all. He's not because his father has enough shame for the both of them.


Travis brings up James 3:13 to PIlar, "Faith without works is dead." She sacrificed her life to make Simon's better. She protected him. The dispatcher lets him know Search and Rescue is in the vicinity. She patches him in. Travis asks Pilar to honk her horn but it's not working. She thinks it's frozen. The rescue team doesn't see any sign of the car or damage to the bridge. Pilar gets confused and asks if Simon is coming to get her. Travis tells the team she's right there but the team has to move on to other calls. Travis begs them to look again but they move on anyway. Pilar asks Travis if she's going to die. He tells her no and says they are coming.


It's Travis and Michael's wedding day. Travis' parents did not show. Michael tells Travis that one minute from now, they will say their vows and be a family. He will always be in Travis' front row.


Travis is looking for something while Rose is asking Pilar about her favorite movie. Travis has finally found the Bible. Rose hands the phone back to him. Pilar thanks him for letting him meet his girlfriend. Pilar says she's not shivering anymore. He pretends that's a good sign.

Ben has amputated the foot. It's entirely possible the surgeons can reattach it. Thanks to the PRT supplies, they can keep Jeff safe here while they wait for the weather to clear. Sullivan gasps as the pain in his leg flares up, which doesn't go unnoticed by Ben. Sullivan claims it's Charley horse.

Pruitt assures JJ that she and the baby are going to be fine while Andy and Maya lay out towels for the delivery. Maya says she fought for the job before Ryan's death. She dumped Jack and went to Sullivan to tell him she was the right person for the job. She told him Andy puts her feelings before the job and lets her personal life interfere. Maya doesn't do that. She is relentless and she thinks that is the right quality for the job. She admits she's a crappy friend and a control freak, but she cares a lot about Andy. Like Pruitt, who's here more often after he retired than he was before, obsessively making sure everything is just right for her. He's obsessive, too, working nonstop like he's running out of time. Maya is like that, although not as good at it as he is. Her words "running out of time" strike a cord with Andy, who realizes what Pruitt has been trying to tell her. Pruitt admits he has a metastasized testicular cancer and only has six months to live, tops. JJ needs to push.

Pilar asks Simon if he's there. She is ready to go. Travis pretends to be Simon. He tells her he forgives her and that she did the best she could for him. He's not angry anymore. He loves her. Pilar says a prayer to thank God but her thoughts trails off. Travis finishes the prayer for her as she passes away.

Out on the catwalk, Jack tells Dean he'll miss the houseboat. Dean asks why he didn't try to defend himself from Rigo. Jack admits he slept with Eva. Dean will pretend he didn't just say that. He never liked Rigo but they are a family and that is unforgivable.

JJ starts panicking. Andy calms her down and assures her the pain won't be but a memory once she holds that baby in her arm. Whenever you feel like quitting, you have a chance to dig deeper than ever to be the hero. JJ screams she was on the pill as she gives the final push. Maya shows her her baby girl. She wraps it in a blanket and hands the girl to JJ. Andy then breaks down and leaves the room.

While monitoring Jeff, Ben is counting the Fentanyl vials.

With people asleep on the floor of the barn, Jack sits on the catwalk beating himself up over what he did.

Travis cries as he hangs up on the call.

Vic takes Dean to the bathroom. As he meets his daughter, Vic sees a crying Andy. As Pruitt and Sullivan come in, Andy flees into the bedroom. Vic and Sullivan ask Pruitt what happened. He tells them about his cancer and that Andy just found out. Sullivan follows Andy, ignoring Vic's plea to give her a minute. He sits down with her and holds her as she fully breaks down.


Nari is reading the poem in the living room. When she's done, Michael tells her it was beautiful and hugs her. Travis doesn't move. Michael tells her she did her best. Travis says her best is not good enough and it's way too late.


As the sun comes up, Travis sits by the phone as it keeps ringing. Rose comes in and tells him he has to answer it. He's a hero and heroes answer the phone. As she leaves, Travis answers the call. It's his mother again. He tells her they are all okay at the station. He could use some of that soup now.

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Pilar[edit | edit source]

Pilar called the station after driving off a bridge during a blizzard and becoming buried in a pile of snow. She told Travis she'd been on hold with 911 for an hour and was very cold and though she'd broken her leg or maybe more than that. She told Travis she remembered passing a sign for a state park before she went off the bridge. Travis worked with her to narrow down her location. A crew went out to where they believed she was, but her horn froze and she couldn't alert them to her location. They were forced to move on to the next call, so Travis knew she'd die out there. He stayed on the phone with her, offering her comfort, until she stopped replying to him.

Jeff[edit | edit source]

Jeff came into station 19 after cutting off his foot with a chainsaw and then stapling it back on. Ben told him they'd have to re-amputate his foot in order to clean the area properly. Ben removed the foot and bagged it up so it could be reattached at the hospital.

JJ[edit | edit source]

JJ went into labor during the blizzard. Since they were snowed in, they put her in a warm shower to help her relax. Later, Maya told her that Carina had suggested that she masturbate to relieve her pain and speed up labor. After that, labor progressed and she gave birth to a healthy baby.

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Performer Scene
"Runnin' It Now" Pigeon John
  • The station is crowded with stranded people.
  • Vic has a fight over the phone, the consults with Travis.
  • Andy and Jack talk and clean the aid car.
  • Maya sends Jack to unclog a toilet, then questions Andy.
  • Pruitt is still trying to tell Andy he has cancer.
  • A dog carrying a bloody shoe comes into the station, followed by a limping man.
"Cello Suite No. 1" Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Michael and Travis talk before their wedding.
"We'll Be Free" AG feat. Nilu
  • Andy figures out that her dad has cancer.
  • JJ Feels the urge to push.
  • Travis talks to Pilar, pretending to be her son.
  • Travis prays with her and she passes away.
"Amazing Grace" Sleeping at Last
  • JJ and Dean's baby is born.
  • Andy cries outside the room.
  • Ben checks the fentanyl.
  • Jack sits alone and thinks.
  • Travis hangs up the phone and cries.
  • Dean meets his child.
  • Pruitt checks on Andy, who goes into her bunk.
  • Pruitt tells Vic and Sullivan about his cancer.

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  • This episode scored 6.59 million viewers.

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