In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else is the first episode of the first season and the series premiere of Private Practice.

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At the invitation of her friend, fertility specialist Naomi Bennett, Addison leaves her job in Seattle and heads to Los Angeles to start a new job at Oceanside Wellness Group and to begin a new life. Not expecting Addison's arrival are Naomi's business partners at the co-op wellness center, her ex-husband, internist Sam Bennett, psychiatrist Violet Turner, pediatrician Cooper Freedman and alternative medicine guru Pete Wilder (who is convinced Addison is there because of their recent kiss). On her first day, Addison is presented a case that could make or break her acceptance among the Oceanside staff.

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In the scrub room of the O.R., Dr. Addison Montgomery is explaining to Chief Webber the reasons behind her decision to leave Seattle Grace and join the Oceanside Wellness Group in Los Angeles. She says she needs a change. He says she doesn’t know anyone about the people at the practice. She says she knows plenty. As she talks about each one, the camera shows Naomi sitting on her bathroom floor, telling Maya that she needs a minute as she cries and eats a carrot cake. Sam says he loves the person he’s talking to, but they can’t keep doing this. It is revealed that he’s talking to his dog, who has torn open a pillow. Violet calls her ex and doesn’t say anything. Despite that, he knows it’s her and tells her she needs to stop calling because he’s married now. Cooper is tied to a bed. He calls the woman he’s with the wrong name and she leaves him chained to the bed. As Addison talks about Pete, it shows the kiss she shared with him in the stairwell.

Richard tells Addison that she won't last a month in that clinic. But Addison stands her ground. "I am changing my life. Now I can walk away angry or I can walk away with your blessing. Either way, Richard … I'm going." He sadly accepts her resignation, promising to keep her job open as long as possible. Addison says goodbye to her mentor and heads to the sunny beaches of Santa Monica.

Down in LA, Addison gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around herself. She starts to dance around the bathroom and then moves out to the hallway and continues to dance all around her house. Eventually, she removes the towel and continues to dance, but stops suddenly when she sees Sam in his own house next door. They both duck out of sight.

In bathrobes, they meet outside their houses. Addison says Naomi said he had the best realtor, so she used the same one he had. He asks what she’s doing there. She points out that she doesn’t look bad naked. She says eleven men have enjoyed seeing her naked. He clarifies that he means what is she doing in LA. She is surprised that Naomi didn’t tell them.

Addison enters the Oceanside Wellness Group and asks Dell where Naomi is. Naomi walks out to call her patients, Ken Wilson and his girlfriend, Leslie, back into her office. Addison intercepts her to ask about it just as Sam comes down the hallway to confront her. Sam speaks to Ken and Leslie for a moment. Naomi asks Dell to take them back to the exam room while she talks to Sam.

Violet sees Addison and is also surprised to see her. They watch as Sam and Naomi fight in an office. Addison asks what happened to the amicable divorce. Violet psychoanalyzes the situation and says Naomi is just finally getting pissed that Sam left her. She asks what they’re fighting about and when Addison tells her that Naomi didn’t tell Sam that she hired Addison, Violet reveals that Naomi also didn’t tell her about it.

Cooper comes out with a young patient, telling him that next time he wants to hide his vegetables, he should feed them to the dog rather than shove them up his nose. He sends the kid back with his mom. Cooper notices the fighting and is also surprised to see Addison. Pete approaches and is also surprised. Cooper goes to hug Addison to welcome here, but Pete stops him.

Sam is talking to Pete. He thinks Naomi hired Addison as a power play. Pete asks why Addison even took the job because she’s such a hotshot. Cooper and Violet also come in and Violet complains that Naomi has run them over with a steamroller. Pete asks if Addison is crazy, because she was kissed once and decided to change her whole life. Cooper comments on Pete kissing Addison, but Violet and Sam both tell him to focus and they say they were supposed to vote on new doctors. They want Sam to apologize so they can go back to being a happy family. Sam says he won’t apologize because Naomi hired Addison and moved her in next door to him and he saw Addison naked that morning. Cooper asks about that and Pete asks if she looked good naked, but Violet and Sam once again say they need to focus.

Ken asks if he just needs to get it in the cup. Naomi says that’s exactly right. He says he wants a kid, he’s always wanted a kid, but he’s nervous. Naomi says once the baby’s in his arm, it won’t matter how it got here.

Naomi comes out and starts to give Addison a tour. She shows her the exam rooms and says two is for Peds and three had the gyne exam table, meaning she and Addison will share it. Addison comments that Naomi didn’t tell the others she hired Addison. Naomi insists that they’ll get over it and continues her tour, pointing out the scrub sinks and saying they contract with the lab downstairs. Addison says she’s not sure they’ll get over it, but Naomi says she owns 55% of the practice and she made a decision. Addison counters that they have to live with that decision which means Addison will have to deal with it. Naomi shows Addison her birthing suite. Addison says she delivers babies in the hospital. Naomi says she used to deliver babies in a hospital, but unless it’s a C-Section, she delivers in the birthing suite now. It’s very possible. Addison asks to meet her staff before realizing that she won’t have any staff. She says she left a hospital with a state of the art OB/GYN wing and a staff of 60 to be there. Naomi says she’ll have Dell, who is studying to be a midwife and Pete, laboring moms love Pete. Addison asks if Naomi knows how many babies she delivers in a day and Naomi says here, she’ll be lucky if she delivers one. They do things differently. It’s a big city, but the practice is about small-town medicine.

Outside the room, the other doctors approach to confront Naomi. Addison tries to make an escape, but Naomi emphatically tells them that Addison is staying. They’re upset that she brought Addison in without a vote.

They hear moaning from the room where Ken is giving his donation. Naomi shoos them all away, but Leslie comes out and asks for help. They rush in and see Ken on the floor. Sam examines him and says he’s having a stroke.

They bring Ken into the hospital. Charlotte King meets them. He’s been down for more than 20 minutes, so she calls time of death. Leslie, heartbroken over his death, decides she still wants his sperm and asks them to retrieve it for her.

Violet tells Cooper she knows Naomi’s mad and they need an OB, but the reason they started the practice was that they could be in charge of their own destinies. Meanwhile, Cooper is trying to tell Addison about the woman he slept with the previous night. He had internet sex with a woman who wanted him to call her Mama, but promised him all this really freaky stuff. Violet calls Cooper a sex addict and he calls her a stalker. Violet cuts him off, saying she won’t give him advice anymore.

Addison peeks in and apologizes, but Violet leaves for a 911 page. Cooper asks Addison for advice on his internet woman. She stares at him blankly for a second until Dell comes in, saying there’s a patient. Cooper goes to tend to the patient, but Dell clarifies that the patient is for Addison.

Dell introduces Addison to Lucy Henderson and her father Bill. Lucy is in labor. Bill is upset because he didn’t even know that Lucy was pregnant. They go to move Lucy to the birthing suite. Addison asks Dell to see if they have a chart on Lucy and he asks if he can help with the delivery so he can get more experience. She says that he should just find the chart.

Sam and Charlotte are talking to Leslie about her desire to have Ken’s sperm extracted for her use. Charlotte says they need written permission in order to do it. Sam points out that Leslie and Ken aren’t married and that only furthers Charlotte’s decision. Sam tries to stop Charlotte from leaving, asking if they can work together to figure out a solution that’s good for everyone. Charlotte says she read Sam’s book and took issue with most of it. Sam tells her that now she’s got a fight on her hands. She invites the fight and he says that he’s calling Naomi on her.

Cooper hands Addison the file on Lucy Henderson, saying that she was his patient until she got pregnant. Addison says there are no previous medical issues, but since Lucy’s father is angry, she could use Cooper’s help. He declines, saying that he’ll examine the baby once it’s born, but birth is not his area. Pete overhears and says he’ll grab his kit and join her. She asks why and he says that, as her chart indicates, she has a holistic birth plan. “Laboring moms love Pete,” he says.

Pete asks her if she moved there because they kissed. She insists that, despite it being an excellent kiss, that is not why she moved to LA.

Naomi asks Sam what he expects her to do. He says that it’s her patient who wants the sperm. He says he got mad. She’s surprised, but he says neither of them can make good decisions when they’re mad. She says another doctor who can bill is a good decision, defending her hiring Addison. He says they agreed that their work wouldn’t be affected by their split and she says her work is fine and he should watch her go take care of her patient.

Charlotte asks Naomi where she’s going and Naomi says if the hospital won’t extract the sperm, she’ll do it herself. Charlotte says if she touches Ken Wilson, Charlotte will have her arrested. She’s not playing games. Naomi goes back to Sam and says that now she’s mad.

Dell comes into the supply closet as Addison is getting things for the birth. Dell says he can help, but Addison again insists that she’s fine. Dell says that Addison doesn’t take her seriously and thinks he’s just a dumb surfer. She says she has total respect for his midwifery skills. Dell leaves.

Violet sees her patient, Jenny, down on her hands and knees counting the tiles in the middle of a store. A worker, Paul, says she’s been there for over an hour. Violet wonders aloud what the hell happened to Jenny. Paul called Violet because Jenny had her card in her wallet. He says his sister has mental problems and she’s a good person despite those problems, which is why he called Violet instead of the cops. She says he doesn’t need to call the police because she can handle it. He asks if she can do it quickly, because Jenny is obstructing customer flow. Violet asks if he can give her some time and he says he can.

Violet gets down on her hands and knees and moves toward Jenny. She removes the cotton from Jenny’s ear and says that she’s getting charged by the hour, so she might as well hear Violet. Jenny continues to count.

Pete is talking Lucy through her contractions. She says that her father is mad, but she wants the baby. She just screwed up. She thinks she’s a screw up, but Addison says everyone screws up sometimes and in this room, she gets a free pass.

Naomi presents Ken and Leslie’s medical records, which includes a signed statement from Ken about the use of his sperm, to Charlotte and a lawyer from the hospital. Charlotte objects that live consent is different, but the lawyer silences her, saying that it could hold up in court. He says the patient must sign something indemnifying the hospital. Naomi says Leslie just wants the baby. Charlotte says she can do the procedure and take possession of the sperm.

Naomi goes to tell Leslie the good news. They hug and as they pull apart Maria Wilson approaches, asking if she’s Naomi Bennett and then telling her that she needs to get Leslie’s paws of her husband’s sperm or she’ll sue Naomi and the hospital so fast that her head will spin.

Violet questions Jenny about what happened. She says they were working on rage directed at Jenny’s husband for leaving her. She asks if Jenny’s angry and says it’s okay if she is. She tries to get Jenny to talk about it, but Paul notes that she’s not answering. Paul asks what the deal is, if she goes crazy and that’s what starts the counting. Violet informs him that for many people, counting establishes a sense of order. She is in pain from crawling and asks when her knees turned 80. Paul says they have knee pads in aisle eight. Violet tries again to get Jenny to look at her. She puts her hand on Jenny’s shoulder, causing Jenny to screaming and push upward, knocking Violet into the floor. Paul asks Violet if she’s okay and she says she’s fine. Jenny starts counting more rapidly.

Dell peeks into the birthing room and asks if they need any help, but Addison says again that they’re okay. Addison asks if she’s ready to push. She says she is. Addison asks Bill if he wants to come sit by Lucy’s side while she pushes. He asks, “For what?” Dell offers his hand to squeeze if she needs it. Addison tells Lucy to push. She begins pushing, but her heart rate rapidly increases. Pete tells Addison to stop as Lucy is also short of breath. When Addison says she thought eastern medicine was his thing, he asks if she wants to check or if she’ll just trust him. She looks at the printout and says the baby’s in distress. She tells Lucy not to push. Lucy’s head rolls back and Dell says there’s something wrong. They aren’t able to rouse Lucy. They put her on oxygen and Dell goes to call an ambulance. Her father, panicked, tells them that her mother died in childbirth.

The cord is compressed and Lucy’s lungs are filling with blood. Dell says he called, but it’ll take 10-20 minutes to get an ambulance to the practice. Pete points out that they don’t have 20 minutes, which Addison knows. He says they’ll lose both of them.

Violet has an ice pack and new shoes. Paul hands her a snack and says he thought she might be hungry. She smiles, but it drops when he reminds her that she’ll have to pay for it and the ice pack and flip flops. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s known Jenny for months and she’s gentle. Violet notices the police and scolds Paul for calling them. He says he’s sorry, but he doesn’t think Violet can handle it. Violet says she can handle it. Cooper approaches as Violet tells the officers not to touch Jenny. She asks Paul to think about his sister. Violet tells Cooper she’s working. He says it looks like she’s shopping. Dell told him that she was there, so he came to see if she needed help. She says she’s fine and says he came all this way to see if she was still mad at him. Paul says he has to let the police take Jenny. He says if she gets violent again, but he’s cut off by Cooper stepping in to examine Violet and make sure she’s okay. Violet says she’s fine and tells the police that it’s a psychiatric emergency and she can handle it if they give her time and back her up if she needs it. She says if she just knew how it happened or where Jenny was when it started, that would help. She asks to see the store’s security cameras.

Maria tells Naomi that Ken told her he wanted to find himself, only he really want to find her, only 15 years younger and half as smart. She asks if Naomi has any idea what that feels like and Naomi says she thinks she can imagine. Maria goes on to say that she feels her age, too, and she feels scared, only she’s feeling it alone while “he’s yanking it into a cup for some chick he met hiking in Sedona.” Naomi says she knows it’s unfair, but Maria interjects that she was with Ken for 17 years. Naomi says that Ken really wanted Leslie to have his baby, but Maria says Leslie really wants Ken’s money. Naomi doesn’t believe that Leslie will do that, but Maria says she didn’t think her husband would dump her. Naomi says Leslie would agree to legal protecting, but Maria says she just wants Ken’s sperm for herself.

Addison wonders where the ambulance is. Pete says she has to make a choice. Bill asks what kind of choice. Addison says if they wait any longer for the ambulance, they could lose both Lucy and the baby or she could get the baby out and maybe save them. He says to save them, but Addison says it’s only a maybe. She tells Dell to glove up. She needs him to decompress the cord. She has him hold steady pressure while she checks on Lucy.

She says she needs to be in a hospital as there’s no way she can perform a C-section there. It’s not sterile. She doesn’t have the right equipment. There’s no extra blood. An epidural would take too long to take effect. Pete reminds her that Lucy is a completely healthy 17 year old and no one could have foreseen this complication. Addison asks if he knows what happens to a person when a scalpel slices into them without anesthesia. Pete tries to snap her out of it again, but she tells him to shut up as she is trying to talk herself into it and she can’t do it if Pete keeps talking. She crouches down for a moment before standing up, having made her decision. She tells Pete to take over for Dell. She sends Dell for a surgical tray. She goes to scrub in and find sterile drapes. She says they have only local anesthetic, but they have to try. Pete says her name again. She tells him to stop “Addisoning” her, but he says he can treat Lucy so she won’t feel any pain.

Paul is explaining the findings of the security footage. She was walking by the camping area when she stopped and she was on the floor. Cooper suggests that maybe she had a traumatic camping accident. Violet notices the video playing on a TV Screen and remembers that Jenny and her husband had a house at the lake.

Pete has prepared Lucy so she won’t feel pain. Addison asks if he’s sure and he says he’s good at what he does. Addison counts to three and begins to cut. She’s surprised and relieved that Lucy doesn’t seem to feel it. She says they still have to move fast.

Sam and Naomi are discussing Maria’s demand for the sperm. He says she can’t just come in and take it since they were getting divorced. Naomi says they were together for 17 years. He thought they were on Leslie’s side, but Naomi thinks a marriage should count for something. She is frustrated that Ken just moved on. Sam doesn’t want to make the case about them, but Naomi says she’s just talking about Ken. Ken just left. Sam reminds her that he died and all things considered, he’d rather be Maria. Naomi says he wants to be the one people feel sorry for? He says he’s not taking any of it lightly, but she reminds him that he walks out, an accusation he denies. He says he was unhappy and questioning. He says instead of trying, she just shut the door. She says it’s because he wasn’t in love anymore. He says he never said that, but she says she just knew. He says she should have fought. He wanted to see her fight for once. For them. He says he’s sorry for hurting her, but she’s fooling herself if she thinks she’s the only one who got left.

Violet and Cooper watch the video. He asks what they’re looking for, but she says to stop talking to she can think. Violet is sure that something in the ad triggered Jenny. She watches a shot of the kid running up and jumping off a rock before the video fades to black. She remembers something. She backs up the video and watches the last part again.

Violet is back with Jenny. She asks Jenny if she had a son they haven’t talked about and if something happened to him. She asks if Jenny’s son died. Jenny freaks out, saying Violet will make her lose her place. She counts more frantically and erratically.

Naomi tells Maria she can fight it out if she really wants Ken’s sperm. She says Maria probably has more rights than Leslie, but with all the legal wrangling, too much time will pass and Ken won’t be viable and no one gets anything. Maria says she wants to do that. Naomi asks if she honestly never thought about leaving Ken. Maria says nothing is perfect, but she made her peace. Naomi says she did, too, or she thought she did. Maria says she yelled at Ken the last time she saw him. Naomi says that at some point, she needs to let Ken go.

Addison has delivered the baby, a girl. She offers Bill the chance to hold her, which he accepts. Lucy goes into VTach, so Addison goes back to her and prepares to close quickly so they can save her life. Pete defibrillates her, but it’s not successful. Dell peeks in and says the paramedics are there, but Pete and Addison say not to let them in yet because they have an open body cavity. Pete tries again. Addison continues closing the incision between defibrillations.

Lucy is being wheeled out by paramedics. Addison instructs them to start a lidocaine drip. Lucy is awake and pulls down her oxygen mask to ask Addison if she had the baby. Addison confirms that she did and Lucy asks if her dad is mad. Bill comes up, holding the baby, as Addison says that her dad is not mad at her. Bill thanks Addison, Pete, and Dell and goes along with the paramedics.

Dell says that was pretty cool. As he walks away, Addison tells him that he did good work. Addison tells Pete once again that she didn’t come to LA because he kissed her. She needs him to say it, too. He does. They high five. As he walks away, Pete says, “You so moved down here because I kissed you.” Addison responds, “I heard that.”

Naomi tells Charlotte and Sam that Maria is going to let Leslie have Ken’s sperm. Charlotte asks what Naomi said and Naomi says she just told Maria that it’s time to let Ken go. She looks at Sam as she says the last part. Sam says it’s good. Sam tells Charlotte that his book was brilliant.

Cooper brings records to Violet. Her son’s name was Will. Violet asks if Paul can clear out the area for a while for Jenny. He agrees. Violet and Cooper sit down on either side of her. Violet introduces Jenny to Cooper. He has Will’s file. He begins reading the information in the file. Will had double vision when she brought him in. He was 10 years old. Brain stem glioma. They couldn’t have caught it earlier, but it was inoperable due to its location, so they started chemo and radiation. The tumor initially responded, but then he developed kidney failure. Jenny continues to count as Cooper reads. Violet notes that kidney failures happens a lot with chemo. Cooper continues that when the kidney failure started, Jenny and her husband decided to stop treatment. Violet asks Jenny if that’s right. Violet notes that a lot of people aren’t strong enough to make that choice. Cooper says those tumors don’t quit and the treatment makes kids so sick they can’t do anything. He says they didn’t go back to the hospital for a few months. Violet asks if they went away to the lake. Jenny stops counting. She says they all went to the lake together. Cooper says that’s exactly what he would have done. Jenny resumes her counting.

Cooper says when they brought Will back to the hospital, he was having trouble speaking, but his spirits were high. Violet says it sounds like he was a great kid, to which Cooper agrees. Cooper says that Will went into a coma. They made him comfortable, gave everyone a chance to say goodbye, and on the 16th at 5:13 AM, they turned off the machines and she held him. He breathed on his own for over four hours before he died. Violet says it was hard holding him like that for that long. She says Will had the most aggressive kind of brain cancer a kid can have. She says Jenny didn’t make it happen and there was nothing they could have done. The only choice to make was how to ride it out. Jenny did everything a great mom can do. Jenny didn’t let her son down. Jenny starts to cry and Violet holds her.

Naomi is preparing to do the procedure as Leslie kisses Ken and says goodbye. Leslie leaves and Naomi extracts the sperm.

A woman leads Jenny out of the store. Paul comes and asks if she’s all right and hands Violet her stuff. They say she’ll be all right and calls Paul her assistant, which he agrees that he was. He says, “Don’t forget to-” but she interrupts and says she’ll pay for the stuff. She and Cooper sit down in the camping setup. Violet thanks Cooper from coming and he says he’s a better person than she is. She says the thing is that she is kind of a stalker. Cooper says he knows. He pretends to be fishing.

Addison and Naomi eat cake and Addison asks why Naomi didn’t tell anyone she was coming. Naomi says she needs Addison in LA because she’s tired, lonely, her best friend divorced her, and she has no one. She needs Addison to be her someone. Addison says okay.

Cooper, Violet, Pete, and Sam come in. Cooper says they want to see them in the conference room. Violet reminds them that they’re a team, they’re partners. She can’t just bring someone in without asking them. They’re a democracy, so they vote. Naomi says they’re right and they should have voted. Violet calls for a vote. Addison objects, saying she’s been there for less than a day and she has discovered that she’s not welcome there, she is a one-woman gyne show, she performed crazy MacGyver surgery, and Sam saw her booty. It has not been a great day for her, but she had one patient the entire day and she loved it. She says if they want her gone, too bad. She’s in. She’s putting her foot down and she’s not going anywhere. She says she thought she had a big finish, but she doesn’t, so she just says she’s done. Then she stand back up and says she does have a big finish. She says if she hadn’t been there today, if they’d had someone else, Lucy Henderson and her baby would have died. She saved Lucy's life and their asses. She’s a world-class neonatal surgeon and she’s there to stay. She welcomes them to the new Oceanside Wellness and walks out. Naomi says that’s why she didn’t tell them that Addison was coming.

Addison and Sam look at each other through their windows. Addison is wearing only a robe. She closes the curtains and begins to dance, taking off her robe as she does so. Sam smiles and walks away while Addison continues dancing.


  • Addison Motgomery
  • Pete Wilder
  • Naomi Bennett
  • Cooper Freedman
  • Charlotte King
  • Dell Parker
  • Sam Bennett
  • Violet Turner
  • Richard Webber
  • Bill Henderson
  • Maria Wilson
  • Leslie
  • Jenny
  • Paul Gonzales
  • Lucy Henderson
  • Ken Wilson
  • Lawyer

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Medical NotesEdit

Ken WilsonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Stroke
  • Treatment:
    • Attempted resuscitation

While attempting to give a sperm sample for artificial insemination, Ken had a stroke. They rushed him to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival at 9:42 AM. His girlfriend then asked for his sperm. After a legal battle with Ken's wife, the sperm was extracted for Leslie's use.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Infertility
  • Treatment:
    • Artificial insemination

Leslie and her boyfriend, Ken, wanted to have a baby, but she had limited fertility, so Ken came into the clinic to give a sperm sample so Leslie could be artificially inseminated. However, Ken died before he could give his sample, so Leslie petitioned to have his sperm extracted with a syringe for the procedure.

Cooper's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Foreign body in nose
  • Treatment:
    • Manual extraction

Cooper pulled a vegetable out of the nose of a small child.

Lucy HendersonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Congestive heart failure
  • Treatment:
    • Acupuncture
    • C-section delivery
    • Lidocaine

Lucy, 17, came into the practice in labor. She had a holistic birth plan, so Addison and Pete worked together on her. When she started pushing, she went into congestive heart failure, so they called an ambulance. But the ambulance was too far away, so Addison prepared to do a c-section and Pete set Lucy up so she wouldn't feel any pain because she wasn't anesthetized or numbed. After the baby was delivered, Lucy went into V-fib. Addison quickly closed while Pete resuscitated her. The paramedics then came in and took her to the hospital.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Psychiatric evaluation

Jenny was at a store when she saw something and started crawling on the floor, counting the floor tiles. Paul, the manager, found Violet's card in her purse and called her. Violet crawled on the floor with her and tried to get her to talk about what caused her to start the counting. When Violet touched Jenny's shoulder, she started to scream and pushed Violet off of her before going back to her counting. Violet used the security footage from the store to determine that Jenny had seen a video of a boy camping with his parents and that's what set her off. She went back to Jenny and asked if she'd had a son that she hadn't talked to Violet about. That caused Jenny to start counting faster. Cooper found the file on her son, Will. He had a brain tumor. Cooper read out the information from his file and Violet talked to her about how she did what a great mom would do. She assured her that she didn't let her son down. Jenny began to cry about her son's death. She later walked out of the store with another woman.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Brain-stem glioma
    • Kidney failure
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiation

Will, 10, had double vision, so his parents took him to the doctor, where a brain-stem glioma was diagnosed. It was inoperable, so they started chemo and radiation. The tumor responded initially, but it stopped and Will went into kidney failure, so they stopped treatment. He eventually was re-admitted to the hospital with trouble breathing. He went into a coma and his parents decided to turn off the machines and he breathed on his own for four hours while his mother held him before he died.


Song Performer Scene
"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" Scissor Sisters
  • Richard gives Addison his blessing.
  • Addison dances in her new beach house, in a towel and then naked.
  • She discovers Sam is her neighbor.
"California" Belinda Carlisle
  • Naomi tells Maria to let Ken go.
  • Addison delivers the baby and Lucy codes.
  • Pete and Addison rush to save Lucy.
"Sad News" Chris Garneau
  • Jenny finally stops counting and tells Violet about her son.
  • Violet and Cooper talk about her son's death and Violet tells her it wasn't her fault.
  • Jenny starts crying and Violet comforts her.
  • Leslie kisses Ken goodbye and thanks Naomi, who is preparing to extract his sperm.
  • Jenny's sister leads her out of the store.
"Something's Got Me Started" Swingfly
  • Addison announces she's staying.
  • She closes the drapes and dances naked in her house again. Sam smiles.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This episode scored 14.41 million viewers, the greatest draw among the 111 episodes over 6 seasons.
  • Like all other episodes from the first season, this episode's title originated from the original Winnie the Pooh series.
  • This is the first episode to air under the Private Practice credits, although the backdoor pilot aired in season three of Grey's Anatomy.
  • The scene showing Pete and Addison kissing is from The Other Side Of This Life, the Private Practice backdoor pilot that aired as an episode of its predecessor, Grey's Anatomy.
  • This episode was originally called In Which We Meet Addison…
  • To shoot the first scene, the cast and crew returned to the sets of Grey's Anatomy. Kate Walsh loved to do this, as the catering was much better there at the time.


Episode StillsEdit


Addison: Why didn't you tell them that I was coming? (Naomi sighs) Truth.
Naomi: All right, fine. I need you here. I need you here because I am tired and I'm lonely and my best friend divorced me and I have no one. I need you here to be my someone.
Addison: Okay.

Violet: Thanks... for comin' down.
Cooper: Well, I'm a better person than you are.
Violet: The thing is Cooper... Okay, the thing is that... I am kinda a stalker.
Cooper: I know.

Addison: I need to be in a hospital, there is no way I can perform the C-section here. It's not sterile. I don't have any surgical equipment... No extra blood. And an epidural would take way too long to take effect...
Pete: Addison! Addison, she is a completely healthy seventeen year old, no one could have foreseen this complication.
Addison: What happens to a person when a scalpel slices into them without anesthesia…
Pete: Addison!
Addison: Shut up! I am trying to talk myself into this and I cannot do it when you keep ‘Addison-ing’ me. So… just hold on.

Richard: Working at a private medical co-op, moving to L.A. This is not my Addison. My Addison is a world class neonatal surgeon.
Addison: Your Addison would have been promoted to Chief of Surgery.

Richard: You think you're gonna go there and do what? Wear jeans, walk on the beach, dance in your underwear?
Addison: Maybe I'll dance naked.

Addison: It's not like I look bad naked. A lot of men have enjoyed seeing me naked. A lot. Well, not a lot. I mean, eight. Well, eleven.

Richard: You'll be back in a month, begging for your job.
Addison: No, I won't. I am changing my life. Now, I can walk away angry or I can walk away with your blessing. Either way, Richard, I'm going.

Addison: What happened to the amicable divorce?
Violet: It's progressive decompensation of repressed rage, secondary to feelings of abandonment. It's shrink talk for Naomi finally getting mad that Sam left her.

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