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In Which We Say Goodbye is the season six and the series finale and the 111th overall episode of Private Practice.

Short Summary[]

Naomi returns to stand by Addison's side on her wedding day, Cooper struggles with the hardships of being a stay-at-home father, and Violet begins a new project close to her heart.

Full Summary[]

Addison is recording a video message. She's talking about how she felt after her marriage with Derek ended and how difficult it was to get back on her feet after the divorce.

In a hotel room, Addison is stressing out, saying she can't do it, not like this. Amelia reminds her there are people, including Jake, waiting for her. Violet gets up and calms her down, saying Addison can and wants to do this, reminding her that she loves Jake. Amelia pushes her to hurry, as they only paid the minister for two hours. Suddenly Charlotte comes running in, yelling that the problem is solved. She's followed by Naomi, who apologizes and hugs everyone. She's late due to some problems at the airport. She compliments Addison's looks. "Let's get you married," she says.

On the roof of the hotel, everyone is seated. Jake is standing by the priest, with Angela as his bridesmaid. Naomi walks down the aisle and takes her place as Addison's bridesmaid. Then Addison walks down the aisle, and the wedding begins. They say their vows and exchange the rings. "I do," they both say, with Sheldon, Miranda, Amelia, James, Sam, and Stephanie smiling at them. The minister pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss and all the guests get up, cheer and applause.

The wedding party has started. Jake and Angela are dancing among other couples. They bring up Angela's relationship again, but she just tells him to let it go.

Charlotte is on the phone with Mason, who is at home with Dr. Joan and the triplets. She continues to give him orders until Cooper takes her phone and tells Mason he's doing great and to keep up the good work. He then hangs up the phone, assuring his wife that the babies are fine. He tells her to relax.

James, Amelia, Sheldon, and Miranda are sitting at a table together. Amelia is excited that she got to meet Miranda, as Sheldon has never told them anything about her. Miranda wants to say that that is because Sheldon is afraid she's going to die, but Sheldon doesn't want to her say it, so she correct herself in the middle of her phrase. Amelia notes Miranda doesn't filter either, and Miranda replies life's too short for that. "I like her," Amelia whispers to James.

In the evening, Sam meets Naomi. They're happy to see each other again. Naomi wasn't sure Sam was going to come to the wedding, but Sam says Addison and he have always been friends first. Naomi says she really is fine, and says Fife had a meeting in Hong Kong, which is why he didn't come. She then says Stephanie seems nice, and Sam affirms this. Naomi then shows him pictures of Olivia and Betsey, saying she still can't believe she's a grandmother. He says she doesn't look like one, and she thanks him for the compliment.

Violet is sitting on her own, writing on a napkin. Cooper sits down with her. He is relieved to be around people who don't wear diapers and asks her what she's doing. She's writing down an idea for her other book, though she's still not really sure if it'll become a book. She's not really ready yet to talk about it, but Cooper asks if it'll be about him. He's interrupted by Amelia, who asks if any of them has seen Addison or Jake. Cooper and Violet think they're getting to their honeymoon a little early in on the hotel rooms. 

A man and a woman are heavily kissing in a dark hotel room. They lay down on the bed and the women puts on the bedside light. Naomi is not sure they should do this, and Sam agrees they should stop. However, soon after, they continue making out.

3 months later

Violet is listening to her patient, who is describing last Sunday. It wasn't until she went to bad that she realized that day that it was the 6 year anniversary. Violet asks how that made her feel. Guilty, because she shouldn't forget them, and relieved, Holly replies. Violet asks her to tell her her truth. "My parents and boyfriend died in a car accident that I survived," Holly says out loud. Violet asks her to say it again, which Holly does. It took her long to be able to say it out loud. The session is over, but Violet has good news. She thinks they're done. After five years of intensive therapy, Holly is off her meds and she lives on her own again, applied for cooking schools. Violet reminds her that she sat down with her boyfriends's parents and talked with them a month ago, for the first time since he died. That was the final step on her goal list, and listening to Holly now, Violet thinks it's time for her to graduate. "I think you can do this on your own," Violet says and they hug.

Miranda gets off the elevator and Sheldon meets her right on time. They agree punctuality is important, especially now. They laugh as they walk towards his office, until she suddenly collapses due to a seizure. Amelia and Charlotte rush to help. Amelia asks for lorazepam and an ambulance.

In the ER at St. Ambrose, Sheldon tells Amelia that Miranda never seized before. Amelia assures him they're going to take care of her and they wheel her off to take a scan. James is left with Sheldon and asks him if he's okay. Sheldon says Miranda has always been stage IV, so it was inevitable, but yet knowing it is going to happen is different than when it's happening. "She's really dying now," Sheldon says.

Cooper is taking care of his daughters when Violet walks in with Chinese food. The living room is a mess. Cooper seemingly has gone mad. Violet takes over the baby Cooper is now feeding. He then sits down and tells her that she thinks the babies are all working together against him. He has clearly underestimated parenthood and seems to regret his decision to having become a stay-at-home father. He tells her he's about to snap and asks her what he has to do. Violet says he knows what to do. "You're going to tell me to talk to Charlotte," Cooper guesses, and Violet tells the baby that her father is finally learning.

Naomi gets off the elevator and Addison, who was waiting for her, says she didn't have to take a cab. Addison is happy that Naomi is stopping by on her way to San Francisco. Addison takes over the luggage and asks Naomi if she can wait till lunch, as Jake makes an extremely delicious steak. Naomi is feeling queasy, but she says it's due to the bumpy flight. "You're not pregnant, are you?" Addison jokes, but she's right. Naomi is still getting used to the idea and asks her not to tell anybody. Addison says Fife must be thrilled and hugs her. Naomi's face tells us something's going on.

Addison is giving Naomi and ultrasound and everything is looking good. Addison notices something's wrong with Naomi and asks her to start talking. Naomi assures her she's really happy about the baby, but then says she and Fife aren't working, as Fife travels and works a lot. Addison asks if they're in counselling, but Naomi then says she and Fife broke up. Addison is surprised by this because Naomi is pregnant, but Naomi says things happen and that every relationship is wrong unless it's the right one. She then asks Addison about her and Sam and why they broke up. Addison says it was because Sam didn't want kids and that the break-up was frustrating, but only good because she now has Jake, who loves kids. Naomi nods and starts crying. Addison says she's there for Naomi and that they'll figure it out.

Miranda wakes up in a room and asks what happened. Amelia informs her about the seizure. Sheldon says Amelia wants her monitored, but Miranda wants to be on a beach. Amelia brings up the scan, but Miranda already knows it shows she's dying of cancer. Amelia wants her to stay for observation, at least overnight. She doesn't want to, but Sheldon manages to make her agree to stay one night. He asks if he can get her anything, and she replies a cure for cancer would be nice.

Angela and Jake are having lunch in his office. She's taking a semester off, but he doesn't want her to drop out of school. He wants to know why she's doing it, and she replies she wants to go to Rome. He then offers to send her there this summer, his treat, or he proposes to study abroad. She then tells him she's going with Eli, who's teaching there. He says she's making a mistake, but she doesn't need his permission. "I just wanted you to know," she says, before walking out.

Holly suddenly appears in Violet's office. She starts rambling and Violet asks her what's wrong. Holly tells her that she has been accepted to the Cordon Blue in Paris, the best cooking school in the world. Violet congratulates her, but Holly doesn't want to go. Violet sees how it is out of her comfort zone, but assures her she can do it. Holly then says it would be an entire continent and an ocean away from Violet, whom Holly wants to have around in case she needs her. Holly sits down and says she's not going and that she's not quitting therapy, as she's not ready yet.

Naomi admits to Charlotte, Addison and Violet that she missed the kitchen, which feels like home. Addison says she should stay, while complimenting the salad they're eating. Violet's patient made it. Charlotte reveals both she and Cooper are cranky and tired, which she founds odd because Cooper gets to be with the babies all day, so he should be happy. She then leaves to go pumping. Addison says Violet's patient should be chef, and Violet replies that she got accepted to the Cordon Blue but refuses to go because she's afraid to leave therapy, which makes her think Holly is not ready after all. Sam comes in and is surprised to see Naomi, which makes them feel a little awkward. Addison notices the awkward situation, and as Sam leaves, Naomi takes some of the salad while Addison seems to puzzle together that Sam is the father of Naomi's baby.

Addison and Naomi are doing the dishes at Addison's house. Addison then tells Naomi that she got married exactly 13 weeks ago, which is how long Naomi has been pregnant. She insists Naomi to tell her what happened. It just happened, Naomi says, and that she doesn't know how it happened. Addison asks when she's going to tell Sam, but Naomi doesn't want to as he's with Stephanie now and because Addison and Sam split because he didn't want another kid. Addison thinks Noami has to tell Sam because maybe them having slept together means something. Naomi reminds her that Sam's the one who blew up their marriage, so she's not going to hope that it means something. Addison says Naomi's still in love with him, but Naomi asks her to leave it alone as she goes to bed.

Addison is staring at Jake in the shower. He says she can tell him whatever she wants to tell him but can't tell him. Addison blurts out that Naomi slept with Sam on their wedding night and is now pregnant with his baby. Jake says she can't tell Sam because it's none of her business. Addison comes back to the subject and says that she thinks Sam still doesn't know why he blew up his marriage with Naomi. He's still in love with Naomi, she thinks, which is why he's never been able to make it work with another woman. She starts talking about their past love lives and that they'll end up unhappy if they don't end up together. Jake shushes her and asks to join him in the shower.

Addison is doubting outside Sam's office but eventually enters. She asks him if he loves Stephanie. That's not her business, but Naomi is. Sam says that what happened between them was a mistake. Addison is going to say something and he can take it or leave. Naomi and Fife never got married and are no longer together. And Naomi is still in love with him. Addison is 72% sure she did the right then by telling him. Sam is left speechless.

Miranda is signing the form that says she's leaving against medical advice. Sheldon comes in and says she should stay. He'll stay with her, every single day. She realizes that if she stays, all the things they'll try won't work and she'll die anyway. She doesn't want to stay in the hospital for the little time she has left before all the horrible indignities that come with a brain tumor start. He understands and wants to take her home, but she doesn't want him to change her diapers. He offers to get a private nurse, but she says the bad part of her journey is starting now and she doesn't want him around to see that. She wants him to walk away and never look back while she can still remember how much she loves him. She begs him to go. He refuses to, so she ends up being the one walking away, leaving behind a devastated Sheldon.

Charlotte enters her house and Mason and Cooper ask her to be quiet as the babies are sleeping. She sits down and starts complaining about how walking around all day can take all your energy. Cooper says they need to hire a nanny. Charlotte says now, reminding him about their deal: he would stay at home while she would go back to work. They're not changing things just because he had a rough day. "Run," Cooper tells Mason, who flees upstairs. Cooper tells her how hard his life is right now, and once again asks to hire a nanny.

Sam and Stephanie sit down. She wants to watch a movie, or go to one, but he seems to be distracted. She questions why she's here as he hasn't heard a word she said. He tries to figure out how to say what he wants to say. She tells him to just say it. He starts talking about how he was a mess when they first got together for the first time. She stops him and realizes what he wants to say. She wants to leave before he sees her cry. Before leaving, she advises him to really mean it next time he asks a woman for a second chance. She says she met his ex-wife and that she was nice. She breaks down crying, and he comforts her.

Holly is talking to Violet about her cooking. Violet interrupts her and tells her this will be their last session. She's not aloud to book another one. She's in such a good place now that she's talking recipes instead of feelings. She thinks she's not ready to graduate yet, but Violet says she is. She doesn't think she can just stop after almost six years of therapy. Violet tells her she is and to trust her, which is exactly the reason why Holly wants to stay. Violet clarifies that applying for cooking wasn't something that happened to her. It wasn't an accident taking people away in her life. Holly chose and wants it, but coming to therapy is holding her back now. Holly is scared and fears she might not like it, but Violet says she can only try to find out. Holly is like a bird Violet is kicking out of her nest. "And Holly, you're ready to fly," Violet says.

Sheldon and Sam are sitting in the kitchen when Jake walks in. He sees something's wrong with the both of them, but they both deny. He then asks Sheldon what he can say to Angela about how bad her plans are. Sheldon says there are no tricks to convince someone they're not in love. Love is a remarkable emotion, impervious to logic and turning the most measured people into risk takes willing to do anything to maintain the feeling. "Is there anything greater than being in love?" Sheldon says, adding he's not saying Jake should give his blessing, but there's nothing he can do to stop her. His voice breaks, and he then says he's madly in love and that he quits. He then leaves the kitchen. "Did he just quit his job?" Jake asks Sam, but Sam walks away too, saying Sheldon was right and he's going for it.

Sheldon meets Miranda on a bench in the park, where he knew she'd be. He confesses he's mad at her for telling him to walk away and that it's her journey, not his. He has been on the road for 56 years all by himself and then she showed up on his road, and the days since have been the best of his life. He's not leaving her and happy to take care of her. He will cherish her last days and when she's too far gone to remember he's name, he'll remind her, but she deserves to be loved right up until the very last moment. And he deserves to love her for as long as he can and as hard as he can. He insists he's not walking away from their road. She admits she was wrong and asks what they're going to do for the rest of their lives. He says he quit his job today, so anything she wants. They hug.

Right before taking the cab, Violet reminds Holly to write in her journal, to socialize, not to isolate and to work on her French. Holly asks if she really doesn't want to come to the airport, Paris maybe, but Violet says this is as far as she goes. She has to do the rest on her own. Holly says bye and hugs her. Violet wishes her a wonderful time. The cab drives off, only to stop in the middle of the road. Holly gets out and runs towards Violet. She thanks her for being her familly when she didn't have one, and for changing her life. Violet saved her. Violet thanks her for saying that and assures her she'll be just fine. Holly says bye a final time and runs back to her cab. Violet watches it drive off.

Angela enters Jake's office. He has been trying to contact her for the entire week. He wanted a chance to see her again before she leaves, if she is. She and Eli will leave next week. "Sorry to burst your bubble," Angela says, asking if she can go now that he saw her. He gets up and apologizes for having done things wrong. He says that seeing her at his wedding reminded him of how proud he'll be when he walks her down the aisle at hers. The only thing that matters is that the man he'll be giving her away to is a good man who makes her happy. If that man happens to be Eli, Jake would be honored to do give her away to him, but no matter whom he'll give her away to, she'll always be his girl. They hug.

New York. Naomi is presenting at a meeting in the building of the foundation for global medicine. Outside the room, Sam asks the receptionist about Naomi Bennett, but says he'll be fine when he sees her. He interrupts the meeting and says they need to talk, apologizing to everyone else in the room. After the interesting things Addison told him, he realizes they need to have a conversation, which they should have had back at Addison's wedding. He asks why she never told him she and Fife broke up. Naomi starts feeling awkward with everyone in the room watching her and reminds him he has a girlfriend. "Not anymore," he replies and asks everyone to excuse them. Once they're alone, Sam says he's staying and fighting for her. He says he blew them up to see if he could find something better, but there isn't anything better. She's the only woman he's ever loved. She's his family and the one single person he can't imagine his world without. She says he's only saying this out of obligation, but she doesn't need him to rescue her and be with her just because she's having a baby. "What did you say?"  he asks, not knowing this. Naomi thought Addison had told him, but he didn't. He says he only came because he's in love with her. "I've always been in love with you. I will always love you," he says. He then says he's ready for the baby. He touches her stomach and they smile.

Sheldon and Miranda are on vacation in Fiji, holding hands and drinking cocktails on the beach. 

Amelia and James are hugging in a hospital lounge.

Cooper and Charlotte are in bed with all their kids. 

Addison is finishing her video message. She says getting married for the second time is better than the first time, because it is the last time. "Happy wedding day, Naomi. I love you," Addison says.

The minister pronounces Sam and Naomi husband and wife. Sam kisses his bride while everybody applauds. James tells Amelia that'll be them some day. Addison, Jake, and Violet smile at the happy couple, while Charlotte and Cooper kiss passionately.

Cooper enters the kitchen and tells all the other doctors that the parents of his smoking 13 year old patient want him to tell her that she may have cancer, hoping it'll help her to stop smoking. The others laugh about this as Violet comes in with a little box. She says she finished her book. Cooper asks her what it is about. It's about joy, life being a journey and them working together at the practice. And about how no matter what, they'll all be okay. Sam asks what its title is, which is going to be Private Practice. The opinions are divided, and while the doctors discuss the title, the camera slowly pans away until it's in the elevator. While the doctors keep on talking, the elevator door closes.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy

Holly was seeing Violet to cope with the grief of a car accident six years prior that killed her parents and boyfriend. Violet said that it was time for them to be done. She was doing well. She'd completed all her goals. She was off her meds. She agreed, but came back to Violet when she got into cooking school in Paris. Violet assured her she could do it, but she said she couldn't handle being that far away from Violet. Violet agreed to resume their sessions. In a later session, Holly started talking about a recipe she was cooking and Violet said again that it was time to stop. She was ready to leave therapy. Violet coached her as she left for the airport to move to Paris.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Breast cancer
    • Brain tumor
  • Treatment:
    • Lorazepam

Miranda collapsed and seized at the practice. She was admitted to the hospital to be monitored. Miranda agreed to stay for one night and then signed herself out AMA.

Naomi Bennett[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • Ultrasound

Naomi was pregnant and had an ultrasound with Addison.

Cooper's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Cooper had a 13 year old patient who smoked heavily. The parents wanted Cooper to get the kid to stop by saying she might have cancer.


Song Performer Scene
"No Diggity" Chet Faker
  • Addison and Jake get married.
  • Angela dances with Jake.
  • Charlotte's on the phone with Mason, who supervising the babysitter. 
"It Must Have Been Love" Kathleen Edwards
  • Violet says goodbye to Holly.
  • Angela and Jake make up. He'd be honored to give her away to Eli, but she'll always be his little girl.
"Clouds Above" Angus Stone
  • Sam tells Naomi he'll always be in love with her.
  • Miranda and Sheldon lie on a beach.
  • James and Amelia hug.
  • Charlotte and Cooper lie in bed with all their kids.
  • Addison finishes her video, which turns out to be for Naomi.
  • Sam and Naomi get married. 
  • James tells Amelia that'll be them one day.
  • All doctors are gathered in the kitchen. They talk about a case.
  • Violet comes in and says she finished her book. She reveals she choose to name it "Private Practice".
  • The doctors discuss the title as the elevator doors close for one last time.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 5.32 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on November 26, 2012.
  • The last day of shooting was December 7, 2012.
  • Some fans didn't consider this episode to be a real finale, but it was Shonda Rhimes's intention to show that life at the practice will go on as we know it, only not on screen.
  • This is the first episode since season one of which the title starts with "In Which."
  • In a vlog, Kate Walsh revealed that her cast mates were coming over so they could watch the end of their show together.
  • There's a deleted scene showing all the doctors looking at their children in Pete's old office, which has been turned into a daycare room.
  • It's the first episode since the season four finale to feature Naomi.
  • At Sam and Naomi's wedding, James tells Amelia they'll get married one day and she seems happy about that. However, in later episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Amelia fled to Seattle after accepting his proposal and there she decided she didn't want her life to change, thus breaking off the engagement.
  • Violet's patient has been in therapy with Violet for almost six years and the therapy is ended in this episode. Since this would mean she has been Violet's patient throughout the entire series, ending the therapy also symbolizes the end of the show.
  • Several scenes were cut from the episode, not all of which were included in the deleted scenes section of the DVD. Those scenes include Addison and Jake having wedding night sex, Amelia and James having an argument over his response to Sheldon's grief, a dinner scene with Jake and Naomi and Addison on the deck where they overhear and awkward fight between Sam and his girlfriend.


Episode Stills[]


Addison: Okay, I want to say something wise. I wanna have some wisdom. I mean, I've been here before. I've done this already. The first time you get married, I mean, I had this very large fairytale wedding with the music, and the flowers and the dress. I was young and marrying the guy that everyone said was the perfect man. And he was. Derek was perfect. Turns out he just wasn't perfect for me and even though I made my fair share of mistakes, I definitely wasn't innocent, I was really angry at him for messing up my fairytale. And for taking my 30s and for being happy with someone else and for making me feel like a failure. And it took me a really long time to get over that and I made a lot of mistakes with a lot of men, trying to get over that. But then slowly, over time, everything changes and you're no longer this young thing and you don't believe in fairytales and perfect isn't in your vocabulary. And suddenly here's this man. And he becomes so familiar to you that one day, you find yourself looking at him thinking "I could love this person for the rest of my life if I tried, and I wanna try." So, you decided to get married again, for the second time. And it's nothing like the first time. It's better, because it's the last time. Happy wedding day, Naomi. I love you.

Sheldon: You don't get to tell me to walk away, and you don't get to tell me that this is your journey and not mine. I'm on this road. I've been on this road for 56 years, all by myself, and then you showed up on my road. And that day and every day since have been the greatest days of my life, so I am not leaving you. And I'm happy to change diapers and to wipe drool and to hold your hand, 'cause I want to take care of you. I'm honored to take care of you. Your last days will be precious, and I'll cherish them. And if you're too far gone to remember my name, then I'll remind you. But you deserve to be loved, right up until your very last moment. You deserve to be surrounded by love. You deserve to have the face of the man who loves you be the last thing that you see. And I deserve the chance to love you for as long as I can or as hard as I can. So I am not walking away.

Sheldon: Is there anything greater than being in love?

Jake: No matter who I'll give you away to, you'll always be my little girl.

Violet: Finished my book! It's done!
(Everybody applauds.)
Cooper: Okay, finally you can tell us! What is it about?
Violet: Well, it is about uhm... joy. And life. And how it's all a journey. And my patients, all the debates we've had and all you guys in this kitchen and how much I love my job. And how no matter what, I'm gonna be okay. We're all gonna be okay. It's hard to explain.
Sam: What's the title? You know, snappy title?
Violet: I'm thinking of calling it Private Practice.
Cooper: That title sucks.
Charlotte: I love it!
Naomi: Me too!
Amelia: It's a good title!
Sam: No, it doesn't make sense.
Naomi: It makes sense!
Sam: Private Practice? What kind of a title is that?
Addison: Okay, it's better than Body Language – the Mind-Body Connection!
(They all laugh.)
Sam: At least with my book you know what it was about. Private Practice could be about anything.
Charlotte: Like what?
Sam: A law firm.
Cooper: Or a brothel.
Jake: Or a medical practice.
Violet: Thank you!
Addison: It's a good title!
Violet: Thank you!

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