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Arizona Robbins watching over Callie Torres being treated in the ICU.

An intensive care unit (commonly referred to as the ICU) is a department or section of a hospital that provides critical care medicine.

Intensive care units cater to patients with the most severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Such illnesses and injuries require constant, close monitoring and support from specialized equipment and medication in order to maintain normal bodily functions. They are staffed by critical care physicians, trauma surgeons, and ICU nurses who specialize in caring for seriously or critically ill patients. Common conditions that are treated within ICU's include those such as trauma, multiple organ failure, and sepsis.

Patients are normally transferred from the ER, post-surgery, or other departments from the hospital.

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and St. Ambrose Hospital both have an ICU.


Hospitals with specialized services have specialty ICUs that cater to those patients being treated by those specialized services.

Notable Cases in the ICU[]

Grey's Anatomy[]

Callie Torres[]

After being in a car accident, Callie spent 12 weeks in the ICU recovering.

Mark Sloan[]

Derek looking after Mark in the ICU

After his rescue from the woods and his initial stabilization at Boise Memorial Hospital, Mark was admitted into the ICU for his recovery. Despite a seemingly full recovery due to the surge, Mark prepared his affairs with Richard, and soon after slipped into a coma. 30 days later, Mark, showing no improvement, was removed from life support and died soon afterward.

Private Practice[]

Violet Turner[]

After she was attacked by Katie Kent and lost a lot of blood, Violet was treated in the ICU.

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