Fossils suggest wildfires have been igniting for 420 million years. This planet is intensely flammable. Wildfires spark and catch and grow, nearly impossible to control. So the question is, at what point do we stop trying to fight the fire that's spreading and simply surrender to it? You're never gonna see it coming. One minute, everything's calm, the next, you're staring down a wildfire. Wildfires don't play nice. They don't stop and pause and wait until you're ready. If conditions are right, wildfires will just grow. They burn hotter than most other fires. Their burn is more destructive. You can't play with this kind of fire or it'll consume you. So when you find yourself staring a wildfire down, when you can't breathe, can't walk, when you're hurting so much you're actually numb, just remember, wildfires may not play nice but neither do you.

Into the Wildfire is the seventeenth and final episode of the second season and the 27th overall episode of Station 19.

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The members of Station 19 pack their gear and head to Los Angeles, California, to help battle a deadly wildfire raging out of control. While the team works to evacuate residents, they meet Terry, and Ben makes a split-second decision that changes both of their lives.

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Jack and Maya have sex in Jack's room at the houseboat. He's done sneaking around but Maya wants the focus on the sex. She needs a palette cleanser for all the sad.

Dean has packed their bags for the day. He has filled coffee cups for them. Dean was out late with his date Nikki. Maya hopes she's up to their standards. Dean says they don't get to have an opinion. Also, sound carries through the bedroom door.

Vic is looking for Ibuprofen. She's nursing a funeral hangover. Andy isn't feeling well either. Vic is planning on staying at Travis' next. Andy is nervous about being called to the wildfire in LA, which is uncharted territory for her. Vic asks what she packed in her giant bag. She packed some textbooks with chapters on wildfire.

Sullivan tells Ben that Cal Fire has been fighting the fire for a week now but it's only 10% contained. Ben has a Medic One oral exam coming up and this will distract his mind. Sullivan confides in him that the medical director asked his opinion. Sullivan supported him.

The others arrive and distribute their bags over the engines. Sullivan gives a speech about his experience with wildfires in Montana. The wind dictates the fire. It will be intense so he wants to thank them in advance for what they are about to face. They lost their friend but they are still here reporting for duty and he's proud of that.

Jack again asks Maya if they should tell the others. Maya wonders what Sullivan will think. Vic is looking for Travis, whom Sullivan tells her got himself into trouble last night. They leave in 10 minutes for the 21-hour drive, with or without him.

Ryan drops by Travis's holding cell. Travis knows he shouldn't have punched that guy. Pruitt appears and says he did a real number on that kid's face. Luckily for Travis, Pruitt and his Captain go way back. Pruitt tells him that 19 has been deployed but he's too late to join the crew. They're on the road already. Pruitt says they are going, too. Ryan came by to grab the last of his stuff before heading to San Diego. Pruitt invites himself and Travis to come with so Ryan can drop them off.

Vic just found out about Maya and Jack. Andy is reading a textbook. She has no idea what Sullivan thinks.

In the other truck, Sullivan says it's not technically a protocol issue since they have the same rank. Ben doesn't really have an opinion. Everyone then sees the wildfires on a hill in the distance.

The crew has arrived at a basecamp. They make their way through triage to the command center, where they meet Incident Commander Nalley. They are starting strike teams for neighborhoods that need ground protection. He informs them there are no beds, meaning they'll sleep when and where they can. This is a marathon. Turnouts are too hot and will slow them down. Their bottles are useless, too. If they can breathe, they are alive, if not, they're dead. It's simple. The crew has been assigned to structure protection on Blue Willow Lane. A unit is evac'ing right now. They have a seven- to ten-hour window to prep the neighborhood in case the fire jumps the line. They have no idea what the odds are of that happening.

The crew arrives in the neighborhood. Sullivan yells instructions. They have to clear out surrounding brush, bring all stray furniture indoors, cover vents, check gutters, and close windows.

As they spread out to go to work, Dean hears a man refusing to get on the bus without his cat, Rumplebum Tankers. Dean promises they will find the cat but he pleads with the man not to risk his life. The man gives him the cat's blanket and then boards the shuttle. After it takes off, Vic says it's mean. She thinks Krispie Kitty is guaranteed by now. She, Ben, and Dean get to work.

Andy and Maya are working on clearing out brush when they notice Terry and Maria are working, too. They refuse to leave. They have been living here since 1975. They have been through three major fires so they can take care of themselves. Andy points out they can leave now that they have prepared their property. Maria thinks she may have a point but Terry is confident they've got this.

Jack and Sullivan move furniture of another house into the garage. Jack brings up his relationship with Maya, wondering if he needs to sign anything. Sullivan wants to work in silence.

Ryan, Pruitt, and Travis are nearing Los Angeles. Ryan is anxious about driving towards a wildfire with all his possessions in the car. He'll be gone for a while if the program goe well. Pruitt grunts, which Travis translates to Pruitt telling Ryan he'll miss him. Pruitt says he already said goodbye to Ryan when they stopped being neighbors. Travis says it can be exciting when you're finally ready to move forward without someone.

Andy likes Terry and Maria, who are now helping clearing brush and lawn ornaments from a neighbor's front lawn. Suddenly, they notice embers floating around. The fire is creeping up on the neighborhood.

Maya lets the others know that embers are dropping on the northeast part. They get to work putting out spot fires. Maya wants Terry and Maria to move so they can do that but Maria points out they all need to see where the embers drop, because the place could go up in flames in seconds if embers hit the brush or gutters. Ben arrives and starts putting out a spot fire, not noticing that the gutter directly above him has caught fire. Terry pushes him out of the way right before it falls. It's obvious that this is the crew's wildfire. Maya and Vic put out thef ire while Dean notices that the fire is approaching by the minute.

Pruitt, Travis, and Ryan arrive at basecamp. Ryan and Pruitt go look for the incident commander in the command center, leaving Travis in triage. Travis helps out aa colleague when a patient starts gagging. After a quick exam, they assess a possible seizure. As they take precautions. As soon as the seizure hits, Dylan pushes midazolam. The seizure subsides. Dylan anticipates the intubation and assists Travis as he successfully intubates. Travis is impressed.

After informing the triage nurse of what they did, Travis compliments Dylan, who says "Thank you" in ASL. Travis didn't realize he was deaf. He doesn't understand anything of the sign language. Dylan signs he gets a pass because he's cute. Dylan gets back to work. Travis overhears Nalley receiving information on the changes in the wind. Nalley says he'll let the Seattle team know, fast. Travis follows him.

The team has finished putting out all the spot fires. Dean still wants to find the cat. Sullivan lets Andy know that the winds are apparently shifting. Andy figured and asks if they need to evacuate. Sullivan says they can't. The winds blowing in the embers block off the only road in and out. They are completely on their own. Terry offers to let them use their use as their base of operations. Maria says they should have left when they could. She starts coughing and her nose starts bleeding. The air quality is getting worse by the minute. They move her inside.

Once inside, Terry says Maria hasn't had an asthma attack in years. Andy and Maya check out Maria. Terry is concerned but Maria tells him to finish up clearing out the brush. He will finish up his work at the Larsons', half of whose lawn is a pool.

Ben receives word that Andy wants them to regroup at the house. Dean still wants to find the cat. Vic insists it's gone and it's a waste of time. Dean points out she's been really dark today. He wants to find that cat to prove that some good can still happen. They then see Terry trying to clear a wire from his brush cutter, which ends with his hand getting stuck and mangled. Vic asks for a Medevac but Sullivan doubts they can get it. He's on his way. Terry realizes he was stupid. He's going into hypovolemic shock. Dean runs off to get a jump bag and tools to take the rotors apart.

At the house, Jack tells Maya that Sullivan and Ben don't seem to care. Maya finds the inhaler. Jack wonders if no one cares because they think they won't last. Maya wants to focus on Maria and the fire.

Terry has lost consciousness. Dean returns with the supplies. They doubt Terry can last the time they'll need to take the rotors apart. Ben can't properly tourniquet. He suggests they amputate. Vic wants to follow protocol with supportive therapy. Ben says they are on their own. If he removes the hand, they can staunch the bleeding immediately. Dean leaves the decision up to surgeon Ben. Ben says he has seen patients bleed out faster than the time it'll take them to free him. He chooses life over hand. It'll be easy since his bones are already broken. They decide to go for it. Sullivan arrives as Ben makes the cut.

The team carries Terry into the house. Their only option is to treat Terry at the house. They push dopamine. Maria walks in and Ben explains they had to take Terry's hand to save his life. Maria sobs at Terry regains consciousness. Terry is in shock that Ben actually took it. Sullivan has Ben leave the room while the rest works to stabilize Terry.

Vic finds a private room. Dean follows her. She's not okay. Lucas is dead and it's raining fire and they cut off a guy's hand. She's dark and she can't see the light. Out of nowhere, a cat walks in through the pet door. It's Rumplebum Tankers. Vic says it does not prove his point. It just means even cats know it's too dangerous to be outside and that even hardcore survivalists can forget to clamp up pet doors.

Nalley informs Pruitt, Ryan, and Travis that 19 is protected at the moment, just isolated. The fire hasn't hit the neighborhood. He stresses that there is no need to panic yet. Dylan types up that there is enough to do to stay busy. Pruitt wants to grab their badges from a bag but instead finds a bag full of cash. Ryan says the badges are in the other bag. Pruitt knows where that money came from. Pruitt says they'll find him if he uses it. He shouldn't let his father's bad decision ruin his life. He needs to get rid of it fast. The wildfire can help.

Ben tells Sullivan he did what was right. Sullivan says Terry has a life because of him. Andy thinks they need to do a sweep to check for flare ups or embers. She and Sullivan will go first.

Vic has installed Terry on his bed. He's not feeling much at the moment so that's something. Vic says that's the pain meds. She needs to redress the wound. Terry always tries to be strong for Maria. It comforts her. He doesn't know what to do now. He asks Vic not to let Maria come in. Vic says it feels impossible when you lose something that's so much a part of you. Terry admits he's scared. Vic says that's normal. She knows things seem dark now but good things will happen again. At least she hopes so. They then hear clattering. She opens the curtains. The fire is right outside. She warns the others.

Nalley radios that winds are shifting east but he's lost radio contact with 19. The conditions are causing interference. Nalley says the team knows to haul up and wait for back-up. Air tankers are refueling and he hopes they will do a fly-by from above. As Pruitt and Nalley argue over that plan, Dylan lets Travis know he knows an unmarked access route. Travis lets the others know. Nalley wants to try the radio again but Travis insists they need to hear Dylan out if he has an exit strategy that will save lives. Nalley doesn't want to risk his people going down an unmarked trail and getting caught in the fire. Pruitt says they can tell 19 about the road if they can re-establish comms. Ryan can make the signal stronger.

Andy and Sullivan are trying to make their way back to the house but the fire is spreading across the neighborhood fast. They realize they won't make it back. They run towards aa house to find cover. Sullivan unsuccessfully tries to kick in the door, which makes the pain in his leg flare up. With the fire rapidly approaching, they run into the backyard and dive into the pool. From under water, they see flames burst out above the surface. They hold each other tightly and flash back to their developing friendship. He holds her face until they have to go up for air. They stay close to the surface so the air doesn't burn their lungs. They see an opening between the flames. They'll have to be quick or their boots will melt.

As he works on equipment, Ryan says he has been reading up on emergency communication systems to prep for San Diego. They can use the Cellular On Wheels tower's signal. He hopes the Seattle software is compatible with LA's so that the tower can activate 19's emergency comm devices.

Jack thinks they need to go look for Andy and Sullivan. The fire has hit the South side of the house, meaning they have to exit. Maya answers the call. Pruitt tells her to listen carefully.

Holding hands, Andy and Pruitt are making their back way back to the house through the burning neighborhood. They see the engine approach. Maya pulls over and they get on. Vic informs them the others are piled in the other engine behind them. Maya is still in contact with Pruitt, who tells her to look for Avalon Street. She can't see street signs. The engine starts whirring, which means the wheels are starting to melt. Pruitt tells her there is a hiking path right off Avalon Street, right next to a house with big flowers. Andy knows where that is. She thinks she can get them there. They reach the street and make a leap of faith when they reach the house.

They reach the path against all odds.

Back at the triage camp, Andy informs Terry and Maria that an ambulance is coming. She wishes they could have saved the house. Ben comes up and gives them Terry's wedding ring. Maria hugs her husband.

Dean asks the triage nurse if she's seen the cat's owner. She has to tell him the guy died an hour ago. He had a cardiac arrest. She's not sure he made it to the hospital. George then turns up alive. Dean cheers and George cuddles his cat.

Andy wonders what life will be like without him around the corner. He says she moved on first. She hasn't been around the corner in a while. She tells him to be safe. He reciprocates and leaves the tent.

Travis finds Jack talking with Dylan. Dylan has asked him about Travis, whom Jack has told him is single. Travis wonders if Dylan likes him. Jack says Travis made a good impression and advises him to kiss Dylan. He leaves them to it. Dylan and Travis then share a kiss.

Ryan drops the bag with cash in a trash can. He goes to light it on fire but changes his mind. He takes the bag out and heads to his car.

Back in Seattle, Dean shares that the fire has been 80% contained. And Nikki just parked outside. He invites Jack and Maya to brunch. Maya is happy to finally get to meet her. Jack is happy to have a double date. Nikki walks in and Dean introduces her. It turns out she's an ex of Maya's.

Ben has his oral exam for Medic One. The proctor confronts him with his decision to perform an unsanctioned field amputation. Ben confirms that he did so without permission from Medical Control or the patient. With no access to a sterile field or post-op care, the proctor points out Ben neglected to follow the strict patient care guidelines. Ben argues there were extenuating circumstances. The proctor says that's true for every call Medic One makes, yet they follow the guidelines. They need to make sure that Medic One members aren't rash with their responsibility of making life-or-death decisions. They don't need cowboys. Ben assures them he did not make the decision lightly. The proctor says it made them look into his record, including his surgical career. It looks like he has a history with "extenuating circumstances."

Travis and Vic are in Vic's bedroom staring at the bed. She brings up Dylan. He says his love life remains nonexistent. Vic tells him not to delay his happy because hers has been messed up. She takes his phone and texts Dylan for him. He puts her in time-out.

At the station, Sullivan tells Andy that the pool was their second near-death experience. They both have something to say. They get closer and she kisses him.

Travis is woken up by a knock. He goes to open the front door expecting food but it's the police. The officer informs him that the man Travis attacked is pressing charges. He's under arrest for the assault and battery of Jeremy Heffington.

Andy and Sullivan kiss as they make their way to the Captain's office. They start to undress as they enter the bunk. She takes a moment to admire his body. She pushes him onto the bed and goes to lock the door. When she returns, however, he's sitting up with a pained look on his face. He tells her to go. She's confused but leaves. Once she's gone, he starts hitting his leg and groans in pain.

Andy walks home, still confused over what just happened.


  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Ryan Tanner
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • Terry
  • Maria
  • Dylan
  • Incident Commander Nalley
  • Nicole
  • Proctor Carter
  • George
  • Officer Gates
  • Triage Nurse

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California WildfireEdit

Station 19 was called to California to help fight a large wildfire there. They went to the command center, where they were assigned to structure protection on Blue Willow Lane. They went to the neighborhood and started cleaning up brush, closing windows, and otherwise preparing for the fire to come through. And older couple that had lived there for decades, Terry and Maria, refused to evacuate, saying their house was prepared and they'd always stayed before. They started getting sprayed by embers that started small fires. They were also trapped in the neighborhood because the only access was blocked. While clearing brush, Terry got his hand stuck in the brush clearer. They started to prepare to open the rotors and free him, but Ben realized they didn't have time and prepared to cut off his hand instead to free him. Once he was free, they brought him back to their house and were able to stabilize him. Finally, the fire arrived and they lost radio contact with the command center. Dylan said there was an unknown access road, that may help the team get out. Back on Blue Willow Lane, Andy and Sullivan were forced to hide underwater in a pool while the fire passed overhead. Ryan was able to use a signal booster to get a call through to them and they were able to find the road out to safety and got back to incident command.

Triage Tent PatientEdit

In the triage tent, Travis helped Dylan treat a patient who was having seizures. Travis intubated and they were able to stabilize him with midazolam.


Song Performer Scene
"Game On 2.0" Siberia (feat. Nea Nelson)
  • Maya and Jack have sex and talk about grief.
  • Dean is packing when they come out of the room and he tells them he could hear them.
"Hand That You Hold" Dan Owen
  • Ben returns Terry's ring.
  • Dean asks after George. A nurse says he's dead, but then George appears and he and Rumblebum Tankers are reunited.
  • Andy and Ryan talk about being apart.
  • Travis sees Jack talking to Dylan about him. The attraction is mutual.
  • Jack leaves and they kiss.
  • Ryan tries to burn the money his dad gave him, but can't do it.
"Flickers in the Flames" Dave Thomas Junior
  • Vic and Travis talk about Dylan. Travis says Vic needs to sleep.
  • Vic tells Travis to text Dylan and go after his happy.
  • They lie down to sleep.
  • Sullivan asks Andy what she wants and she kisses him.
  • Travis gets up to get what he thinks is their food, but ends up getting arrested for punching Jeremy.
  • Andy and Sullivan continue kissing and make their way to his bunk.
  • Andy goes to lock the door, but when she gets back, Sullivan asks her to leave.
  • Andy walks down the street alone.

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Station 19 2x17 Promo "Into the Wildfire" (HD) Season 2 Episode 17 Promo Season Finale

Station 19 2x17 Promo "Into the Wildfire" (HD) Season 2 Episode 17 Promo Season Finale

  • This episode scored 4.83 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on March 29, 2019.
  • Filming wrapped on April 13, 2019.
  • This is the last episode to be written by Stacy McKee, who left the show after the second season and was replaced as showrunner by Krista Vernoff.
  • This is the last episode to feature Alberto Frezza as part of the main cast.


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