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Into the Woods is the fifth episode of the third season and the 32nd overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

In an effort to increase morale, Maya takes the crew on a team-building camping trip that doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Their bond is put to the test as they work to save first-time campers after a gruesome bear attack. Meanwhile, Pruitt takes steps to repair his relationship with Andy, and Sullivan goes to extreme lengths to find relief from the pain in his leg.

Full Summary[]

Sullivan is running, but has to stop due to the pain.

Maya runs through drills with the team.


Lane Bishop cheers Maya on as she races. She passes one final competitor and then wins the race. Lane jumps onto the track and tells her how proud he is of her.

Pruitt finds Maya sitting on some steps alone and asks her if everything's okay. They talk about her struggles with being captain. He asks her how Andy is and learns that Andy moved out of Maya's place and they aren't speaking. He suggests team building away from the station to build morale. He has her practice by inviting him then sends her off to invite them for real.

In the kitchen, the team prepares food and talks about B-shift eating the food and leaving the empty containers. Maya comes in and invites them all on the camping trip. The rest of the team is less than thrilled.

Dean finishes making breakfast and turns on jazz. He calls out to JJ his plan for the day, which doesn't involve the camping trip. JJ, however, has a prenatal spa day planned and tells him just to go on his work trip.

Rigo introduces his wife to the rest of the team, specifically Jack. Dean's a little put out that JJ is doing baby stuff without him. Vic says Jackson's going to meet them at the campground after his surgery. Travis makes it clear he doesn't want to hear sex sounds from Vic's tent. Ben comes by and says he's not going camping. He has to get the supplies ready for the Physician Response Team. Travis wants to stay and help, but Ben doesn't need help.

Maya sends a text to her dad, telling him about the camping trip. He tells her she's the captain and not to take any crap.

Andy's surprised that Pruitt is coming on the trip. Andy reminds him that she's angry because he called her a slut. She wants an apology. Maya comes out and tells everyone it's time to go.

The team is not thrilled to learn they have to walk three miles to get to their campsite, carrying all their equipment, including firewood. Maya went over all the regulations.

As they hike, they come across Rachel and Scott Burke, who are also camping in the woods. They invite the team to join them, but Maya says they can't stay. The Burkes have a $5,000 setup. She wanted to go to Italy, but he always wanted to try camping. Andy notices their fire is hazardous, so she instructs them on how to make it safer.

Sullivan limps into his office. He calls Koracick's office and leaves a message to call him back. He wants another prescription.

They arrive at the campsite and start putting up their tents. Maya tries to assign spots, but they decide to choose their own.

Travis tries to help Dean put up his tent, but Dean's not very happy. He thinks JJ's seeing someone else. He doesn't know if JJ's going to move in. He's always wanted a family, but it never looked like this. Travis tries to console him.

Jack and Andy start to set up their tents and complain to each other about Maya. Then they talk about Rigo.

Jackson finds Vic setting up her tent. They're near where they first met.

Maya checks on what the team members are doing. Pruitt suggests that she lose the clipboard, but she says it's their itinerary and they're 20 minutes behind schedule. He reminds her it's supposed to be fun. She says it's not fun that the people who used to be her friends now hate her. Pruitt says they don't hate her because she's their boss, but because she won't put down the clipboard. Maya then blows her whistle and says she's collecting matches and lighters, so they can start a fire using good old fashioned teamwork.

Lane finds Maya trying to sleep in and says winners don't sleep in. When she doesn't get up, he pours a pitcher of water over her head to draw her out of bed.

Sullivan offers to help Ben inventory his supplies. Sullivan sees on the log that Ben has fentanyl. As they goes over the supplies, Ben starts to say how it's not just the miscarriage. It's that they can't try for another, because Bailey's perimenopausal. Bailey's okay with just having Tuck, but he's not sure he is anymore. It's an ache. He doesn't want to talk to Bailey about it, but he feels like he's been robbed. Ben checks the fentanyl. As Sullivan goes to put it to the side, he quickly takes out two vials first. Sullivan asks if he's considered adoption and he says he's not sure.

The team laughs around the fire while Maya watches from a distance, alone.

As she stretches, Maya is approached by Hima, another runner, who invites her to get pizza with the other runners. Maya says her dad has her on a pretty strict diet. Hima then suggests going to see a movie, which Maya says she can do after she finishes her stretches.

Pruitt's upset because they have no marshmallows to make s'mores. Jack wants to go home now. Dean and Vic and start to sing together. When they finish, the others applaud. Maya then comes up to them with a pinecone. She wants them to pass it around and say something you appreciate about the person to your left. She starts and then passing it to Andy, who lets it drop to the ground. Pruitt picks it up and says something nice about Andy and hands the pinecone to her. Andy makes a joke of it and then throws the pinecone into the fire.

Hima helps Maya study her trig. She tries to get Maya to eat a cookie, but Maya declines. She says she's actually lucky because her dad never misses a single race. He puts her above everything else. Hima says there's more to life than training and running. She tries to get Maya to talk about anything pop culture, but Maya doesn't have any answers. Then she asks about Maya's secret celebrity crush. Maya admits she has a crush, but it's not a celebrity. Maya and Hima lean into each other and kiss.

Jackson and Vic make out in her tent.

Eva climbs into Jack's tent. He tries to send her out, but she says her husband's dead to the world. They start to kiss, then hear some yelling. Jack tries to leave, but Eva stops him.

The team comes out and hears a woman calling for help. They take off through the woods toward the sound. They find Rachel and Scott, the couple they met before, who have been attacked by a bear.

The team starts to tend to Rachel and Scott while Rigo puts out a small fire they started nearby. Rachel has a severed artery in her arm while Scott's entire nose was ripped off by the bear. Andy calls for help. Jackson says if they can find Scott's nose, he can reattach it. The search for the nose begins.

Sullivan, now high on fentanyl, tells Ben he was in the military and speaks six languages, though he initially forgets English. Ben starts to get suspicious, but Sullivan says he's just tired. Ben hears a call come in for Longfellow National Park and goes to head out.

Jack and Eva arrive where the others are and arouse Rigo's suspicion by being together. Dean suggests using the sleeping bags to get Rachel and Scott to the ambulance. Travis applies a tourniquet to Rachel's arm, which is extremely painful for her.

Maya and Andy hunt for the nose. Andy suggests going to a water park for the next bonding trip.

Maya's race starts. As they run, Hima falls and Maya stops to check on her before finishing the race in second place, angering her father. She says she thought her friend was hurt and he says out there, no one is her friend, only her competition. Maya says she finished second, but that doesn't appease him.

The hunt for the nose continues. Eva thinks Rigo knows, but Jack doesn't want to talk about it. Suddenly, they spot a baby bear in the path. A few seconds later, they see the Mama bear.

They all stand very still as they watch the bear. They talk about what they're supposed to do. They can't run, because she'll chase them. Playing dead won't work either. Andy tells them to make themselves look as big as possible. The mama bear turns around and walks back into the woods.

They carry Rachel and Scott down toward the parking lot. They start to hear the sirens. Jackson gives report on Scott to Ben as they load him. Then they report on Rachel.

Travis finds the others, who are still started from the bear. Eva then spots some blood and they find Scott's nose in the grass. Maya puts it in the bag of saline and runs to catch the ambulance before it leaves.

Maya asks her dad to pass the potatoes and he passes them to her mother instead. She tries to give them to Maya, but he takes them back. Maya tries to say something, but Lane just asks Mason about himself. He says he got third place in a mile run and a piece in the school art show. His dad says if he quit art, he could get first place instead.

Maya gets to the parking lot, but the ambulance is gone. She yells back to the team to come so they can leave.

Lane continues to insult Mason. Maya tells him she'll go to his art show and grabs for the potatoes herself, but Lane takes them from her and throws the dish at the wall, breaking it. Lane says he can't even hear losers. It's like they're dead to him.

Pruitt apologizes to Andy for calling her a slut. He says he's been trying to talk to her for days, but she wouldn't let him. He says he was out of line and none of what she was doing was his business. He hurt you and he was wrong. She thanks him for apologizing. Andy asks if there was something else he wanted to talk to her about. He says he knows she misses Ryan. Andy says it's more than that. She feels like part of her is missing. She feels angry at the entire world and she's sorry if she's been taking it out on him.

Back at 19, Sullivan is sleeping at his desk when Ben comes in. Ben tells him the team's okay and the victims are being treated at Grey Sloan. Ben checks in with Sullivan, asking about his stress. Sullivan says he appreciates his concern.

Dean comes home to find JJ eating cheetos on the couch. She's surprised to see him home earlier than she expected. He tells her why and she offers him cheese puffs just as he tells her he wants to get married. He starts to explain, but she says no, not ever. She says she's there so the baby can know their dad and that's all she can commit to so far. He starts to say more, but then agrees to sit on the couch with her and eat cheese puffs.

Travis and Pruitt make s'mores on the roof. Travis asks if he needs to talk about something and Pruitt admits that he's dying, which shocks Travis. He can't face it and he can't tell Andy about it. Every time he tries, it breaks him. Travis tells Pruitt to tell him again. Pruitt says it again. And again. And again. He and Travis both start to cry.

Andy and Jack are sharing a drink at the bar when Maya comes in and goes to sit at the bar. Jack thinks it's killing Maya for them to be friends again, but Andy says they were never not friends. Jack confesses that he's been sleeping with Eva. Andy calls him out for breaking the firefighter code. She once knew a firefighter as a child who got transferred for breaking the code. She doesn't want that to happen to Jack. He says he keeps trying to stop and can't. Andy kind of understands. She keeps trying to feel something other than angry and she can't. Jack says they could solve both their problems. Make her feel something different and help him not get cast out. She says they should do that and they get up from the table.

Maya wins another race. Her father hugs her. Hima tries to congratulate her, but Maya ignores Hima's attempt at a high five.

Carina sits next to Maya and orders a drink. She recognizes Maya from dropping off the nose. They introduce themselves and Carina asks to hear the story in exchange for buying her a drink. Maya says she's drinking alone tonight. Carina asks if she's sure. Maya thinks maybe she's not.

Jack and Andy make out in the back room. They're both feeling better.


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Rachel and Scott Burke[]

While out camping in the woods, the team heard calls for help. They ran to find Rachel and Scott Burke, who had been attacked by a bear. Rachel had a severed artery in her arm and was bleeding profusely, while Scott's face was mangled and his nose was ripped completely off. Unable to find the nose, they quickly packed his face and put a tourniquet on Rachel's arm, then improvised stretchers to carry them to the parking lot where Ben met them in the ambulance and took them to the hospital. When the nose was later located, they put it in a bag of saline and brought it to the hospital.


Song Performer Scene
"You're a Star" PRTY ANML
  • Sullivan is running, but has to stop due to pain.
  • Maya drills the team.
  • In 2006, Maya wins a race.
"Don't Fence Me In" Cast (Okieriete Onaodowan and Barrett Doss)
  • Dean and Vic sing around the campfire.
"Love My Way" Greg Laswell
  • Maya grabs Scott's nose and runs to meet the ambulance.
  • In flashback, Maya gets ignored by her father.
  • The ambulance is gone when she arrives.
  • Maya's father talks down to Mason.
"Don't Fence Me In" Cast (Okieriete Onaodowan)
  • Dean sings as he arrives home.
"High Hopes" Kali J
  • Jack and Andy make a toast and then talk about Maya.
  • He confesses to sleeping with Eva.
  • They discuss a solution.
  • In flashback, Maya wins another race.
  • Carina sits at the bar next to Maya.
  • Carina flirts with Maya.
  • Jack and Andy start hooking up.

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