Derek often uttered the phrase before surgery

It's a beautiful night/day to save lives was a phrase often uttered by Derek right before a surgery for good luck. Sometimes he adds "Let's have some fun" in the end.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When performing an appendectomy on Sadie, Lexie said, It's a beautiful day to save lives although technically it was night and they weren't saving a life.
  • When Derek was to operate on Addison's brother, Archer, Addison became much less worried as soon as he said the phrase.
  • On his first surgery back from "the woods" in season five, Derek says this phrase hesitantly as he goes to work on Izzie's brain.
  • Cristina used this phrase when operating on Derek in Death and All His Friends. She also said it sounds better when Derek says it.
  • On Derek's first surgery back after the plane crash, Callie and the OR staff were nudging Derek to say the phrase. Derek chuckled, then said it.
  • On Derek's last episode, he says the phrase when he saves the victims of the car crash.
  • During the Alternate Reality episode of If/Then (8x13) Derek doesn't say this instead Addison does, albeit sarcastically in Derek's face. He just says "nice" and walks away.
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