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Izzie's Meet-the-Boyfriend Get Together was a party hosted by Izzie Stevens so her colleagues could meet her boyfriend.


When Izzie's boyfriend, Hank, was coming to town, she decided to throw a party so he could get to know her new friends. She told Meredith it would be a small party, but it quickly grew out of control, with many hospital employees being invited. The party started while Izzie was stuck at work. When Meredith came home, she was shocked at how large the party was, but decided to go with it and started drinking and dancing with Cristina. The two of them played strip poker at the party with George. And when Hank arrived, Izzie was still not there.

When Izzie finally got off work, Hank was waiting at the hospital for her. They broke up and Izzie went home to find the remnants of the party.

Characters Present[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Meredith and Derek had sex in a car outside the party.
  • Despite planning the party, Izzie didn't come home until after the party was over.
  • The party left burn marks on the hardwood floors from flame shots.[1]
  • Debbie and Dr. Taylor were not seen at the party in the episode, but the tie-in novel, Notes from the Nurses' Station, states they both attended.
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