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Fine! Let's look at that tattoo up close and personal, shall we? What are these? Oh, my God! Breasts! How does anybody practice medicine hauling these things around? And what have we got back here? Let’s see if I remember my anatomy. Glutes, right? Let’s study them, shall we? Gather around and check out the booty that put Izzie Stevens through med school! Have you had enough, or should I continue, because I have a few more very interesting tattoos. You want to call me Dr. Model? That's fine. Just remember that while you're still sitting on two hundred grand of student loans... I'm out of debt.
Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens is an attending surgical oncologist. She was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital until she was fired shortly after the merger with Mercy West Medical Center. Engaged to Denny Duquette until his death, she is now in a relationship with her ex-husband, Alex Karev. Together, they have twins, Alexis and Eli.


Early Life[]

Izzie grew up in Forest Park, on Route 6, behind a church in Chehalis, Washington.[5] She lived in a trailer park with her mother who nicknamed her "Cricket"[6] Sometimebefore her residency, her maternal grandmother died of thyroid cancer.[7]

As a teenager, Izzie worked as a waitress and had savings for college, but her mother spent most of the saved money on psychics. This forced Izzie to pay most of the bills with her own money.

At age fifteen, Izzie became pregnant.[8] She gave birth to a baby girl and placed her for adoption at sixteen in order to give her a better life. She secretly named the girl Sarah, but her parents named her Hannah.[5] Because of her pregnancy, mothers made their children stay away from Izzie so she struggled to make friends.

At her high school prom, the football quarterback was her date. Since her school didn't have a lot of money, they just converted the gym.[9]

When she turned eighteen, she left home. She paid for medical school by modeling designer "Bethany Whisper," which led to her receiving the nickname "Dr. Model."[10]

She attended the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Starting Her Internship[]

Izzie started out as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital under fourth-year resident Miranda Bailey, alongside Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, and George O'Malley. She and George soon became Meredith's roommates.

Alex Karev was later reassigned as Miranda's resident.

Relationship with Alex[]

Izzie developed a strong relationship with Alex, but was subsequently mocked for it.

Alex took Izzie out on a date, but Izzie was insulted that he wasn't acting like himself and he didn't bother to kiss her goodnight, not knowing that Alex felt "off his game" because he heard that he failed his boards. Izzie was annoyed at Alex for ruining the date and not kissing her until Alex went to Joe's and kissed her passionately. This sparked their first relationship, though Alex still struggled to become intimate with Izzie.

Later, Izzie saw Alex and Olivia having sex in an on-call room, devastating her. When Alex was studying for his boards, Izzie finally broke down in front of him as she tried to help him study. Eventually, she was able to forgive Alex, and they were on friendly terms again.

Their feelings for each other started to spark again after Izzie and Alex had sex for the first time following the bomb in the body cavity incident. They were on the brink of a second go at a relationship when Denny Duquette returned to the hospital, re-igniting Izzie's interest in him.

Denny Duquette and Probation[]

Izzie met Denny, a cardio patient, who immediately took a liking to Izzie. As time went on, the two got closer to the point that they fell in love with each other. Still, Denny needed a new heart, only alive due to his LVAD.

A heart became available, but when the heart donor flat-lined, Burke and Alex attempted to take Dr. Hahn's heart in order for Denny to receive a heart that day. However, Hahn's transplant patient had been put on the donor list 17 seconds before Denny. Knowing the only way that Denny would get the heart would be if his condition worsened immediately, Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire so that this would happen. Upon arrival at Seattle Grace, Burke was shot and Hahn was needed to do the surgery. While the surgery was completed successfully, Denny soon after died from an unexpected stroke.

After Denny died, Izzie confessed to Chief Webber that she cut the LVAD wire, but she felt she was no longer a doctor. She quit the program, unable to deal with her grief. After some time mourning Denny, endlessly baking and a visit from Miranda Bailey, Izzie started to heal. Initially intending to clean out her locker, Izzie watched Cristina stitching up a heart from the gallery. This reignited her passion for medicine, and she returned to Seattle Grace. The Chief put her on probation, with Dr. Bailey adding extra punishments such as only observing and no talking or interacting with patients. She was eventually taken off of probation after helping a victim of the ferry boat crash.[11]

Izzie received an inheritance check from Denny for $8.7M. She didn't deposit the check for a while, which stressed her roommates out. Finally, Izzie deposited the check but was unsure how to spend it as she wanted Denny's money to go towards something meaningful. When Bailey got approval for a free clinic, Izzie realized Denny's money could fund it, and she put almost all of her inheritance towards the new clinic, naming it the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic.

Becoming a Resident and Relationship with George[]

Izzie became a second-year resident at Seattle Grace after passing her intern exams. Her first day on the job resulted in her treating a deer in the back of a pick-up truck which her new interns thought was ridiculous and a waste of her time.

As she struggled to get her feet grounded, she became more infatuated with George and his life, practically waiting for his marriage to Callie Torres to implode. After a bad fight with Callie, George came over to drink with Izzie, and they ended up drunkenly sleeping together. Izzie remembered everything the next morning, but it wasn't until later in the day that their night together came back to George. Both initially agreed to keep it a secret between each other, saying it would never happen again and it didn't mean anything. As time wore on, both Izzie and George realized they did indeed have feelings for each other, and George agreed to tell Callie about his one-night stand. After doing so, Izzie and George attempted a relationship but discovered that their sexual chemistry was non-existent apart from that first night. Their relationship fizzled out, and George moved into an apartment with Lexie Grey.

Rekindling Romance with Alex[]


Izzie started hallucinating her dead fiancé, Denny Duquette.

Izzie discovered that she was misdiagnosed with anemia when she actually had high LDH levels. She went into a private room and started to examine her body for any enlarged lymph nodes or suspicious moles. She then discovered a mole on her back. Izzie and George O'Malley went to dermatology, Daisy Pepman removed her mole and told her she shouldn't be worried about it. Daisy later came back with her results that the mole was malignant. Izzie gathers her interns and creates "Patient X" who is actually Izzie, had her interns try to diagnose her. The interns conclude that "Patient X" is fine, and at most she has an anxiety disorder. This makes Izzie very frustrated, saying "Patient X" has been having visual, auditory, and tactile hallucinations.

Izzie is conversing with George when Lexie Grey comes up to her, explaining they have news on "Patient X". Lexie explained they should check for a malignancy in the brain. Which was done by using an MRI. Izzie had multiple scans including an upper G.I., and a head CT before that.The interns later diagnose her with Stage IV metastatic melanoma with metastases to the liver, brain, and skin, with a 5% survival rate. Izzie later asked what Lexie would say to "Patient X" if she had the chance. Lexie says "Patient X" should screw the odds and argues that her mother died of the hiccups, which probably have a 100% survival rate.


Izzie gets treated for her cancer.

Izzie chose to tell Cristina about her cancer, and Cristina set her up with the best surgical oncologist in the state as well as producing masses of research, but Izzie chose to blow off the appointment, making Cristina wonder why she ever confided in her to begin with. Eventually, Cristina couldn't handle the pressure and told an OR full of staff, including Alex and Bailey, of Izzie's diagnosis, which gave Izzie the final push to fight for her life, and she finally admitted herself into Seattle Grace as a patient.

Izzie's first part of her treatment was to have the temporal lobe metastases removed by Derek, who returned to surgery to operate on Izzie following his breakdown. Meredith also suggested to Izzie that she has obstetrics remove healthy eggs from her, for her future. The first stage of her treatment was successful, as Derek removed the tumor fully from Izzie's temporal lobe, no thanks to Rebecca Swender, Izzie's oncologist who constantly second-guessed Derek during surgery until Derek found his rhythm and quiets Dr. Swender.

Following the news of her cancer and Meredith and Derek's wedding, she began to plan the wedding and even created Meredith and Derek's Wedding Website. However, after discovering another tumor in her brain due to the appearance of Denny, Meredith and Derek gave away their wedding to Izzie and Alex and they got married. She then did the risky surgery, and the tumor was successfully removed.


Izzie's DNR order is ignored and successfully resuscitated.

While Alex embraced Izzie after realizing that some of her memory returned, Izzie went limp and her pressure started dropping. Alex called for Cristina, who arrived shortly before Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey arrived and he demanded that they resuscitate her, but Cristina told the others that Izzie signed a DNR. Initially, the other doctors wanted to abide by the DNR, but Richard soon gave in, stating, "Screw the DNR," and started to resuscitate her.[12]

Hospital Merger and Departure[]

During the budget cuts at Seattle Grace, Izzie accidentally administered an incorrect dosage of medicine to a patient, causing her not to get a much-needed kidney transplant. This caused Chief Webber to fire her. Thinking Alex was partly to blame, Izzie wrote him a letter and left.


Alex and Izzie say goodbye.

Izzie later returned to Seattle for a final PET scan and to ask Derek to put in a good word for her, so she could get a job in Tacoma and repair things with Alex. Derek learned that Tacoma didn't want to hire her because of her history, but he planned on hiring Izzie back once he was given the job of Chief of Surgery. At the same time, Izzie went to show Alex that her scan was clean, meaning she was officially not dying of cancer. He was genuinely happy for her but felt he deserved better. Knowing she was okay, he told her to leave, be happy, and not come back. Realizing that there was nothing left to repair, Izzie went to Meredith's house to pack her stuff. Meredith begged her not to throw the people that loved her aside and not to leave, as it was her home. Izzie responded saying that Seattle Grace wasn't her home anymore, that it was just a place she used to work at and she can do that anywhere. This makes a tearful Meredith frown and turn away, letting her go. As Izzie exhales, she is left to start all over again somewhere else.[13]

Life after Seattle, Having Kids and Reconciling with Alex[]

Around four years after leaving Seattle, Izzie was single and wanted children. Due to chemo for the cancer, she lost the ability to get pregnant, and she used the frozen embryos from before treatment to try and have kids. It was successful and she gave birth to twins, whom she named Eli and Alexis. The three of them live out on the country in Baldwin City, Kansas, where she now works as a surgical oncologist.


Alex and Izzie with their twins.

Five years after having twins, Meredith's medical license was in jeopardy. Alex called her to see if she could write a letter of support in the trial. Alex admitted the trial gave him an excuse to call her and see how she was doing many years later. As Alex and Izzie talked, he described it being as if no time had passed between them and felt they left something unfinished. He later learned she had kids, and that in fact the kids were his. He then got on with the trial and went to see her and the kids. He eventually decided to stay with Izzie and their twins to build a life together.[14]


Izzie always thinks there's some good in people, no matter how bad they are. Her motivations are always for what she believes to be the right thing. She is very optimistic, bubbly, and bright. The first impression she gives is a confident and friendly woman.

She is also very kind, protective, and often stubborn. She seems to get too emotionally involved in most cases, which she sees as a good thing, although others feel it gets in the way of the medicine.

Izzie is very loyal to all her friends, and in most cases, can be trusted. She likes seeing others happy and is constantly trying to cheer people up. This attitude, however, is not extended to certain individuals. For example, she goes out of her way every chance she gets to belittle and bring down George and Callie after they eloped, eventually breaking the marriage up completely by sleeping with George. During the entire time she knew Callie, Izzie acted like a childish and inappropriate individual; constantly laughing at her and poking fun of intimate details about Callie’s life she had only wanted George to know. She is also a hopeless romantic. She bakes/cleans a lot almost to an obsessive level when she is sad or stressed.

Izzie can often be taken as a meddler when she tries to help people when they do not necessarily ask for help. She can really bring the pain if she believes she has been wronged or hurt emotionally. She can hold a grudge or retaliate when someone tries to take advantage of her kindness and good intentions.




When she started her internship, Izzie was dating the professional hockey player Hank. They soon broke up due to her long working hours and distance.

Alex Karev[]

When Alex Karev discovered her history as a model, he didn't waste any time in putting up her lingerie advertisements all over Seattle Grace Hospital. Despite the incident, she saw through Alex's shallow, callous exterior and befriended him, to the shock of her friends.

When he eventually asked her out, she was disappointed that he didn't have the courage to kiss her. For a while she refused to speak to him until spontaneously at Joe's bar, he kissed her.

Despite dating Alex, a heart patient named Denny Duquette continually flirted with her. It led nowhere and he left the hospital shortly after they met after failing to receive a new heart.

Alex izzie kiss

Alex and Izzie kiss.

Due to some difficulties on Alex's part, their sexual relationship didn't take off. And after Izzie caught Alex sleeping with Nurse Olivia, she ended their relationship and was furious with him. When Izzie discovered her friends were helping Alex study for his failed boards she blew up at them although she eventually forgave him and helped him study as well. Even though she forgave him she ruled out the possibility of another relationship with him.

When there was a bomb scare in the hospital, Izzie felt she needed to do what she wanted before it was too late. She proceeded to have sex with Alex in a linen closet again several times throughout the day. Alex assumed that they were dating again but Meredith told him that they were only sleeping together and Izzie wouldn't ever think of him the same after his incident with Olivia.


Alex and Izzie get married.

Later, Izzie gave Alex an ultimatum. She told him either to be the nice guy or the jerk but he couldn't be both. He kissed her and they later decided to go steady. Things went well but Denny began to appear to Izzie and she even had sex with him. Shockingly, it turned out that the appearances of Denny were because of an illness she had.

Meredith and Derek gave their wedding to Izzie after discovering her tumor and she got married to Alex.

Izzie's time with cancer was rough, and it took a toll on her relationship with Alex. After she was fired from SGMW, she left Alex. Eventually, she did come back, wanting to reunite with Alex when she found out her cancer was gone. However, he refused, wanting someone who would stay. Soon afterwards, she sent him divorce papers and he signed them.

When Meredith needed letters for her trial, Alex called Izzie, and in their conversation she revealed that she had given birth to twins, using a frozen embryo that she and Alex had saved when she was starting her cancer treatment. He went to Kansas to visit them, decided to stay, and began a life with Izzie and their family.

Denny Duquette, Jr.[]

When Denny was readmitted to the hospital after suffering cardiac dysrhythmia, Izzie brushed Alex off so she could tend to Denny. Alex felt threatened by Denny so he told Denny he should back off because he would probably die from heart failure and if he did it would hurt Izzie. When Izzie found out that Alex said this to Denny, she confronted him and he replied that she could not get involved with patients. She later realized that she did not have to settle for Alex.

Cutting the LVAD

Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD wire

However, Denny survived and they grew closer. He had an LVAD inserted to keep him alive for longer so he could wait for a heart, but after finding out that Denny had become a DNR (do not resuscitate) patient, Izzie jumped at the chance to get him a new heart. After discovering that he lost a donor heart to someone on the donor list who was ahead of him by 17 seconds, she implored him to let her cut his LVAD wire so his condition would worsen and he would move up on the donor list. At first, Denny refused because it would end her medical career and he didn't want to steal a heart out of another man's chest but after Izzie broke down crying and begged him, he agreed. Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire and sought the help of her fellow interns to keep him alive.

As the interns struggled to keep Denny alive, Cristina informed them that Denny's surgeon, Preston Burke, was shot and struggling to survive. After hearing the news, Izzie panicked, completely at a loss. In the midst of the chaos, Denny proposed to a shocked Izzie. Dr. Miranda Bailey walked in on the interns and banned them all from any surgeries until the person who cut the LVAD wire confessed. Meanwhile, Alex invited Dr. Erica Hahn to replace Dr. Burke on Denny's heart transplant surgery. Dr. Hahn successfully completed Denny's transplant surgery and when Izzie visited Denny after his transplant she accepted his marriage proposal. Denny died from a stroke shortly thereafter leaving Izzie devastated and lying next to Denny's body. Alex carried her off the bed and told her that the body wasn't Denny and that Denny loved her and he wouldn't want Izzie to do this to herself. After a long period of mourning, Izzie moved on but refused Alex's offer of a relationship.


Izzie lying with a deceased Denny.

George O'Malley[]

When Izzie discovered that George liked Meredith, she encouraged him to tell her. Eventually, he did but after his disastrous sexual encounter with her, he moved out of the house, much to Izzie's disappointment. Despite several attempts, George refuses to tell Izzie where he is currently living. Eventually, he moved back in and frequently had his new girlfriend, Dr. Callie Torres, over, much to Izzie's dismay. Izzie made it very clear to George that she disapproved of her presence in his life because she considered Callie a freak. After taking multiple jibes, Callie told George it was because Izzie was in love with him.

After Callie disclosed the fact that she was somewhat wealthy and was paying most of their bills herself and didn't mind doing so, a hurt George told Meredith, who told Izzie. Izzie used this information when making a snide remark about Callie, knowing it would hit a nerve. Infuriated at his indiscretion, Callie kicked George out of their hotel room after voicing her opinion that Izzie "had feelings" for George. Upset and confused, George went to Izzie and Meredith's house with a bottle of bourbon and after getting drunk, Izzie and George slept together. The next day, George had no recollection of their intimacy the previous night and didn't remember until he was having lunch with Callie and her father. George confronted Izzie about it in a linen closet at the hospital and after they almost kissed, George left in a surge of guilt. Later, Izzie wanted to tell Callie but George insisted that it be kept a secret.

While dealing with the aftermath of her sexual encounter with George, Izzie was visited by the adoptive parents of the child she had given up years before. Hannah, now 11, is sick with leukemia and her donor for a bone marrow transplant had died the previous night. Izzie asked if she could meet Hannah, her parents agreed if Hannah wanted to. Izzie agreed to donate bone marrow to save her daughter's life, causing her emotional grief, Dr. Bailey helped Izzie keep her daughter a secret from the other interns and helped her during the beginning of the bone marrow harvest. Hannah's parents informed Izzie that Hannah was tired and maybe Izzie could meet Hannah when she was better. Despite this, Izzie still agreed to donate bone marrow. George noticed Izzie crying earlier and went to find her. He stayed with her for the rest of the harvest, setting aside other emotions. In the recovery room, Izzie confides in George that she has a daughter and says she needs their friendship to survive even though the sex wasn't tragic like the encounter with him and Meredith. George was still conflicted with his feelings for Izzie and his guilt in betraying Callie, he left Izzie crying in the room, only to return once he realized Izzie needed help as a friend. George came with Izzie when she saw her daughter for the first time, noting that Hannah had Izzie's eyes and mouth.


Izzie, Meredith and George at Christmas.

Following this, Izzie and George pretended that everything was fine, and continued to spend time together as friends. As Callie became more suspicious, she confronted Izzie and begged her to relinquish George which prompted Izzie to guiltily withdraw from him. She and George both realized they couldn't pretend their sexual encounter never happened, especially because their feelings for each other keep getting in the way. The combination of all these factors leads George to decide to transfer to Mercy West.

After George received a letter telling him he'd been accepted to Mercy West Medical Center, pending the results of the intern exam, Izzie tried to convince him not to leave by saying she had no romantic feelings towards him. Izzie later admitted to George that she was in love with him, leaving him speechless.

George later admitted he loved Izzie too, despite his strange reaction to her when she confessed her love to him. Their relationship was soon discovered by George's wife, Callie and the two got a divorce. After some time, George and Izzie realized that their relationship was not working as they had very little chemistry. They broke up but continued to have a close friendship.


Robbie Stevens[]


Izzie and her mother hug.

When Izzie was diagnosed with cancer, her mother Robbie visited the hospital, unaware of how bad the cancer was. Before she left, she said to Izzie that she always knew she was too good for the trailer park. Izzie said she loved her mother, but they work better at a distance.[7] She later went to live with her mother in Chehalis for a few months in the Winter after she left Alex.


Her grandmother had a tumor on her thyroid and eventually died of thyroid cancer.[15]


Izzie quickly befriended her fellow interns, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, and George O'Malley. She bonded fastest with George. After a rough start with Alex, she became friends with him too.

After her marriage, Izzie decided to introduce him to her patient friends: Austin, Star, Miguel, Meg, and Alison. Izzie bonded well with Alison, who was similar to Izzie. They had similar cancer, age, and treatment plans. On discovering Alison decided against surgery for her brain metastases and discovering the IL-2 therapy was working, Izzie was torn between having surgery or not. She tried to get the opinion of Alex, Cristina, Meredith, and George. Cristina and Meredith did not agree with the surgery. With IL-2 therapy, after three months, the mets were gone. Alex said their life together was at stake and eventually urged for the surgery, however. After Alison's death, Izzie signed a DNR and went through surgery. Webber, Bailey and Cristina ignored the DNR order by Izzie and attempted to resuscitate her when she crashed.[16]



Izzie's (incorrect) test results.

She attended University of Washington School of Medicine.

At the beginning of her internship, Izzie struggled with others' assumptions of her as an incompetent doctor, due to the fact that she used to be a lingerie model.

Izzie was a reasonably good doctor but when she cut Denny Duquette's LVAD wire, she was going to be suspended but instead quit. Alex Karev later convinced Bailey to talk to Izzie and make her come back which Bailey succeeded in doing. Bailey convinced the Chief to let her return but with a strict probation which doesn't allow her to have contact with patients and an inferiority to her fellow interns. Izzie became dissatisfied with the limited amount of medical work she could do and frequently tried to push the boundaries of her probation. She even donated most of her money from Denny Duquette's check to a free clinic where she and Bailey often worked.

During an emergency involving a ferry accident, Izzie saved a man's life by drilling burr holes into his skull with an ordinary drill in the field. This prompted an impressed chief to take her off probation and allow her to finish the rest of the procedure by drilling more burr holes but this time with a real high-speed surgical drill.

Addison Forbes Montgomery told Richard Webber that Izzie had the potential to be an extremely gifted OB/GYN, one of the best she had seen in years but she was worried because she seemed to get too close to her patients. After using a tactic of assigning Izzie to a patient that would inevitably die, Izzie left obstetrics.

Off probation

Izzie is off probation.

Izzie decided to try going into cardiothoracic surgery but was met by a determined Cristina, who was also trying to make a career in the same department. She eventually decided that she was not suited for the specialty and stopped pursuing it.

After Bailey realized she had too many things to look after, she handed over the keys of the clinic to Izzie, giving it to her.

When her interns (and the others) started to dislike being doctors since they were banned from surgery, Izzie set up a competition, won by Lexie. When she realized that Denny appearing was because she was sick, the set up a competition to diagnose patient X. When she discovered that she had cancer and other people started to learn, she finally admitted herself as a patient, she just designed Meredith and Derek's wedding and was quizzed on medical trivia by Bailey.

She quickly got back on her feet and continued working as a surgeon, although some thought it was too soon and after concerns from Owen Hunt, Derek Shepherd and Alex, Izzie was fired during the merger with Mercy West, although the chief used the standard speech and claimed it was due to budget cutbacks. After this Izzie left a note in Alex's cubby and left him.

She relocated to Baldwin City, Kansas and became a surgical oncologist.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She is an excellent baker and obsessive cleaner.[17]
  • When she's upset, she likes to nest.[18]
  • She can't cook, as revealed when she plans a Thanksgiving dinner for her roommates, relying on internet recipes.[19]
  • She is Catholic.[20]
  • Her glove size is 6.[21]
  • Izzie says she always chooses the dog piece when she plays Monopoly.[22]
  • She enjoys baking her mother's chocolate cupcakes and finds out the secret ingredient is coconut extract.[23]
  • Izzie only ever sees Denny when she hallucinates, as he is the person she associates most with death.[24]
  • She has a tattoo of a butterfly and claims to have others in interesting places.[25]
  • Izzie is 27 years old in her first year of residency.[26][27] She later celebrated her 29th birthday as a second-year resident.[28][29], which occurs in the year 2009[30] This correspondingly makes her year of birth 1980, having turned 28 by the end of her intern year.
    • A visual clue shows a production error[31], set on June 10 or June 11, 2009. Yet "Break on Through" confirms she is already at least 27, and at least over one year and several months have passed, by the time of "Good Mourning" (6x01) (set before this would-be birthday timeframe). Therefore, it is certain the OR board date of birth, a brief visual cameo, was an error by production. Four episodes prior, Izzie was already stated to be 29 years old by Lexie under the Patient X identity, and Lexie previously refers to her taking six years to graduate college[32] Both scenes occur when Lexie is an intern. It reads "06/23/81"[33], four episodes after Lexie mentions she is 29. This contradicts many previous and future timeline references, including George's death, Izzie's background (including college education), and the timeline of her birthday occurring in the same season.
    • A second date of birth, 05/01/80 (May 1, 1980), is seen on the divorce papers sent to Alex. However, the name associated with the age is never seen. [34]
  • She was interviewed by Barclay Faust prior to her employment at Seattle Grace Hospital.[source?]
  • When Denny died, she baked so many muffins that she gave baskets filled with them to Joe.[35]
  • It took Izzie 6 years to graduate from college as she was going to college at night.[36]
  • She had 10 letters of recommendation for her internship at Seattle Grace Hospital, all written by the patients at a hospital where she worked as a candy striper.[37]
  • Izzie did not reveal her intended specialty prior to her departure, though it was later revealed to be surgical oncology.[38]
  • Her HLA Type is B-3.[source?]
  • She thought about dying her hair red.[39]
  • She laughs at funerals.[40]
  • She is claustrophobic.[41]
  • Izzie is the only living member of the original five interns to not be seen wearing navy scrubs.


A more complete gallery with pictures of Izzie Stevens can be found here.

Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are Izzie-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life.

Memorable Quotes[]

Izzie: People die in front of us every day. But I believe Meredith will survive this. I believe, I believe, I... I believe in the good. I believe that it's been a hell of a year and I believe that, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that we will be okay. I believe a lot of things. I believe that... I believe that Denny is always with me... and I believe that if I eat a tub of butter and no one sees, that the calories don't count. And I believe that surgeons who prefer staples over stitches are just lazy. And I believe that you are a man that made a terrible mistake marrying Callie and I believe that because I'm your best friend I can tell you this and we can be okay. I believe that even though you made this mistake you will be okay. I believe we survive, George. I believe that believing we survive... is what makes us survive.[42]

Alex: Why would you want to help me after what I did?
Izzie: Because it's what Jesus would freakin' do![43]

Izzie: Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone to look out for them. Make sure they're okay.[44]

Izzie: You can bitch and complain about it, or you can adjust your expectations.[45]

Izzie: Just because people do horrible things, it doesn't always mean they're horrible people.[46]

Izzie: I feel like I'm moving in slow motion. Like I'm moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast and I just wanna go back to when things were normal. When I wasn't "Poor Izzie" laying on the bathroom floor in her prom dress with her- her dead fiance. But I am. So I can't. And I'm- I'm just stuck. And there is all this pressure cause everyone is hovering around me waiting for me to do something. Or say something, or flip out, or yell and cry some more and I'm happy to play my part. I'm happy to say the lines and do whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing if it will make everyone feel more comfortable. But I don't- I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to be this person. I don't- I don't know who this person is.[47]

Izzie: This isn't real, is it? I'm just gonna keep my eyes close because this is like that moment in the morning when you first wake up and you're still half asleep and everything seems... things are possible, dreams feel true and for that one moment between waking and sleeping anything can be real, and then you open your eyes and the sun hits you and then you realize that... I'm just gonna keep my eyes closed.[48]

Izzie: You made me burn my french toast.
George: You can buy new french toast!

Izzie: You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day.. not until it's happening. You don't recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you're right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone. The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soulmate. The day you realize there's not enough time, because you want to live forever.[49]



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  8. New History, 6x09
  9. Notes from the Nurses' Station
  10. No Man's Land, 1x04
  11. Drowning on Dry Land, 3x16
  12. Now or Never, 5x24
  13. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, 6x12
  14. Leave a Light On, 16x16
  15. No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance), 5x21
  16. Now or Never, 5x24
  17. The First Cut Is the Deepest, 1x02 (GA)
  18. Winning a Battle, Losing the War, 1x03 (GA)
  19. Thanks for the Memories, 2x09 (GA)
  20. Time After Time, 3x20 (GA)
  21. If Tomorrow Never Comes, 1x06
  22. Where the Boys Are, 3x07
  23. Save Me, 1x08
  24. What a Difference a Day Makes, 5x22
  25. No Man's Land, 1x04
  26. Break on Through, 2x15
  27. Time After Time, 3x20
  28. Wish You Were Here, 5x11
  29. I Will Follow You Into the Dark, 5x17
  30. Now or Never, 5x24
  31. Error/Goof: 06/23/81 OR board inconsistency— this birth date would imply Izzie is not yet twenty-eight by the time of George's death in Good Mourning, 6x01.
  32. Freedom, Part 2, 4x17
  33. Elevator Love Letter, 5x19
  34. How Insensitive, 6x21
  35. I Am a Tree, 3x02 (GA)
  36. Freedom, Part 2, 4x17
  37. Freedom, Part 2, 4x17
  38. Leave a Light On, 16x16
  39. Begin the Begin, 2x13
  40. As We Know It, 2x17
  41. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, 6x12
  42. Drowning on Dry Land, 3x16
  43. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, 2x12
  44. Let the Angels Commit, 3x06
  45. A Change is Gonna Come, 4x01
  46. Love/Addiction, 4x02
  47. Time Has Come Today, 3x01
  48. In the Midnight Hour, 5x09
  49. What a Difference a Day Makes, 5x22