Jackie is the niece of Joyce Wallington.


Jackie and her brothers, Luke and Tobin, came to the hospital when they were told their aunt Joyce was going to die soon. They were concerned about the timeline, asking if she'd die that day or the next. Each time she coded, they were able to bring her back, which exasperated her family. Ultimately, she coded and died, but had a heart rhythm detected on the monitor, though it was her pacemaker firing. They disabled her pacemaker and called time of death. Her family then sat by her bedside, upset that the time had come.



Her aunt Joyce had been given one month to live three years prior. However, she stabilized and lived. She'd been in the hospital about once a month since then and each time, her family flew out to say goodbye yet again. They were ready to say goodbye to her, but she kept living. When she finally did die, they were upset.

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