Jackson Prescott is a ten year old boy and former patient of Miranda Bailey and Arizona Robbins.


Miranda Bailey and Jordan Kenley had treated Jackson for years. Whenever Jackson was brought into Seattle Grace, Dr. Kenley would contact Bailey, who had a good relationship with the family.

When Jackson was admitted for the final time Alex Karev was on his case too. After Dr. Kenley died from a heart attack he tried to get Alex to sign a form from the wish people. Alex refused because he wasn't dying. Later he asked Izzie to help with the "stars and x's" but Alex interrupted them and informed her Jackson was fake dying.

To replace Kenley, Arizona Robbins was put on his case but she strongly disagreed with Kenley's treatment plan, so she told Bailey they would try it for one more day. It failed, so they put him on a transplant list for both intestines and a liver. After Bailey spoke to them about the change in his treatment, Alex relented and signed his paper for the wish people. ("Wish You Were Here")

The next day, Bailey noticed that his BP was down and encouraged Arizona to let her call UNOS in the hopes that they could push him up a few steps, but Arizona said they'd find the organs when they found the organs. Bailey later suggested finding a pediatric GI to do a TIPS procedure on him. As they fought about that, Alex came in and announced they'd found organs for him. Alex and Arizona went to retrieve the organs and went to transplant them, but in surgery, Sadie Harris noticed a black spot, meaning the organs were dead. They did a portacaval shunt to buy a little time and closed. ("Sympathy for the Devil")

He was moved to the top of the transplant list and they started trying to keep his brain from swelling as much as possible. They found out there was a liver dialysis machine in the hospital, so they hooked him up to that to give him some more time. Despite the dialysis, his ICP continued to rise and his mother begged him to keep fighting.

With no new organs, Melinda had to say goodbye to her son and let him go. Melinda started to say her goodbyes, but stopped and Jackson was rushed to surgery after hearing that George and Webber had found an organ donor in the hospital. Jackson survived the surgery, but they were concerned that there was still damage. However, Jackson later woke up and asked for water. ("Stairway to Heaven")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He gets airsick.[1]
  • His blood type is O+.[2]
  • He has never ridden a bike.[3]
  • He has never had a sleepover.[4]





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