Jade Bell is a patient who came into the hospital with a pituitary tumor that caused her to grow abnormally large.



While in a meeting at work, Jade became dizzy and then fell and hit her head. When she awoke, she was in the ER. Her head was stitched up and she was eager to leave, but after Miranda Bailey saw how tall she was, she insisted on running a scan as she suspected a pituitary tumor. The scan confirmed her pituitary tumor and also revealed a fractured vertebra in her spine. Despite this, Jade said she wanted to leave the hospital and didn't want anyone cutting into her brain. When Bailey insisted, Jade agreed to give them four hours to come up with a plan, but said her company was launching a new project in one week and she needed to be there for it.


After the four hours were up, Jade tried to leave the hospital over the objections of the doctors. However, before she made it out the door, she collapsed, crushing Jo Wilson, who also caught her head so it wouldn't hit the ground. Because of her size, they couldn't use a standard backboard to keep her stable, so Andrew DeLuca took a door off its hinges and they used that to get her up on a gurney and into surgery.

Callie was able to repair her spine quickly, but because of her second fall, they weren't able to do a craniotomy for her tumor resection and were forced to go in endonasally. While they were operating, they hit the carotid artery and she started to hemorrhage. Using a patch from her thoracotomy, Jackson was able to stop the bleeding and they were able to remove her tumor. Because of the blood she'd lost, they thought she might have deficits or not wake up at all, but despite their fears, she did wake up and asked if she'd finally be able to get out of the hospital.


Jade works for a company that is trying to bring the internet to parts of Africa that don't currently have it. She says it'll mean better education and better access to medical knowledge.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is 7'2.25", but thought she was only 6'6".
  • Her growth hormones were 16 times the normal levels.
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