Jake Steiner came into the hospital with his wife after they both contracted a parasite on their honeymoon.


Jake came into the ER with a stomach perforation and an obstructed bowel not long after his honeymoon in Thailand. He was taken into surgery to repair the damage. After his surgery, the cause of the damage was still a mystery. When he was informed of that, he mentioned the rash on Marion's wrist, which she was scratching. An examination revealed a worm under her skin, which Bailey believed to be the cause of Jake's problems. They contracted the worm when they ate sushi from a train station while in Thailand.

They put Jake on anti-parasitics and waited for the worm to die. Scans showed no further damage, but he was unsettled not knowing where the worm was. Then his legs went numb and he lost feeling in his arms and legs. Scans showed that the worm had eaten through his vertebrae, so Derek operated to remove the worm and repair the damage.

In surgery, the damage was even worse than expected, but Derek removed the worm from the C-4 vertebrae.



He is married to Marion Steiner. They had been married and divorced twice before. For their first honeymoon, they went to Kauai. For the second, they went to Fiji. For their third, they went to Thailand, which is where they both contracted a parasite.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He and Marion had been on three honeymoons in the previous 12 years.
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