Jake Weitzman is a formerly conjoined twin who came into the hospital to be separated from his brother.


Jake was born conjoined to his brother, Pete, by their backs. They lived into adulthood without being separated, but as adults, they looked into separation. They decided against it initially because Pete was scared of the risks, but then six months later, they reconsidered because Jake had fallen in love with Elena and wanted to be able to be with her without his brother coming along. They'd had a fight over Pete taking Elena's side in an argument and Pete accidentally touching Elena while she and Jake were having sex.

The doctors set up dummies that represented Jake and Pete and practice the surgery. Derek Shepherd thought the surgery was too risky, but he was convinced to go ahead. Despite a problem during surgery, each of them had two functioning legs and were successfully separated.

Afterward, in recovery, they started to make-up with each other, holding hands when their beds were pushed together.



Jake was dating Elena. While they were dating, she started talking to Jake's brother, Pete. When Jake said that she had to choose between the two of them, she wasn't able to do so.


He was born conjoined to his brother, Pete. They had rules that governed their lives and helped keep the peace between them. Jake became upset when Pete didn't follow the rules and interfered while Jake was on a date with Elena. They ultimately decided to be separated so they could have some privacy.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He and his brother were 35 when they were separated.
  • It took 22 surgeons to separate them.
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