James Carlson was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital who had a bomb in his chest. He was the man who effectively put the hospital on Code Black.


World War II ObsessionEdit

He had an interest in World War 2 era objects, successfully building a bazooka with his friend Paul. Although it didn't work at first when they lit the bazooka, he checked out the front of it, then it went off, impaling him with the projectile and seriously endangering many lives as the bomb did not denotate.

Bomb ThreatEdit

At Seattle Grace Hospital, he stayed under anesthesia while the bomb squad, Burke, and Hannah Davies all gathered around him, Hannah with her hand inside of him, trying to stop the bleeding. She ended up holding a bazooka and later on after almost breaking down, Meredith Grey took over. ("It's the End of the World")

They figured out that the OR they were in was over the hospital's main oxygen line, so they slowly moved the gurney to another OR, where they set up and had Meredith grab the shell and pull it out of his body. Burke then stepped in to continue operating on James. He survived the surgery and his wife was informed that he'd be okay. ("As We Know It")



James is married to Mindy Carlson. They have three kids together.


Paul is his best friend. They share an interest in WW2 history.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 46 at the time of the bomb activity.



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